1. malignant
  2. Glioblastomas: 胶质母细胞瘤
  3. chemotherapy: 化学疗法
  4. asthma: 哮喘
  5. exacerbate
  6. allergen:过敏原
  7. roach: 蟑螂
  8. penicillin
  9. Dermatology 皮肤病学
  10. ointments 软膏


  1. intact
  2. hubbub
  3. academese:
  4. echo chamber
  5. self-censoring
  6. The researchers who published impact estimates are from a small and close-knit community who may be subject to group-thinking, peer pressure and self-censoring.
  7. People might suppose the gremlins hubbub dinged his reputation, but no.
  8. In 2016, when the gremlins paper had been discredited, he pivoted and conducted his own exercise, rooted in Tol’s idea but more sophisticated, and with very similar results.
  9. off the shelf
  10. aspirational


常用成语记忆卡片:成语-VCE 1+2 年底考试


  1. ore grades


  1. tiger prawn: 老虎虾
  2. pine
  3. saplings
  4. asthma


  1. cartography
  2. regime
  3. Petroleum


  1. cardiovascular: 心血管的
  2. hyperinsulinemia: 血胰岛素增多
  3. ischemic: 局部贫血
  4. bilateral
  5. subthalamic
  6. nucleus


  1. sobering
  2. gerrymander
  3. contagion
  4. paucity
  5. geodetics


  1. mind-boggling
  2. instrument: verb. such as, “they instrument military aid”
  3. maddening
  4. come across
  5. jurisdictions
  6. ramp up
  7. crap
  8. Ray Kroc
  9. teaser
  10. much-missed


  1. debunk
  2. credulous
  3. dubious
  4. exclaim
  5. poll
  6. That strikes me as rather bold


  1. daunting
  2. demystify


  1. mundane
  2. prominent
  3. sucker
  4. Theodore Roosevelt: 西奥多·罗斯福
  5. David Brooks: 专栏作家布鲁克斯
  6. Freakonomics: 魔鬼经济学
  7. pundits
  8. lapped up
  9. Satoshi Kanazawa: 金泽哲
  10. essentialism: 本质主义
  11. pseudoscientific
  12. discourse
  13. cardiologist: 心脏病医生
  14. foie: 法文,肝之意
  15. spin a tale: 编造故事, spun a false tale
  16. Thomas Kuhn: 托马斯•库恩
  17. Lakatos: 拉卡多斯
  18. Karl Popper
  19. portray
  20. exegesis
  21. Errol Morris: 埃洛莫里斯
  22. stratosphere: 平流层
  23. celebrity: 名望
  24. mingle
  25. garbled
  26. credulity: 轻信
  27. hiatus: 间断
  28. fallacy: 谬误
  29. disdain: 鄙视蔑视


  1. as far as I can tell: 据我所知
  2. fabulous


  1. have a slight edge over


  1. in silico: 电脑模拟
  2. in vivo: 生物活体内
  3. in vitro: 生物活体外


  1. constrain & constraint


  1. paramount
  2. excruciating
  3. contrived


  1. artery
  2. myocardial infarction
  3. adventitia, media, intima
  4. atherosclerosis


  1. dismissal
  2. cavalier


  1. witch
  2. brim
  3. tandem
  4. salutary


  1. midge


  1. concrete type


  1. mileage


  1. orchid


  1. astragali
  2. dice


  1. tantalizaingly
  2. lineage


  1. vanilla
  2. haystack
  3. authentic
  4. Stratified
  5. antithetical
  6. rule of thumb
  7. opt for
  8. progeny
  9. haploid
  10. coalesce


  1. insidious
  2. incentive


  1. dismay


  1. blunder


  1. indels
  2. at the expense of
  3. surfeit
  4. pertinent
  5. mortal
  6. immortal


  1. outrage


  1. deduce


  1. homologous
  2. designate
  3. pertaining


  1. invoice


  1. copse


  1. postulate
  2. regimen
  3. flat-terrain
  4. aerobics
  5. treadmill


  1. phylogeny


  1. bump up


  1. noob


  1. tangerine


  1. consanguineous
  2. sibship
  3. autosomal
  4. sporadic
  5. ameliorate
  6. facilitate


  1. consecutive
  2. passage
  3. leucocyte
  4. intricate
  5. delicate
  6. illusory
  7. endemic
  8. emanating
  9. aggravate


  1. exclusively
  2. epilogue
  3. rigorous and concise
  4. Prologue
  5. reminiscent


  1. promptitude


  1. ergodic
  2. arduous
  3. aperiodic
  4. versatility
  5. mutating


  1. stumbled


  1. pedagogical
  2. concrete types
  3. Populate


  1. percolation
  2. ascribe


  1. collider
  2. elevated cholesterol


  1. mnemonic
  2. acyclic
  3. disgress
  4. endow
  5. serum


  1. coronary
  2. retrospective


  1. memo
  2. chord
  3. counter-example
  4. premiss
  5. discern
  6. enunciate
  7. remuneration
  8. supposition
  9. entail
  10. allude


  1. monograph
  2. awash
  3. pare it down
  4. noose
  5. Homotopy
  6. miraculously


  1. boilderplate


  1. coerce
  2. legitimate


  1. toggle
  2. elicitation
  3. rigorous
  4. congest
  5. recurrent


  1. lethal
  2. incidence
  3. extant
  4. pertain
  5. substrate


  1. kinetic
  2. prokaryotes, eukaryotes
  3. unprecedented
  4. catalyze
  5. Escherichia coli
  6. yeast
  7. 酿酒酵母(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  8. stoichiometric


  1. phishing


  1. obscure


  1. whence


  1. astutely


  1. omniscience
  2. moot


  1. plethysmography
  2. inductance
  3. prescient
  4. envisage


  1. She’s tried every knack in Cupid’s book to get her guy to marry her.
  2. The team’s limp performance has many people calling for the head coach’s resignation.
  3. the limpid outlook of a man who is at peace with himself as he awaits death.
  4. the lush fields were the envy of neighboring farmers.
  5. the lush sounds of the orchestra
  6. vagabonds meandering through life
  7. Reading will fertilize vocabulary.
  8. A blind patriotic fervor is called chauvinism.


  1. a convoluted thriller, the plot of which I was never able to actually decipher.
  2. a complex literary text difficult for many people to decode.


  1. To skewer a sacred cow, means to defy what is generally held as indisputable.from What’s the meaning and the origin of “skewer a sacred cow ?”
  2. anything but. from hujiang - 除…以外任何事;根本不,绝不 - Dick seldom talks of anything but music. - His behavior is anything but satisfactory.
  3. anything but & nothing but & all but & none but - anything but (=not at all, by no means, never)决不,根本不 - nothing but (=only)只不过,除了…以外什么也没有 - all but (=almost, nearly)几乎,差一点 - none but(=no one except)只有,除…外谁不 - Conceited people never hear anything but praise. (凡是爱慕虚荣的人听得进赞美的话) - The bridge is anything but safe.(那座桥根本不安全) - His behavior is anything but satisfactory. (他的行为根本不能令人满意) - But those captured were anything but terrorists. (但那些被逮捕的人根本不是恐怖分子) - He didn’t speak anything but Greek. (他只会说希腊语) - He’s anything but an abject coward. (他决不是可鄙的懦夫) - Do you ever do anything but yack? (你除了叨叨还会干啥?) - I will eat anything but carrot. (我什么都吃,就是不吃胡萝卜) - She is anything but a beauty. (她一点也不漂亮。)


  1. Numerous historical examples illustrate both the overriding influence that scientists’ prejudices have on their interpretation of data and the consequent impairment of their intellectual objectivity.
  2. Jone was unable to recognize the contradictions in his attitudes that were obvious to everyone else; even the hint of an untruth was repugnant to him, but he courted serious trouble by always cheating on his taxes.


  1. She responded with such asperity that we knew she was offended by the question.
  2. He has encountered more than his share of asperities on the road to success.
  3. Envy can make oneself backward; self-confidence can tell oneself to be aspirant.
  4. He says face veils like the niqab (尼卡布,一些穆斯林妇女在公共场合戴的面纱,通常露出眼睛) are not a religious requirement.
  5. To reduce fraud, an opaque network of government bank accounts has been replaced by a centralized system.
  6. as if he could pierce those sheets of water so opaque to our eyes and scan the deepest seas.
  7. Mr Zingales has written an elegy to the America he found when he moved there 24 years ago from an Italy that was rife with nepotism (裙带关系).
  8. We keep records on every single hive, and that compendium of records goes back quite a long time.
  9. Jeremiad wreathes upon my feeling, while shadow of shiver covers my mind.
  10. He made speech of panegric.
  11. In an hour-long philippic, the legislator denounced the lobbyists opposing his bill.
  12. Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.
  13. Improvident behavior is likely to imprint indelible marks on a person’s life and personality.
  14. In times of economic woe, when normal patterns of consumption and investment are frozen, prodigal government speeding can sometimes be the only way to break the vicious circle of declining demand and shrinking employment.
  15. Jaw line contoured by the bristling red hair of the fighter, watchful, pugnacious.
  16. Things have come full circle since penurious sailors from the Far East first arrived two centuries ago.
  17. In May, to no one’s surprise. he declared the city insolvent.
  18. I cannot feel it will make for a very restful retirement, can you?
  19. True to form (一如既往,像往常一样), Walter started asking him about his own retirement.
  20. These were very remarkable, but as eccentric as all his other accomplishments.
  21. She had known from the start that her philosophy teacher was eccentric.
  22. If true, that suggests a syllogism: that the love of time is a root of evil, too.
  23. Spencer’s idiosyncratic drawing of a large fairy on a tiny water-lily leaf captures an imagination that strained against conventional rules of composition from the start.
  24. a fact that helps explain how it manages to be both profligate and stingy, and is forever in the red.
  25. The concert was rather an amateurish affair.
  26. Only when we deal with these problems successfully can we benefit the most from university amalgamation.
  27. It is not just about the president. It’s a whole amalgam of stuff, the scandals surrounding the president or people close to the president certainly, but also there are investigations of corruption in some of conglomerates for example.
  28. the synergy between artist and record company.
  29. just as you may need a tonic when you have been ill.
  30. Throughout her book Ms Ahuja seems to be in a trance herself, in thrall to the glamour of her subjects.
  31. The Palestinians demanding a state are weak, divided and quiescent; morose as they are, few favour a return to suicide-bombing.
  32. And the campaign really got rancorous when Goldsmith tried to link Khan and extremists.
  33. Such counter-currents will prevent Kentish Town from gentrifying fully, suggests Gillian Tindall, a local historian.
  34. Interpreters are also skilled at keeping aplomb in the face of chaos.
  35. Ireland, too, is a paradise of greenery, with far fewer people than populous England and even more quaint villages scattered among its low-lying hills and forever green fields.
  36. Right, and that suggests the qualities that are most germane to the job.
  37. The fortress by King Philip Augustus was situated on the right bank of the Seine, overlooking– at that time– splendid bucolic scenery.
  38. But overall, Mr Agar has abstracted and made manageable a range of rich and informed analysis.
  39. He also emphasized what he called the main thing: “a human-typable keyboard instead of a stupid, cryptic front panel with a bunch of lights and switches.”
  40. In a few recalcitrant places, captial punishment is holding steady or picking up.
  41. The visitor also sees other evolving friendships and aesthetic kinships taking place.
  42. Manifest an obliging disposition, and they can not but regard you with affection.
  43. It provides simpler and more perspicuous explanations than its rivals.
  44. This theory is too abstruse to be taught in class.


  1. Despite having steeled herself for the worst, the new band director was disheartened to hear the cacophonous/discordant sounds emanating from the freshman orchestra.
  2. Bede, the author of A History of the English Church and People, was so widely revered/esteemed that he has been almost universally known as “The Venerable Bede” since the ninth century.
  3. In addition to the detailed written regulations regarding play, a novice golfer must also learn the implicit/tacit, but nonetheless important, rules of etiquette.
  4. Based on the desire to restrict further water pollution, the Clean Water Act of 1972 began under auspicious/promising terms, but opponents soon assailed the bill in the fought for its ratification.
  5. Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, paints a comedy of errors that results when its heroine tries her hand at creating love matches, an effort which she attributes to her own benevolence/magnanimity instead of a selfish need to meddle.
  6. While interviewing for a job as a computer consultant, Robert consciously provided a paucity/dearth of references, knowing full well that he had few former employers who would be laudatory about his past projects.
  7. While most of the tasks undertaken by the interns were undemanding, a fact that led to the flood of applicants for the positions each year, there was one arduous/onerous duty: cleaning out the garbage bins in the laboratory.
  8. In an attempt to inveigle/entice voters to support her, the incumbent politician beguilingly greeted a room full of constituents and pleged to lower taxes–even though she had only ever done the opposite while in office.
  9. After a series of storms, the once arid landscape became verdant/bountiful for the first time in many months.
  10. Although he received many visitors, the misanthropic/curmudgeonly old man shooed them away after only a few minutes.
  11. Eileen used to be a picky eater, but since a new complex of fine dining and ethnic restaurants opened in her neighborhood, she has been quite epicurean/gourmandizing.


  1. The rise of the nascent middle class catalyzed a new economic boom.
  2. The malodor of the rotten meat made us nauseate.
  3. As the nexus for three great religions, Jerusalem has had a troubled as well as illustrious history.
  4. His involvement was nominal.
  5. The two girls soon became fast and inseparable friends.


  1. Recent discoveries have generally vindicated the physicist’s theories.
  2. a novel that presents a fairly veracious and unvarnished picture of the lives of affluent suburbanites.
  3. Inevitably, his remarkable success attracted the invidious attention of the other sales representatives.
  4. As loyalty unites lovers, so perfidy estranges friends.
  5. Every year I go to Kunming to enjoy its cool and salubrious climate.
  6. only a diaphanous hope of success.
  7. Every time this guy visits me, one of my books disappears. I don’t want to say he steals them, but I really smell a rat.
  8. As soon as the war ends, the government will start to repatriate war refugees.
  9. The moon waxes and the wanes.
  10. But the picture may not be as bleak as it seems.
  11. My ship was tossed about many days in storms off Cape Horn.
  12. To perpetuate them it is our sacred duty to preserve it.
  13. The same lethargy, I am afraid, characterizes the use of our faculties and senses.
  14. It can also help perpetuate stereotypes, the inscrutable Japanese, bowing all the time, taking costs of pictures. Makes you wonder how the Japanese stereotype us.
  15. The children are apparently intrigued by the tale.
  16. The intrigue was quickly discovered, and the would-be assassins were arrested.
  17. The twins have an intuitive awareness of each other’s feelings.
  18. The hardship of army training inured her to the rigors of desert warfare.
  19. The government is too effete to take out the powerful special interests that really ruin this state.
  20. Safety lessons dinned into us over and over.
  21. On the whole, situation has significantly improved with only sporadic disturbances.
  22. He was deeply impressed by the sprightly Gypsy dance.
  23. In statistics, a spurious relationship is a mathematical relationship in which two events or variables have no direct causal connection, but it may be wrongly inferred that they do, due to either coincidence or the presence of a certain third, unseen factor.
  24. Fiercely independent, the elderly couple spurned all offers of financial help.
  25. The kitten crept silently across the floor before suddenly pouncing on the mouse.
  26. Complaints about stifling smog conditions reach crescendo.
  27. Climate change has exerted a ponderable influence on world politics.
  28. The committee will probably pore over the results of the study for a long time before making their decision.
  29. He habitually transforms brief anecdotes into prolix sagas that exhaust his listeners.
  30. The burglary, which he committed while still a teen, was but a prologue to a wasted life of crime.
  31. The law was promulagated in June 1988.
  32. The dams along the river are interfering with the salmon’s ability to propagate.
  33. The temple was built to honor the gods in times of plenty and to propitiate them in times of trouble.
  34. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how much I appreciated the lovely gift.
  35. He gave up smoking only after a prolonged inducement by all the other family members.
  36. He loved to show off his protean talent.
  37. Beauty is as evanescent as a rainbow.
  38. He was eulogized at his funeral as a caring husband and a good father.
  39. The Internet allows us to disseminate information faster.
  40. We managed to entangle the string of lights into a hopeless mess of wires.
  41. The history of Alexander the Great is entangled by variant accounts of his exploits.
  42. A string of inconsistent statements finally entrapped the witness.
  43. He entreated his boss for another chance.
  44. Thwarting centuries of would-be conquerors, the Aztec fortress of Chapultepec seemed impregnable, until U.S. forces under General Winfield Scott were able to take the fortress with surprisingly little effort.
  45. Her genteel behaviors at the ball make others conjecture that she must come from a distinguished noble family.
  46. It would be gauche to mention the subject.
  47. The presumptuous doctor didn’t even bother to explain to me the treatment that I would be receiving.
  48. Under such a circumstance his demand for attention was utterly presumptuous.
  49. We could hear the cook in the kitchen railing against his assistant and wondered if we’d ever get our food.
  50. Vociferous opponents of the bill protested angrily outside the Congress.


  1. King Richard I of England was given the very laudatory epithet “the Lion-Hearted”.
  2. His personal code of behavior on the playing field is epitomized by his favorite saying, Nice guys finish last.
  3. Votes don’t like political advertisements in which opponents disparage one another.
  4. He procrastinated and missed the submission deadline.
  5. The strike may prod the government into action.
  6. A single blast of the shotgun squandered the herd of deer.
  7. He veered the car abruptly to the right to avoid a collision.
  8. She is venerated by the public as a saint.
  9. He was vituperated for betraying his friends.
  10. We do not have even the faintest inkling of what the project was all about.
  11. A suspension without pay is condign punishment for breaking the company’s code of business ethics.
  12. All people concurred to pass the reform legislation.
  13. The administration had nothing but contempt for the ultimate Frisbee team and frequently spoke disdainfully of it.
  14. We accepted his offer to pay for our dinners without demur.
  15. an impartial and perspicacious judge
  16. Her skill and talent ennoble her profession.
  17. The kind of ennui comes from having too much time on one’s hands and too little will to find something productive to do.
  18. ensconce the spare house key in a place where no thief would think to look.
  19. A brief but embarrassing silence ensued.
  20. their clandestine love affair
  21. covert alliance
  22. European missionaries converted thousands to Christianity.
  23. evidence that led to the suspect’s conviction
  24. The meeting adjourned for a week.
  25. Massage therapy can be used as an adjunct along with the medication.
  26. The transaction was totally aboveboard, so there was no reason to question it.
  27. He took a surreptitious glance at her knees.
  28. a furtive glance at her
  29. The SWAT team carried out a stealth raid on the house, which was believed to be harboring a terrorist cell.
  30. The drive to create is indigenous to humanity.
  31. agonize over every decision
  32. Children were agog over new toys.
  33. impugn a political opponent’s character
  34. Well-doer never does chicanery and person who is good at chicanery does not belong well-doer.
  35. My wife chided me for forgetting to offer our guests some refreshments.
  36. I absolutely get choleric when a salesman calls during the dinner hour.
  37. Men of choleric type take to kicking and smashing.
  38. The revised system chords perfectly with the original goals.
  39. A representation of Cupid as a naked, cherubic boy usually is used as a symbol of love.
  40. The spy obtained the documents by subterfuge.
  41. The actor must have had some esoteric motive for leaving stage.
  42. In just a few pages the writer etched an unforgettable portrait of one of the more remarkable First Ladies.
  43. The minister eschews involvement in local politics, since he doesn’t want to diminish his moral authority in the community.
  44. The exhibit was a hodgepodge of mediocre art, bad art, and really bad art.
  45. His failure was brought on by his hubris.
  46. an expurgated edition of the letters.
  47. exquisite pen-and-ink drawings of city scenes
  48. One of the immutable laws of television is that low ratings inevitably lead to cancellation.
  49. She remained impassive as the officers informed her of her son’s death.
  50. economy, thriftiness, liberal
  51. meekness (humbleness; timidity)
  52. avalanche
  53. static (inert; motionless)
  54. Autonomous (self-governing; independent)
  55. Intrinsic (innate; essential)
  56. appall
  57. jumble
  58. codify
  59. welter
  60. intransigent
  61. draconian
  62. idiosyncratic
  63. sheer
  64. auction, auctioneer, bidding
  65. imperturbability
  66. hectic
  67. precious
  68. immensely
  69. composure
  70. frenzied (frantic; highly agitated)
  71. Magnanimous
  72. Sporadic (intermittent or infrequent)
  73. Ameliorate (improve; make better)
  74. Denigrate (disparage; defame)
  75. demonstrate (show; prove) & warrant (justify)
  76. Reticence (reserve; tendency to keep silent) & gregariousness or sociability.
  77. Competence (capability; proficiency)
  78. homogeneous (all of the same kind; uniform)
  79. obsessive
  80. Reprobates are unprincipled, wicked people.
  81. Charlatans are quacks, persons who pretend to have more skill than they actually possess.
  82. Hypocrites are people who pretend to possess some virtue or skill, but who are faking it.
  83. unruly (rowdy; disorderly)
  84. obsequious (fawning; servile)
  85. Elan means vivacity or liveliness of spirit
  86. trepidation (apprehension; fear)
  87. Exorbitant (excessive; overly expensive)
  88. affluent (wealthy)
  89. Destitute means needy or impoverished.
  90. A harangue is a sharp verbal attack, a bitter tirade or diatribe.
  91. Surreptitious means hidden or stealthy.
  92. Intransigence means stubbornness. a refusal of any compromise.
  93. Phlegmatic means not easily disturbed or excited.
  94. Autocratic means tyrannical or domineering.
  95. Wistful means pensively sad or yearning
  96. abstemious
  97. indigenous & ingenuous & disingenuous
  98. dignity (formal bearing; nobility of character)
  99. insincerity (intentional deceitfulness)
  100. reverence (deep respect; awe)
  101. abiding attachment (devotion) or regard (esteem)
  102. Relinquish (surrender; release)
  103. Instigate (provoke; incite)
  104. Waive (refrain from claiming; put aside)
  105. echoes or reiterates (repeats)
  106. invalidate (discredit or weaken)
  107. Impede (hinder; block)
  108. Dampen (depress; deaden)
  109. malfunction (failure to work properly).
  110. Condemnation means censure.
  111. Taxonomy is the science or technique of classification.
  112. Flagrant means blatant or outrageous
  113. Dilatory means tardy or tending to delay.
  114. Aloof means standoffish and remote.


  1. Terse means abrupt and to the point.
  2. Apathetic means indifferent and unconcerned.
  3. Bombastic means pompous and pretentious.
  4. A euphemism is a mild expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one.
  5. A reverie is a daydream or state of dreamy meditation.
  6. A postulate is a basic principle or prerequisite.
  7. A dichotomy is a division or split into two branches.
  8. diffidence (modesty; insecurity)
  9. hesitancy (uncertainty; lack of confidence).
  10. misanthropy (hatred or distrust of humankind).
  11. enthusiasm (eagerness; zest).
  12. irascible (irritable).
  13. defiant (boldly challenging)
  14. oblivious, incognizant, insensible, unaware, unconscious, unwitting, mindful, vigilant, acquainted, cognizant, conscious, conversant, grounded, informed, knowing, witting
  15. The March snowstorm obliterated our hopes for an early spring.
  16. con artist
  17. He spent the remainder of his life in ignominy after being involved in a bribery scandal.
  18. stop short of


  1. as such


  1. magma, tectonic


  1. mainstay
  2. caravan
  3. expedition
  4. merchant
  5. guild
  6. uphold
  7. The word is now an egalitarian society, but the reality is the existence of such discrimination.
  8. Here it would seem to be a wall hanging, or even a free standing object of worship.
  9. It involves a lot of aspects, among which ideological and political education really counts and is one of the most effective ways as well.
  10. In the research of technology ethic, the relationship between technology and ethic has always been a disputed question.
  11. There is nothing intrinsically improbable about this incident, which is stamped indeed, with all marks of literary truth. up
  12. billboard


  1. Before that beauty, the years of chaos at the heart of American politics would recede like some extraordinary dream.
  2. Power is still out to many homes and business, and flood waters are just beginning to recede leaving behind massive damage and debris.
  3. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.
  4. The sterile soil would at least have been proof against a low-land degeneracy.
  5. orthocentre
  6. Seen from a distance, the facade appears like a rigid volume, but dissolves into a network of structures and levels as you come closer.
  7. There is another absorbing aspect to this book: its recapitulation of the author’s rise as an architecture critic.
  8. Up to this point, the legends and histories of the three races mostly agree.
  9. protractor
  10. trace metal
  11. diatom


  1. directrix, eccentricity
  2. reciprocal


  1. cardioid: 心脏线
  2. revolution:
  3. Last but not least 最后但不是最不重要的一点


  1. calligrapher
  2. decorator
  3. Islamic
  4. parchment
  5. angular
  6. souk
  7. mosque
  8. prisoner
  9. cellulose
  10. pulp


  1. But political gridlock should not be conflated with economic reality.
  2. In this sedate garrison town ringed by jagged peaks, the gentle thrum of the day is usually reduced to a whisper by night.
  3. The seed germination percentage had a small increase at the beginning of desiccation and then decreased rapidly.
  4. dormant, hibernate
  5. locomotive, train
  6. meadow, field
  7. ooze
  8. pacifier
  9. paleontologist
  10. geological, geography
  11. puff, blow, exhale
  12. seep, seepage
  13. fad


  1. precession


  1. impediment
  2. dispense
  3. scent
  4. allergy
  5. thrive
  6. excrete
  7. tidbit
  8. rhizome
  9. resilient
  10. interlocking
  11. snap
  12. blowhole
  13. nasal
  14. sacs


  1. spoiled meat
  2. repercussion
  3. peper, aromatic, bark, cinnamon, ginger, clove, maize
  4. boil it down
  5. astronomical1
  6. diplomacy
  7. exotic
  8. shroud
  9. ward off
  10. perfume
  11. octopus
  12. A large factory is supposed to built near the community according to the announcement issued by a company.
  13. There is a growing awareness of both the positive and negative influences that the construction plan brings to our community.
  14. Participating in community activities is a practical and effective approach for teenagers to enhance their social skills. For example, if a teenager, who is not a sociable person, seizes an opportunity to work in a community as a volunteer for hosting an English conversations group, he is capable of practicing his communication skills by conversing with people of different ages who he might not be acquainted with it. Such an experience enables him to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a group of strangers and master the skills of how to communicate with different kinds of people in an approximate way, both of which contribute to the improvement of his social skills, particularly his communication skills.
  15. Children who fail in the entrance examination are deprived of the opportunities to receive a better and higher education. Accordingly, with an impressive educational background, it is difficult for them to find a proper job. As a result, they become full of resentment at a society, doing harm to strangers and disrupting social order, both of which inevitably increase juvenile delinquency.
  16. Several staff members have checked the manuscript for accuracy and ease of use.
  17. anatomical


  1. cubism
  2. be coordinated with, to harmonize with
  3. desperate
  4. deject
  5. dip, incise
  6. bemoan
  7. moral, mortal
  8. blend
  9. blaze
  10. bland
  11. diffident, different, indifferent
  12. hatred
  13. pond
  14. boom, flourish
  15. bulk
  16. bulb
  17. bull, bullet
  18. buoyant, prosperous
  19. by and large
  20. by force of
  21. surge
  22. escalate
  23. conference
  24. linguist
  25. catastrophe
  26. chronicle
  27. deduction
  28. aviculture
  29. postscript
  30. cavalry, soldier
  31. parasite, prairie
  32. perigee
  33. cavity
  34. cessation
  35. abdicate
  36. encompass
  37. champion, support
  38. chaotic
  39. artisan
  40. symbiosis
  41. lukewarm
  42. circuitously
  43. credulously
  44. envision
  45. detoxify
  46. extract
  47. stake
  48. sequestered
  49. recreation
  50. reclaim
  51. silt
  52. reclamation


  1. supplement


Nothing. Watching The Greatest Challenge.


  1. spade
  2. deck


  1. nilpotent






  1. caffeine, nicotine
  2. sip nectar
  3. bumblebees
  4. deter
  5. pollinator
  6. pharmacy
  7. crater, impact
  8. plate tectonics
  9. geochemist
  10. bolide
  11. magma, mantle, lava
  12. stir up
  13. episode
  14. volcanism
  15. makeover
  16. pummel
  17. wipe away
  18. Valentine’s Day
  19. self-absorbed
  20. showcase
  21. poll, no-no
  22. wink
  23. bizarre
  24. vein
  25. agroecology
  26. cultivar
  27. contagion
  28. prairie
  29. latency
  30. parasite
  31. weed
  32. inoculation
  33. avirulent
  34. that’s a philosophical pickle.
  35. coops
  36. conspecifics
  37. archaeological


  1. motif
  2. moss
  3. monopoly
  4. monolithic
  5. miniature
  6. metropolis
  7. meteor
  8. metallurgy


  1. till
  2. dweller
  3. wriggle
  4. manure


  1. CRASH




  1. half crash


crash again


crash, chat with Prof. Wang


full crash


full crash + sleep




letter cuhk


letter back


  1. molten
  2. mantle
  3. rest on
  4. conceivably
  5. creep
  6. Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian
  7. blink
  8. Antarctica
  9. Pangaea Ultima
  10. more or less
  11. subduction
  12. slab


  1. rampage
  2. rally
  3. degradation
  4. dozens of
  5. imperiled
  6. tap into
  7. incandescent
  8. fluorescent
  9. pebble
  10. Hydrogen, Helium
  11. fainter
  12. foundationalism
  13. John Locke, René Descartes.
  14. slate
  15. mirage
  16. shimmer
  17. conceive
  18. or so
  19. conceivably
  20. as to that
  21. red dwarf star
  22. bode
  23. prism
  24. spectrum
  25. He rejected an objective understanding of color, in favor of a more subjective understanding.
  26. through and through
  27. marvel
  28. optics, chromatics
  29. that sort of thing
  30. rage
  31. backbone
  32. overthrow
  33. stool, mount
  34. collage
  35. canvas
  36. pull (someone or something) out of a hat: To select someone or something entirely at random.
  37. Zurich
  38. chanting, bang
  39. Cabaret Voltaire
  40. at the eleventh hour
  41. marble statue
  42. polychrome
  43. disintegrated
  44. heroism, divinity
  45. terrific
  46. armor, cloak


  1. enamor
  2. venue
  3. coil
  4. vibe
  5. choreography
  6. Renaissance, the 16th, 17th centuries.
  7. artisan, artist
  8. Raphael, frescos
  9. apprentices
  10. quarry
  11. to and fro
  12. carpenter, mason
  13. portraiture, portrait artist
  14. crucial
  15. make headway
  16. contemplative
  17. vague
  18. chronologically
  19. close-ups
  20. petal
  21. juxtaposes
  22. archaeology
  23. oversee
  24. pharaoh Khufu, Great Pyramid
  25. sturdy
  26. Herodotus
  27. ramp
  28. Plateau
  29. spiral


  1. Chimpanzees, primates, chimps, gorillas, orangutans
  2. bottlenose
  3. aggressive
  4. trunk
  5. stand alone, hierarchy
  6. corvid, corvidae, raven, jay, crow, magpie
  7. pigeon
  8. spontaneously
  9. entail
  10. It is important because it sets animals with a sense of self apart from those without a sense of self.
  11. empathy
  12. afoot
  13. plating
  14. Seigniorage
  15. nostalgia
  16. tubing, sheet
  17. alloying
  18. brass, trumpet, trombone
  19. rust, patina
  20. halt
  21. hull
  22. barnacle, shellfish
  23. desalination
  24. pinch
  25. blend in


last toefl


soap opera


soap opera again


soap opera again


Nirvana in Fire


Nirvana in Fire


Nirvana in Fire


the disguiser

empresses in the palace


the glory of Tang dynasty


last seminar


the glory of Tang dynasty * 2




on the way


arrive at hangzhou




happy life


  1. thereof
  2. finesse
  3. irrespective


  1. perk
  2. terse
  3. discern


  1. state of the art: the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science.


  1. exacerbate
  2. gloss over
  3. be attributed to
  4. extremity


  1. appreciably
  2. in light of
  3. albeit
  4. at its disposal


  1. protestant, Catholic


“skewer a sacred cow”


  1. Etymology


  1. epilogue
  2. indebted


  1. facilitate
  2. collinearity


  1. nuance
  2. with a grain of salt


  1. assimilate