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  • cerebral aneurysm: 脑动脉瘤
  • cerebrovascular: 脑血管的
  • mitochondrial: 线粒体的
  • rupture: 破裂,断裂
  • collagen: 胶原蛋白
  • subarachnoid: 膜下腔
  • hemorrhagic: 出血性的
  • chevron: V 形线条;V 形图案
  • curb marking: 路缘标线
  • plaque: (纪念性的)牌匾
  • milepost: 里程标
  • detour: 弯路,绕行道
  • stall: 停顿
  • pull over: 靠边停车
  • pile up: 堆积,积聚
  • bunch up: 聚成一团
  • skid: 打滑,侧滑
  • cane: 手杖,藤条
  • bumper: (汽车头尾的)保险杠
  • windshield: 挡风玻璃
  • wiper: 雨刷器
  • hydroplaning: (汽车车轮)在湿路上打滑
  • jamb: 门框边窗
  • tread: 轮胎的胎面
  • tinted: 带色彩的,着色的
  • pedal: 踏板
  • antenna: 触角
  • moped: 轻便摩托车
  • cutfew: 宵禁令


  • gecko: 壁虎
  • apprehension: 恐惧,忧心


  • endearing
  • misogynistic
  • xenophobic
  • ableist
  • how disinformation (虚假消息) researchers are facing scrutiny (仔细审查) in the US
  • three macronutrients (常量营养素): lipids (脂质), carbohydrate, amino acids (氨基酸)
  • barge: 驳船


  • strain on the gnat (小烦扰) of the prior distribution while swallowing (吞下,相信) the camel that is the likelihood
  • Odysseus has his men lash him to the mast (桅杆) so that he will not succumb (屈服) to the lure of the Sirens.
  • inferno: 地狱,无法控制的大火
  • thriftiness: 克勤克俭,茂盛,健壮
  • spot-on: 完全正确,对极了
  • dynamo: 发电机
  • tax foreclosure: 税务法拍,欠税扣押房产
  • we may end up anthropomorphising the LLM a bit too much.


  • splurge: 挥霍,乱花钱
  • bellyache: 腹痛,肚子疼
  • entrepreneurial: 创业,企业家的
  • coastal (沿海的) salt marshes (湿地)
  • post traumatic: 外伤后的
  • black boys face double jeopardy (危险) at school
  • glioma: 神经胶质瘤
  • dementia: 痴呆
  • sapphire: 蓝宝石,宝蓝色
  • limelight: 公众注意的中心
  • In the subatomic realm, the universe’s tiniest particles, called quarks (夸克), combine with other particles called gluons (胶子) to form protons (质子) and neutrons (中子) — the nucleus of atoms.
  • osmosis: 渗透,透析
  • warrior: 勇士
  • malicious: 怀有恶意的,恶毒的
  • quirk: 怪事
  • unwind: 放松,解开
  • start with a bang: to begin in very fun, exciting, or attention-grabbing way.
  • perpetuity: 永久
  • horse’s ass: a stupid or incompetent (无能力的,不胜任的,不称职的) person, blockhead (傻瓜)
  • abdominal (腹部的) fat
  • psychological (心灵的,心理的) resilience (适应力,弹力)
  • grit: 勇气
  • iffy: 说不准的,有问题的
  • bolster: 加强,改善
  • father-son alums: 父子校友
  • solicit (征求,筹集) nomination
  • graciously: 和蔼地


  • awry: 歪斜的,扭曲地
  • odour: 臭味,气味
  • spinoff: 副产品;附带的发展;续集
  • psychoanalysis: 精神分析(或疗法)
  • how dengue (登革热) makes your own immune system work against you
  • perverse: 执拗的,任性的,不同情理的
  • membrane: 细胞膜
  • as the academic year winds down (逐步结束)
  • anorexia (厌食症) nervosa: 神经性食欲缺乏
  • colorectal cancer: 结肠直肠癌
  • Sleep is a function of two physiologic functions, the homeostatic (内环境稳定的) process (process S) and the circadian (生理节奏的) process (process C).
  • zeitgeber: 环境钟
  • staple: 主食;订书钉;装订
  • there are very few journals that accept the ravings (狂乱的,语无伦次的) of a lunatic (疯狂的,极端的) for publication.
  • soar: 翱翔
  • crate: 大木箱,把……装入大木箱
  • wanderlust: 漫游癖,旅行癖


  • bladder: 膀胱,皮囊


  • redaction: 编写,编辑
  • liaison: 联络,联系人
  • Lay Summary: 简述
  • herbal
  • homeopathic: 顺势疗法,同类疗法
  • continental crust: 大陆地壳
  • greasy: 多油的
  • prosthesis: 假肢
  • epilepsy: 癫痫,羊痫风
  • enchanted by science
  • Yale tests potential new remedy for skin diseases afflicting (折磨,使痛苦) children.
  • ivory: 象牙
  • uterine: 子宫的;同母异父的
  • perilous: 危险的
  • respiratory syncytial virus: 呼吸道合胞病毒
  • polarimetry: 偏振测定法
  • vicinity: 附近,周围地区
  • toroidal: 环面,环状


  • The Times Editorial: 泰晤士报社论
  • We prefer to take our chance of cholera (霍乱) and the rest than be bullied into health.
  • dungheap: 粪堆
  • his thatch (茅草屋顶) forced to give way for slate (石板,板岩)
  • as much from the irritation (刺激物;愤怒) to the nerves as from the exposure of the cuticle (表皮,角质层).
  • waist (腰部) circumference (周长)
  • taller and leaner (瘦且健康的)
  • anisotropic: 各向异性的
  • magnetohydrodynamic: 磁流体动力的
  • bugbear: 使人烦恼担忧的事
  • sparingly: 很少;节俭地
  • The number of startups that have been acquired instead of going public has skyrocketed (飞涨) over the last few decades.
  • concerto: 协奏曲 (vs concert)
  • New analysis of obsidian (黑曜石) blades (刀片) reveals dynamic Neolithic (新石器时代的) social networks.
  • Was there something specific about the world of cryptocurrency that doomed the now-bankrupt trading firm FTX? Or was it a garden-variety (普通的,平常的) scam?
  • how the brain gives rise to cravings (渴望,热望)?
  • mucosa (粘膜) healing (愈合)
  • glands/crypts: 腺
  • vault: 保险库,穹顶
  • canal: 运河
  • a couple of dozen British bunnies sparked Australia’s catastrophic rabbit invasion.
  • US children’s hospitals swamped by RSV


  • An epitope (抗原表位,抗原决定基), also known as antigenic determinant, is the part of an antigen that is recognized by the immune system, specifically by antibodies, B cells or T cells.
  • Neoepitopes are a class of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) bounded peptides. They represent the antogenic determinant of neoantigens.
  • legendary: 非常著名的,享有盛名的,传奇的
  • learn how radiocarbon (放射性碳) dating is spotting art forgeries (伪造,赝品)
  • pellet gun: 弹丸枪,霰弹枪
  • advocacy: 支持;(律师)出庭辩护
  • stakeholder: 利益相关者
  • diligent: 孜孜不倦的,勤勉的
  • Servier: 🔗


  • Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)
  • stringent: 严格的,严厉的
  • Heterozygosity: 杂合性
  • phosphorylated: 磷酸化的
  • apoptosis: 细胞凋亡
  • organelle (细胞器): mitochondrion (线粒体)、chloroplast (叶绿体)、peroxisome (过氧化物酶体)、apicoplast (质体样细胞器)
  • spillover: 外溢性,影响
  • intimacy: 亲密;密切;关系密切


  • wormhole inside a quantum computer: the surprise is not that message made it across in some form, but that it made it across unscrambled (使【信息、信号】还原;译出【密码】;解码,整理).
  • contemporaneous: 同时发生(或存在)的;同时期的;同时代的
  • investigational new drug (IND): 新药临床
  • Squinting (斜视,眯着眼镜看) at a graph is fine for getting a rough idea of the answer, but if you want to pretend to know it exactly, you need statistics. 🔗
  • Plurals of acronyms, letters, numbers — use an apostrophe (撇号) or not? 🔗
  • gaze estimation: 视线估计
  • rotor:(机器的)转子


  • monetization: 货币化
  • atrial fibrillation (Afib): 心房颤动,房颤 🔗
  • American Thoracic Society (ATS): 美国胸腔学会 🔗
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD): 冠状动脉疾病
  • plethora: 过多,过量,过剩
  • signal transduction (传导)
  • frugality: 节俭,俭朴


  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: 原发性胆汁性胆管炎
  • prothrobin: 凝血酶原
  • olfactory bulb: 嗅球,嗅觉中心
  • Peabody (乔治·皮博迪,美国企业家和慈善家) Museum
  • GNNs subsume (将……纳入) CNNs and Transformers
  • scrutinize (仔细查看,认真检查) loss function!
  • next week vs the next (following) week: 🔗
  • evacuate: 撤离,排空
  • a unitary (集中的,中央集权的) government where no power was devolved to states or provinces.
  • Procter & Gamble (P & G): 宝洁
  • mass spectrometry: 质谱分析法
  • Mass incarceration (监禁,监狱) is shorthand for the fact that the U.S. incarcerates more people than any nation in the world, including China.
  • diversification: 多样化
  • kidney renal clear cell carcinoma (癌): 肾透明细胞癌
  • A protein isoform, or protein variant, is a member of a set of highly similar proteins that originate from a single gene or gene family and are the result of genetic differences.


  • bilirubin: 胆红素
  • frailty: 虚弱,衰弱
  • hefty (大而重的,很大的,可观的) vocabulary:
  • stifle: 扼杀,抑制,阻止
  • tailgating: 尾随,追尾
  • malware: 恶意软件
  • prophylactic: 预防疾病的
  • swelling: 膨胀,肿胀
  • veterinary: 兽医的
  • pharmacovigilance: 药物警戒系统,药物主动监视
  • pharma: 医药(pharmaceuticals)
  • untoward: 异常的,意外的
  • dizzy: 头晕目眩的
  • acne: 痤疮,粉刺
  • counterfeit: 假冒,仿造的
  • blister pack (【药品等的】吸塑包装), tablet, syrup (糖水), ampule (安瓿)
  • rash: 皮疹
  • breastfeed: 用母乳喂养
  • meeting minute: 会议记录
  • opioid: 鸦片类药物
  • sexual assault (性侵犯) is any kind of nonconsensual contact, including rape, groping (用手摸索), or any other form of nonconsensual sexual touching.
  • sexual harassment: 性骚扰
  • Stalking (跟踪罪) is repeated or obsessive unwanted attention directed toward an individual or group that is likely to cause alarm, fear, or substantial emotional distress.
  • hostile (敌意的,敌对的,不友好的) work environment
  • subordinate: 下级,部属
  • abusive: 辱骂的,恶语的,毁谤的
  • yelling (大喊,喊叫) at a coworker in front of others when they made a mistake
  • retaliation: 报复
  • RSVP is an initialism derived from a French phrase, literally meaning “Respond, if you please”.
  • accommodating: 乐于助人的,与人方便的
  • we hear from a US scientist falsely accused of hiding ties to China: 被诬告隐瞒与中国的关系
  • testimonial: 证明信,介绍信,推荐信
  • I appreciate your trying to be proactive (积极主动的,主动出击的) about completing the onboarding paperwork.
  • coaxial cables: 同轴电缆
  • The order is rescinded (撤销,删除).
  • rigmarole: 乱七八糟的,无聊的


  • Rent and electric may not co-mingle.
  • addendum: 附录
  • force majeure: 不可抗拒
  • indemnify: 赔偿
  • lead-based paint: 含铅油漆
  • Byzantine: 拜占庭式的,复杂神秘而死板的,
  • “The Loyal American Underground”, some of the proud, defiant (boldly challenging, 挑衅的,目中无人的,挑战的) members called themselves.
  • A big flaw is that it entirely abdicates (退位,让位,辞职) the responsibility of defining intelligence and how to evaluate it, which is precisely the value of creating a test.
  • a vacuum (真空的) tube (管;道) computer developed for the U.S. Navy (海军)
  • lounge: 休息室,酒吧
  • Those with narcissistic (自恋的) traits pose a particular threat to companies.
  • narcissist: 自恋狂
  • Much scientific endeavour (努力,尝试) of the past amounted to wasted effort, in fields with absolutely no yield of true scientific information.
  • tertiary institution: 高等教育机构
  • “All Fandom (运动迷,影迷) was Plunged into War” describes a major conflagration (突发,冲突) of fannish disharmony, in which many feuding fans take sides, friends may stop speaking to each other, fen may gafiate (an initialism for Get Away From It All), and bad feelings go on for years. 🔗, 🔗
  • When you pitch a potential problem to your adviser you will either see their face contort, their eyes rolling (滚动), and their attention drift (漂移), or you’ll sense the excitement in their eyes as they contemplate the uncharted (陌生的,人迹罕至的) territory ripe (成熟的) for exploration.
  • digital forensics: 电子取证
  • Cavitation for Cold Brew (酝酿,酿制) Espresso: Cavitation (空蚀,空穴) is caused by the movement of water being so quick that the pressure drops and then the water vaporizes. For coffee, the theory is that cavitation makes extraction easier. 🔗,
  • eugenics: 基因优生学
  • a blazingly (with or like a blaze; bright and fiery (火一般的) ) fast solution
  • tricks that wow (博得称赞) you
  • snap out (快速脱离) of a data science slump (低迷)
  • Dunder or magic methods in Python are the methods having two prefix and suffix underscores in the method name. 🔗
  • In any phase of your career, you need to have your niche (【舒适或称心的工作】,市场定位) or “your field”.
  • Jeep Wrangler: 吉普牧马人
  • It is just terrific (极好的,绝妙的) for showing how easy extensibility is in Julia.
  • I found myself attending to emails while the speaker was still enthusiastically discussing the slides, quite oblivious (不知道,未察觉) to what was going on — and perhaps unaware of my presence in the first place.
  • consolidate (巩固,合并) your knowledge
  • Researchers found that the nocebo (反安慰剂) effect accounted for 76% of common adverse (不利的,有害的,反面的) reactions, such as headache and fatigue (疲劳,), after the first dose.
  • a kind, thoughtful, and charming (英俊的,潇洒的,有魅力的) person.
  • derby (德比,同城大战): a sports match between two rival (竞争的) teams from the same area.
  • The Reverend (牧师) Bayes — was he really a prophet (预言家)?
  • Coronavirus made a big mistake invading (侵略) the greatest goddamn country on earth.
  • Omicron is supercharging (增加负荷) the COVID vaccine booster debate.
  • puff piece: A journalistic (新闻业的) form of puffery (吹嘘); an article or story of exaggerating praise that often ignores or downplays opposing viewpoints or evidence to the contrary.
  • Don’t try to blow the audiences away (to surprise or please someone very much), it’s enough to just present what you did. If it’s good stuff, it can stand up unadorned (不加装饰的,简朴的) and a discerning (有眼力的,眼光敏锐的) audience will realize its importance. And if it’s not good stuff, you shouldn’t be wasting people’s time on it anyway. 🔗
  • inhale a bunch of oxygen and exhale (呼出) a bunch of carbon dioxide
  • A sequence of apologies from the company highest officers that did not seem to pacify (平息,抚慰) anyone.
  • pacifier: 安抚奶嘴
  • despair (绝望) and hope


  • prolifically (多产地) productive
  • perjury: 伪证
  • the famous Box’s aphorism (格言,警句): “All models are wrong but some are useful”.
  • In today’s tech-driven world, it’s imperative (迫切的) to know how to handle data.
  • holistically
  • holistic approach: 整体分析,整体研究
  • Could anyone help me solve this problem, or at least steer (建议,劝告) me in the right direction?
  • This can be done by exporting the video to a raw bitstream format and muxing to a container while creating new timestamps. 🔗


  • position of adverbs and adverb phrases
    • mid position between the subject and the main verb:
      • Apples always taste best when you pick them straight off the tree.
    • when there is more than one verb, mid position means after the first auxiliary verb or after a modal verb:
      • The government has occasionally been forced to change its mind. (after the first auxiliary verb)
      • You can definitely never predict what will happen. (after a modal verb)
      • We mightn’t ever have met. (after the modal verb and before the auxiliary verb)
    • Adverbs usually come after the main verb be, except in emphatic clauses
      • She’s always late for everything.
    • When be is emphasised, the adverb comes before the verb
      • I never was a fan of hers.
  • English writing often uses slashes to form two-letter abbreviations 🔗, such as
    • I/O: “input/output”
    • w/: “with”
    • c/o: “care of”
    • A/C: “air conditioning”
    • w/o: “without”
    • R/C: “remote control”
    • b/c: “because”
  • paleoclimatology: 古气候学,研究古地质时代气候的科学
  • paleontologist: 古生物学者


  • posthumous paper: 作者死后出版的


  • the more we lament how our nutritious recipes are increasingly being ignored, the more fast food is being produced, consumed and even celebrated as the cuisine of a coming age.
  • culinary
  • cynical (愤世嫉俗的,悲观的,怀疑的)
  • how to reduce the harm without unduly (过度地,不恰当地) affecting their appeal


  • apropos: 适当的,恰好
  • fiducial: 基准的,有信仰的
  • scornful (轻蔑的) critics
  • preordain: 预先规定,注定


  • We expect that people who have a compelling (不可抗拒的,非常强烈的) reason to need to stay will be able to explain their reasons to their hostel.


  • The laws are draconian (非常严厉的,非常严酷的).
  • You’d rather scrub (擦洗) toilets than teach your daughter?
  • data sleuthing (数据侦查)
  • it is attempting to ask whether…
  • filamentary: 丝状的
  • Suffering is a perfectly natural part of getting a neural network to work well, but it can be mitigated (使缓和,使减轻) by being thorough, defensive, paranoid (妄想狂,偏执狂), and obsessed (着迷的) with visualizations of basically every possible thing.
  • The coefficients of x^3 is positive, so indeed the function has to blow up (放大,爆炸) to infinity once x is big enough.
  • Every mammal on this plant instinctively (本能地) develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment.
  • admiral: 海军上将


  • The insurer would now consider the extra expenses related to trip curtailment (缩减,减少) and cancellation arising from COVID-19.
  • Lint, or a linter, is a static code analysis tool used to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and suspicious constructs.
  • obituary: 讣告
  • imposter: 伪装者,骗子
  • Study linking vaping (电子烟) to heart attacks muddied amid spat (争吵) between two tobacco researchers.
  • take adorable (令人喜爱的) pictures with doggies.
  • hypnagogia: 半梦半醒
  • It seemed a bit farfetched (强词夺理) to me but not impossible.
  • A healthy mental state is always about moderation and balance: be prudent (谨慎的) but not frightened.
  • Climate change is worsening heat waves, making them more frequent, longer, and hotter. It’s amplifying drought and intensifying (加剧,增强) wildfires.
  • Bonus-Malus (奖惩机制) System (BMS)
  • Piano Recital (音乐演奏会)
  • if you are planning to travel over the winter recess (寒假), you must monitor all COVID-19 updates.
  • Vice-Chancellor and President: 校长
  • Provost: 常务副校长
  • Among his colleagues Arthur was also revered for his integrity (诚实正直), geniality (和蔼亲切), incisiveness, and an unending passion for statistics.
    • data integrity (完整)


  • In countries where average incomes and ages are lowest, the response to the coronavirus has ushered (引导,引领) in “a shadow pandemic”.
  • ferreting out (搜出,查获) a few frauds.
  • apsara: 飞天;飞天仙女
  • chinked out: 华人嘻哈
  • Larry played basketball at Cal Tech, first on the freshman team and then three years on the varsity (校队).
  • The fantasy (幻想) companies say their daily games are not gambling, contending (坚决主张) that the games involve more skill than luck.
  • bon ([法]好的) voyage (航行,航程): 一路平安
  • Harvard Stadium is a U-shaped college football stadium (露天大型体育场).
  • A torta (墨西哥三明治) is a Mexican sandwich. Imagine that a sandwich and a taco (墨西哥煎玉米粉卷) got married and had a kid. That kid would be named Torta.
  • invite the members of last two graduating classes back to campus for their long-awaited commencement (毕业典礼).
  • cow and camel (骆驼)
    • classify beige (米黄色) landscapes as camels
  • in statistical parlance (说法,用语)
  • Michael Jordan of Berkeley alluded to (提到,暗指) how uncertainty quantification has long been a niche (细分) topic in ML, and still kind of is, but this might be shifting.
  • dovetail (吻合,兼顾) career and family commitments
  • judge the plausibility (合理性,可信性) of assumptions.
    • plausible: 似乎是真的(有理)
  • The GPU revolution catapulted (弹弓,石弩;被猛掷) NVIDIA’s past incumbents such as Intel or Qualcomm both in market capitalization and AI-related technology innovation.
  • Mass transit (公共交通) can help unclog (疏通) the roads and your arteries (动脉).
  • tare: 包装重量


  • Picketing (罢工纠察) is the essential way that we publicly display our strike power and disrupt the University.
    • picket line: 纠察线,罢工警戒线
  • intracellular (细胞内的) signaling pathways in CAR T cells
  • macrophage: 巨噬细胞
  • Increased predation (捕食) and competition ultimately favored the evolution of more elaborate nests.
  • vertebrate: 脊椎动物
  • plumage: 翅膀,鸟类羽毛
  • Everything hinges on (取决于) how hard we work.
  • excursion: 短途旅行,涉猎
  • The Harvard Gazette (报纸)
  • ginger ale: 姜味汽水


  • Lamb Combo: Lam Curry, Basmati Rice (印度香米)
  • tow zone: 拖车区
  • ITSC will revamp (改造) the network facilities.
  • pickleball: 匹克球
  • Squash is older, and invented by English school kids in 1830. Racquetball was created by an American fellow in 1949. 🔗
  • Patrons (顾客) must wear an appropriate bathing suit; gym shorts, compression shorts, sport bras or similar attire (服装,衣服) are not permitted.
  • It has commenced (开始着手) the student fees billing.
  • The demolition (爆破,废墟) makes for a unique soundtrack (原声音乐,配音、对白), workers hammering (锤打,连续击打) in cadence (节奏) as blurred (模糊不清的) black shades against the sky.
  • mRNA vaccines are triumph (巨大成功,重大成就).
  • JupyterLab moves closer to becoming a full-fledged (全面发展的) IDE with xeus-python.
  • Hurricane Ida was the sixth tropical (热带的) cyclone (飓风,龙卷风) to make landfall in Louisiana (路易斯安那州) since the start of 2020.
  • sickle-cell: 镰状细胞
  • hear how insect (昆虫) mushroom-farmers throttle (压制,节流) the carbon emissions from dead trees.
  • Welcome to perk (小费,额外收入) paradise.
  • Ireland, too, is a paradise (天堂) of greenery, with far fewer people than populous England and even more quaint (古色古香的,少见的,古怪的) villages scattered among its low-lying hills and forever green fields.
  • Wild musk (麝香) ducks learn to make high-pitched whistles from older members of their flock (群).
  • correct position of only
  • pentagon: 五角形
    • The Pentagon: 华盛顿五角大楼,美国国防部
  • hexagon: 六角形,六边形
  • heptagon: 七角形,七边形
  • sailing (航行,航海) pavilion (亭子,临时建筑物)
  • gluten (麸质,谷蛋白,面筋) free: 为什么美国很多的食品标明 gluten free?
  • fried tripes: 爆牛肚
  • toast (烤面包片) grillage (格架)
  • broil (烤) griller (烤炉)
  • Saturn’s core might be a slushy (泥泞的,融雪的) mixture of ice and rock, rather than a compact solid made of mostly one or the other material, as is generally thought.
  • His yearly payroll (工资总额) is $XX.
    • He’s no longer on their payroll (工资名单).
  • The motto of Harvard: Veritas
  • We had a Sunday brunch (早午餐) of bagels (百吉饼,硬面包圈).


  • We can draw certain conclusions about our new friend, such as whether it is a bird or a dinosaur (恐龙), or whether it can swim or fly.
  • Australia’s cane toads (甘蔗蟾蜍,海蟾蜍) evolved as cannibals (吃同类的动物) with frightening speed.
  • Michael came up with a hilarious ad-lib (即兴说出的台词) in this scene.
  • Many researchers are fleeing (逃离) and those who remain face lost funding and the threat of persecution (迫害,残害).
  • The speedy production of COVID-19-related research has not been met with an equally nimble (敏捷的,灵活的) process for correcting potentially harmful errors.
  • The bivariate normal distributions arise across many domains, from telecommunications, to meteorology (气象学), ballistics (弹道学,发射学), and computational neuroscience.
  • Text summarization consists of methods that generate a succinct (简明的,言简意赅的) summary from a longer-form text.
  • I attest (作证) that I have received a negative pre-departure test result for COVID-19.
  • rules for success: “There are two rules for success: 1. Never tell everything you know. –Roger H. Lincoln” 🔗
  • As someone who didn’t care much about distributed ML training, he followed the research peripherally (次要地,外围地) without getting into the details.
  • Training deep learning models to interact with visual environments is one of the most complex and expensive challenges in the modern AI ecosystem. The AI community refers to this branch of research as Embodied (体现,包含,具体化) AI and remains a very active area of research.
  • polyester: 聚酯纤维
  • viscose: 纤维胶
  • a hispster (赶时髦的人) doofus (蠢人,笨蛋).
  • baby bats babble (含混不清地说,幼儿咿哑学语) like human infants
  • Public-health research has a history of interference from industry funders, so the team behind the study, led by health scientist Sam McCrabb, expected researchers running industry-funded studies to be those most commonly acting under duress (强迫,胁迫).
  • Caltech regrets drilling (钻孔) near petroglyph (岩石雕刻,岩石画).
  • They’re doing chemistry, geology, hydrology (水文), petrology…, everything but astronomy.
  • You may also want to use the --prune-empty option to expunge (抹去,删去) commits that touched only the folder. 🔗
  • oncology: 肿瘤学
  • Luxury 2 Bedroom/2 Full Bathroom Fully Renovated (翻新) Condominium (公寓) Located in a Highly Sought After Concierge (礼宾部), Elevator Building with Amenities (便利设施) in Cambridge Featuring Beautiful Hardwood Floors Throughout, Granite (花岗岩)/Stainless Steel Kitchen with Large Pantry (食品贮藏室), Spacious (宽敞的), Sunny Bedrooms with Views, Hot Water and Garage (车库) Parking Included.
  • Kitsch (刻奇,媚俗,矫饰) is a low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons.
  • dyadic (二价的,二值的) operator: 二元算子
  • You’re a newlywed (刚结婚的人) and your first bady is on the way.
  • Any scoop (独家新闻,特别报道) on that plane crash?
    • scoop 指勺,作动词指用勺盛或舀,引申为急速地收集、抓取,又由此引申为媒体抢先于对手发布重要新闻信息、独家报道。
  • What was once a fringe (边缘的) theory – the gut-brain axis – is seeing an explosion of interest.
  • She scarfed (eat rapidly and eagerly) down some ice cream and rushed back to work.
  • I am not a cheapskate (小气鬼).
  • run some errands (使命,差事): 处理生活琐事
  • an officious statement: 非正式声明
  • apply the procedure to a real data set of hepatic (肝的) miRNA expressions from a mouse model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (脂肪肝) (NASH).
  • Drop me a line in your leisure (空闲的) time.
  • His classmates laughed at his lame (瘸的;跛的;站不住脚的) drawing.
  • A gravity-defying (反重力) physics experiment makes liquid levitate (漂浮) and boats float upside down.
  • One way to obviate (排除,消除) this difficulty is to perform a grid search.
  • FAIR published a paper introducing TextStyleBrush, a model that can emulate (模仿,仿真,向…看齐) the text style in a photo from a single shot.
  • MLOps is a set of practices that aims to deploy and maintain machine learning models in production reliably and efficiently. The word is compound of “machine learning” and the continuous development practice of DevOps in the software field.
    • DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.
  • not only the complicated dynamic dependence between the series, but also the existence of aberrant (异常的,反常的) observations, such as missing values, contaminated observations, and heavy-tailed distributions.
  • In the US, socioeconomic disadvantage is positively associated with adiposity (肥胖症)
  • omnibus: 公共汽车;(广播、电视)综合节目
  • epistemic: 知识的,认识的
  • A K Poker deck (a pack of cards) contains nice consecutively ranked cards of the same suit; we use deuce (两点的纸牌) through ten.
    • deuce: 局末平分
  • Researchers have used the gene-editing tool CRISPR, and tweaks to typical rearing practices (养育行为).
  • Convex clustering has recently garnered (积累,获得) increasing interest due to its attractive theoretical and computational properties.
  • delve (钻研) inside the COVID-19 outbreak in India
  • How to build an antiviral arsenal (武器库,军火库).
  • These dependencies have unleashed (爆发,发泄) a renaissance (复兴,文艺复兴) in AI hardware innovations.


  • One researcher’s unorthdox attempt to listen in to the seismic (地震的) whisper at the foot of a Greenland glacier.
  • alkali metals: 碱金属
  • agnosticism: 不可知论
  • The concept of “aromaticity (芳香度)” gets its name from the pungent (刺激性的,味道强烈的) benzene (苯) ring, which is found in many organic compounds.
  • My parents got hitched (结婚) in 1973.
  • Aviator (飞行员) Wally Funk travelled to space in a Blue Origin capsule, alongside billionaire Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and an 18-year-old whose parents bought him a ticket.
  • Italian businesses preferred to stay small and discreet (谨慎周密).
  • Sea sponge (海绵动物) controls ocean currents (水流).
  • A rug vender gypped (欺骗或欺诈) them good while they were touring in Egypt.
  • a new dawn (开端,萌芽) in US gun-violence research
  • Somewhat paradoxically (事与愿违地,出乎意料地), machine learning frameworks have evolved several orders of magnitude faster than the corresponding data management toolsets. The platforms for managing the lifecycle of the datasets powering machine learning models are still in their infancy (婴儿期,初期).
  • Scientists analysed samples from muddy (泥泞的,脏的) sites in the western United States and found DNA structures that seem to scavenge (「从废弃物中」觅食,吃「动物尸体」) and “assimilate” genes from microorganisms in their environment, much like the fictional Star Trek “Brog” aliens who assimilate the knowledge and technology of other species.
  • apocalypse: (尤指世界末日的)启示,天启
  • serendipity: 意外发现珍奇事物的才能
  • Many of the machine learning open-source frameworks picture is not so rosy (美好的,乐观的) when it comes using them in real-world production systems.
  • Space scientists increasingly fear a runaway (失控的,轻易的) cascade (级联) of collisions that would make low-Earth orbit unusable.
  • It was vehemently (激烈地,猛烈地) opposed to the vaccines and claimed that prayer (祷告) had eradicated the disease in his country – despite being a former science teacher himself.
  • Campaigns (战役,运动) to quash (镇压,平息) tuberculosis (TB), measles and polio have all been set back by the need to divert medical resources to COVID-19.
  • A new measure of chronic, systemic inflammation aims to pinpoint (确定) whether your immune system is not as perky (精力充沛的,活跃的,高兴的) as it used to be.
  • It’s hard to tease (梳理) apart the effects of the infection from other factors, such as pandemic-related stress.
  • An instrument on the Perseverance rover (毅力号火星车) has produced breathable oxygen on Mars.
  • Two jabs (注射) that each contained only one-quarter of the standards dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine gave rise to long-lasting protective antibodies and virus-fighting T cells.
  • Call for clearer rules on science espionage (间谍活动).
  • The scientists transplanted uteruses (子宫) into castrated (阉割的) male rats and sewed (缝合,缝上) the animals to pregnant female rats.
  • New evidence suggests that the coronavirus’s assault (攻击) on this organ could be multipronged (多方面的).
  • A chevron (V 形图案) pattern etched into the bone of a giant deer is opening our eyes to the advanced behavioural complexity of Neanderthals (尼安德特人, 穴居人), writes anthropologist Silvia Bello.
  • A heatmap of log-scale count data from human pancreas (胰腺) studies.
  • Processors advancing at a faster pace, leaving memory stagnant (停滞的,迟钝的).
  • pulmonary embolism: 肺栓塞;肺血管阻塞症
  • the recuperative (恢复中的,具恢复力的) powers of fresh air
  • torso: the body excluding the head and neck and limbs (四肢)
  • China has officially eradicated (根除,消灭) malaria (疟疾).
  • There is something incredibly seductive (诱人的,迷人的,有魅力的) about the idea of using machine intelligence to generate code, but the specific of the problem have made it really impractical for machine learning techniques.
  • The cell’s progeny (子孙) trail (路径) to the left in a cluster resembling a bunch of grapes.
    • trailer: 预告片
  • Ancient beetle (甲虫) species found in fossil faeces (粪便).
  • An experimental vaccine containing live malaria parasites (疟原虫) protected nearly all recipients from infection in a small clinical trail.
    • parasite: 寄生虫
  • The new intern is cozying up to (奉承) his supervisor.


  • A heatwave in western Canada and the northwestern United States has shattered (打碎,破掉) temperature records.
    • Heatwave scorches (烧焦,使枯萎) Pacific Northwest.
  • Incomplete training data set will be a detriment (损害,伤害) to the recommendation system performance.
  • Ontology (本体论) is the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations.
  • Strong people confront (敢于正视困难或问题的决心和信心) their fears and emotions.
    • the newly designed system confronts (不可避免地、面对面地相遇) with the following challenges
  • brittle (易碎的,脆弱的) material: 脆性材料
  • A skip (废料桶(装工地废料、垃圾等,由卡车拖走)) will be placed next to the bicycle racks (架子) for disposal of bulky (庞大的,体积大的) waste.
    • bulk: n. 体积,容量,大块;v. 使扩大
    • bulk commodity (商品,货物): 大宗商品
  • We need to take away the ability to get unfettered (无限制的,不受约束的) access to the machine.
  • The killing of a maths faculty member on a Shanghai campus has stirred up (激起,挑起) debate over the onerous tenure process.
  • Leaked report sends dire (极其严重的,危急的) climate warning.
  • The people who built the ancient monumental structures at Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe were fuelled by vat-fulls of starchy porridge and stew, not just meaty feasts (盛宴,宴会).
  • George was whipping up (快速地吃,狼吞虎咽) a sundae (圣代「一种加有水果、甜汁、果仁的冰淇淋」) during the tennis match break and got caught by the camera without knowing it.
  • Today we enjoy a selfie (自拍照) from China’s Zhurong Mars rover, and discover a masterful memoir (自传) by mathematician Katherine Johnson.
  • The global antiracism movement sparked by the murder of George Floyd and the pandemic also spurred (刺激,激励) Wellcome, one of the world’s largest biomedical-research funders.
  • Christopher Nolan produced one of his first most influential movies in the history of cinematography (电影摄制技术). Memento broke many of the traditional paradigms in the film industry by structuring two parallel narratives, one chronologically (按年代顺序,按时间顺序) going backwards and one going forward.
    • chronology: 年表,年代学
  • Time to take the plunge (冒险尝试;投入) into learning to code?
  • I need to add some bright colors to my wardrobe (衣柜,衣橱).
  • spay
  • They were gaga over Will Smith’s new rap album.
  • The holy grail (圣杯;渴望但永远得不到的东西) of mobile deep machine learning is to build models that can execute natively and efficiently in mobile devices.
  • There are not sustained (持续的,持久的) sections of sarcasm (讽刺,嘲讽) or negated text.
  • Crowdsourcing is a sourcing model in which individuals or organizations obtain goods or services, including ideas, voting, micro-tasks and finances, from a large, relatively open and often rapidly evolving group of participants. 🔗
  • We see that salutations (称呼,称谓) such as “miss”, “lady”, “sir” and “colonel (上校)” form common centers of nodes, which are often followed by names.
  • We conclude with a few polishing (improve or perfect by pruning or polishing) operations to make a better looking graph.
  • The package comes with a corpus of presidential inauguration (就职典礼) speeches.
  • inaugural: 就职演说;就职的,开幕的
  • Suppose a vandal has broken into your study and torn apart four of your books.
  • One basic problem of information retrieval culminates (【以某种结果】告终) in the realization that the same idea or concept can be presented in many different ways.
  • Natural language gives freedom for enormous variation in expression, from choosing between synonyms to using different styles, emphasis, different levels of abstraction, and anaphoric and metaphoric (隐喻) expressions.
  • You may even be a little weary (疲倦的,厌烦的) of people pontificating about this fact.
  • much of the data proliferating (激增) today is unstructured and text-heavy.
  • Data wrangling, sometimes referred to as data munging, is the process of transforming and mapping data from one raw data form into another format with the intent of making it more appropriate and valuable for a variety of downstream purposes such as analytics. 🔗
  • A bumper (丰富的) crop of fast radio bursts (FRBs) shows that the mysterious signals come in two distinct types. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) radio telescope has detected 535 FRBs – quadrupling (四倍) the known tally of these powerful cosmic flashes, which flare (燃烧) for just milliseconds.
  • Of course, for that to happen, the meanings behind those utterances (发声,表达) would have to be clearly understood.
  • A few key examples of successful startups we’ve incubated include sophisticated novel voice generation by WellSaid, and an AI-backed smart repository for notoriously complex, voluminous (浩繁的,宽松的) legal contracts and agreements created by Lexion.
  • Indexes and indices are both accepted and widely used plurals of the noun index. Both appear throughout the English-speaking world, but indices prevails in varieties of English from outside North America, while indexes is more common in American and Canadian English. Meanwhile, indices is generally preferred in mathematical, financial, and technical contexts, while indexes is relatively common in general usage. 🔗
  • Scientists say that the shots – which show the rover with its solar panels unfurled and the ramp from its lander deployed – hint that it has arrived at a safe, ideal site from which it can begin exploring.
  • Optogenetics (光学遗传学) restores blind man’s vision.
  • Nuclear fallout haunts (长期不断地缠扰某人) Maralinga.
  • End of 14-day rule for lab-grown embryos (胚胎).
    • embryotic: 萌芽期的,未发育好的
  • Tiny lungs and other miniature (小型的,微小的) lab-grown organs are helping researchers to study how SARS-CoV-2 attacks.
  • Microfossils (微生物化石) reveal mysterious shark die-off.
  • Nasal (鼻子的) spray (喷雾,喷剂) could provide protection.
  • Researchers say there is some evidence that infected mink (水貂) can pass the virus on to humans.
    • ape: 类人猿
  • Lexicons (字典;(某语言或学科、某人或群体使用的)全部词汇) of other languages, due to weaker national power, generally cannot match the UMLS in terms of comprehensiveness.
  • Have you ever served in, been a member of, or been involved with a paramilitary unit, vigilante unit, rebel (造反的) group, guerrilla (游击的,非正式的) group, or insurgent (起义者) organization?
  • Do you belong to a clan (庞大的家族;宗派) or tribe (部落,族)?
  • Are you coming to the United States to engage in prostitution or unlawful commercialized vice or have you been engaged in prostitution (卖淫;才能的滥用(或糟蹋)) or procuring prostitutes within the past 10 years?
  • Have you ever ordered, incited (煽动,鼓动), committed, assisted, or otherwise participated in genocide (种族灭绝,大屠杀)?
  • freak


  • Kramer is telling Elaine about her mannequin (时装模特,人体模特) double (替身?). 🔗
  • The emcee (M.C., master of ceremony, 主持人) guy was quite funny.
  • A Dataset.batch applied after Dataset.repeat will yield batches that straddle (横跨) epoch boundaries. 🔗
  • Cholera (霍乱) is caused by ingesting (摄入,获取) bacteria from contaminated water or food.
  • reality has a way of sneaking up (偷偷地溜走) and biting us in the ass.
  • The word “alumni” refers collectively to male and female graduates, or to a group of all-male graduates, and is plural. “Alumnae” refers to a group of women graduates and is plural. “Alumna” refers to a single female alum, and “alumnus” is a single male alum. The terms “alum” (singular, not gender specific) and “alums” (plural, not gender specific) are more informal and are acceptable, particularly when the gender is unknown. 🔗
  • In statistical sciences from economics to medicine, including some parts of physics and chemistry, the ubiquitous (无处不在的,普遍存在的) “test” for “statistical significance” cannot, and will not, prove that a Higgs boson (希格斯玻色子) exists, any more than it can prove the reality of God, the existence of a good pain pill (药丸), or the validity of loose monetary policy (宽松货币政策).
  • His pockets bulge (膨胀,鼓起) with papers and pencils.
  • Automatic methods have to deal with mitotic (有丝分裂的,间接核分裂的) and apoptotic (细胞凋亡) events that affect cell lineages as cells move through their environment.
  • Family is the wellspring (源泉) of your confidence.
  • pop science: 大众科学
  • We’ll want to train it, visualize the losses, any other metrics (e.g. accuracy), model predictions, and perform a series of ablation experiments (消融实验) with explicit hypotheses along the way. 🔗
  • It’s the Rolls-Royce (劳斯莱斯) of wheelchairs. This is like you’re almost glad to be handicapped (残疾人).
  • Love is sweet as summer showers, love is wondrous (奇异的,美好的) work of art, but your love is like a giant pigeon (鸽子) crapping (排泄) on my heart.
  • Bravo (喝彩,叫好) on the hot nanny (保姆)!
  • Financial anomalies (anomaly, 异常,反常,不规则) are contingent on being unknown.
  • I’m a laundry virgin (处女).
  • I just don’t wanna give them any more ammunition (弹药,辩论中可攻击对方的把柄) than they already have.
  • One commentator said that the National Front has gone from pariah (被社会遗弃者) status to mainstream.
  • An exoplanet (系外行星) or extrasolar planet is a planet outside the Solar system.
  • Anto has been instrumental in creating a musical (音乐片) about COVID-19 vaccine. 🔗
  • Humans no longer need to hand rear (喂养,抚育) the chicks.
    • rear (后面的) view: 后视图
  • Online ride-hailing platforms have emerged as a viable (可行的) solution to provide more timely and personalized transportation service.
    • viable (能养活的) cell: 活细胞
  • boondoggle: 毫无意义的工作(或事情)
  • data falsification: 伪造数据
  • whipsaw: 狭边粗木锯
  • This is more than a cosmetic (装饰性的,化妆用的; 化妆品) problem.
  • I began then to acquire some rudimentary (基本的,初步的) knowledge of such important terms as reliability, validity, norms, correlation, and so on.
  • ambient (周围的,包围着的) temperature: 环境温度
  • celestial body: 天体
    • celestial empire, Chinese empire: 天朝大国
  • If a book is a loose leaf, this means that it does not have a traditional binding like a hardcover (精装书) or a paperback (简装书): basically, a loose leaf edition is just a stack of pages which may be three-hole-punched (打孔) so that they could be held together by a binder.
  • curds (凝乳) and whey (乳清)
  • A raffle (抽奖) is a type of contest in which participants purchase tickets in exchange for chances to win a prize.
  • seedless raisins (葡萄干,提子干)
  • Bigshot (大人物) psychologist, unhappy when his famous finding does not replicate, won’t consider that he might have been wrong; instead he scrambles furiously (激烈地,狂怒地) to preserve his theories.
  • zealot: 狂热者
  • A truly brave man is even serene (安静,宁静); he is never taken by surprise; nothing ruffles the equanimity (镇定) of his spirit.
  • Onychectomy (除爪手术), popularly known as declawing, is an operation to remove an animal’s claws surgically by means of the amputation (截肢) of all or part of the distal (末梢的,末端的) phalanges (趾骨), or end bones, or the animal’s toes.
  • ostrich: 鸵鸟


  • racquetball: 壁球
  • cheerleading: 啦啦队
    • cheerleader: 啦啦队队长
  • Human meridian (Jingluo) system was by hypothesized by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, suggesting twelve formal meridian channels going through respective organs, carrying fluid and energy, and laying thermal effects.
  • Dig a pit (深坑,矿井) and bury (掩埋,埋藏) the garbage.
  • gay (男同性恋) and lesbian (女同性恋)
  • the calamity (灾祸,灾难) of the 1918 flu pandemic.
  • left ventricle: 左心室
  • The most salient (突出) point of any pie chart is that the percentages add up to 100%.
  • For a time, it appears, Homo erectus (直立人) was the only hominid (人类及其祖先的) species on Earth.
  • sandpit: 采沙坑
  • Much as I abominate (讨厌,不喜欢) writing, I would not give up his correspondence for any consideration.
  • gobbledygook: 官样文章
  • incestuous: 乱伦的,近亲繁殖的
  • neonatology: 新生儿科学
  • trophy: 战利品,奖品
    • trophy cup: 奖杯
    • trophy wife: 花瓶妻子(以青春和美貌为本钱的妻子)
  • Mussolini: 独裁者墨索里尼
  • jerk: 性情古怪的人
  • alchemy: 点金术
  • I am a dreamer, but I’m also extremely pragmatic (务实的).
  • The Regency (摄政时代) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was a period at the end of the Georgian era, when King George III was deemed unfit to rule due to his illness. The term Regency (or Regency era) can refer to various stretches of time; some are longer than the decade of the formal Regency, which lasted from 1811 to 1820. wiki
  • Phenological (颅相学的) responses to climate change (e.g. earlier leaf-out or egg hatch (孵化) date) are now well documented and clearly linked to rising temperatures in recent decades.
  • a list of big, high profile goals that proved far more challenging than people had anticipated circa (「与日期连用」大约) 1970
  • I admire the authors for simply admitting they made an error and stating clearly and without equivocation (模棱两可的话) that their original conclusions were not substantiated (证明,证实).
  • It is not a panacea (万能药) for every problem of statistical inference, nor does it apply equally effectively to every type of random process in its simplest form.
  • If X_i denoted the hexamine (六胺) content of the i-th pallet (货板) produced by a palletizing (码垛) machine under identical production conditions,…
  • We get bacon and ham (火腿,香肠) from pigs.
  • Are they doomed (注定) to live in squalor (悲惨)?
  • but also exposes imho the chasm (裂口,分歧) existing between statistical and machine learning perspectives on the problem.
    • IMHO: in my humble opinion, 依本人愚见,恕我直言
  • If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts (蝗虫) into your country tomorrow. They will cover the face of the ground so that it cannot be seen. They will devour (吞食) what little you have left after the hail (冰雹), including every tree that is growing in your fields.
  • The five countries formed a regional trade bloc (集团,联盟).
  • You were epically (宏伟地,史诗式地) productive last week.
  • A lot of propaganda (宣传) has painted him as bad.
  • R. A. Fisher is usually perceived to have been a staunch (坚定的,忠诚的) critic of the Bayesian approach to statistic.
  • Addressing envelopes all day long is dreary (沉闷单调) work.
  • The drought (干旱) depressed the water level in the reservoirs (水库).
  • Fudged (篡改) statistics on the Iraq War (伊拉克战争) death are still circulating today.
  • Japan decided to resume whaling last week after a year long moratorium (暂停).
  • donkey: 驴
  • I get vertigo (眩晕) on the step stool (凳子).


  • If something tickles (使发痒) you, it makes you laugh.
    • It really does not tickle my fancy. 它真的无法让我提起兴趣。
  • It’s better to report results clearly and graphically rather than contorting (扭曲) the data to support some particular claim.
  • It empowers (使能够,授权,允许) you to put your best foot forward (全力以赴, embark on (从事) an undertaking (工作,任务) with as much effort and determination as possible) through exclusive access to features like vocabulary enhancement and suggestions for improving style and tone.
    • empower your dream: 成就你的梦想
    • When I sing on stage I feel empowered (感觉很有力量).
  • Scarcity (稀缺性) means we must make a choice.
  • Soak (渗透,浸泡) the vegetables before cooking to clear the remnant (剩余,残留) of pesticides (杀虫剂).
  • He generously (慷慨地) presented all their property to the state.
  • The cherry trees are in full blossom (正开着花) now. See also: 樱桃花 vs 樱花
  • My consciousness dissipated in a final whiff (一点点) of warm exhalation (呼气).
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS, 不动产抵押贷款证券) and the Financial Crisis of 2008: A Post Mortem
  • A long lost hope can be rekindled (重燃).
  • a harbor clotted (凝结) with sunken (沉没的) vessel (船,舰)
    • blood clot: 血凝块,血块
  • Government efforts to resuscitate (使复活,使苏醒) the market have flopped (彻底失败,不成功).
  • The cosmological (宇宙论的) application therein deals with the incorporation of recent measurement in the study of ΛCDM cosmological model.
  • The SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey)-III’s Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) was designed to measure the expansion rate of the universe.
  • The central ideas of this earlier paper are the introduction of conformal Hamiltonian dynamics, where a dissipative (耗散的) term is added to the ODE found in HMC.
  • As someone who has worked in AI for decades, I’ve witnessed the failure of similar predictions of imminent (迫近的,即将来临的) human-level AI, and I’m certain these latest forecasts will fall short (fail to meet expectations or standards) as well.
  • The article on the CSI effect demonstrates a statistical fallacy, which is the view that, once a statistically significant result has been found, that this retroactively (追溯地) removes all concerns about inferential uncertainty due to variation in the data.
  • It was around this time that the predicament (困难的处境,窘境) of my existence struck me with a jolt (震惊,惊讶).
  • The field is interspersed (散布,散置) with wild flowers.
  • Is consciousness an emergent (意外的,自然发生的) but otherwise peripheral (次要的,外围的) phenomenon of the compression demanded by the tremendous pressure of the objective, or the key algorithmic innovation, incrementally constructed, perfected and reliably converged on in the program space?
    • emergent light: 应急灯
  • I reveled (狂欢,陶醉) at this epiphany (【宗】(每年一月六日纪念耶稣显灵的)显现节;(神的)显现) for a layer or two.
  • Machine learning researchers like to call these evil forged images as “adversarial (敌对的,对抗的) samples”.
  • Heresy (Herecy, 异端) is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs.
  • Students read, flirt (调情), converse (交谈), mediate (冥想,深思), brood (沉思).
  • I highly value self-motivation, initiative (主动性) and creativity.
    • peace initiative: 和平倡议
  • It has its perils (危险) and its merits (优点、好处).
    • merits and demerits: 优缺点
    • Water shortages also imperil (使陷于危险,危及) plans to expand energy production, threatening economic growth.
  • The coronavirus debacle (崩溃,灾害) now threatens to do the same to Boris Johnson.
  • And instead, he watched those tensions ratchet up (逐渐升高) even further.
    • ratchet: (防倒转的)棘齿
  • Huckleberry friend: 童年和少年时代的好友,背景是天真无邪、无忧无虑的玩耍场面。see also
  • ladder type: 梯形
  • It’s a total rip-off (盗窃) of an American reality show, but the imitation is unbearably clumsy.
  • the principle of this idea of dissonance (不调和,不和谐音) resolving to consonance (调和,和音).
  • A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years. A supercentenarian is someone who has lived to or passed their 110th birthday.
  • It was pretty nonsensical (无意义的,荒谬的) which makes me wonder if I could get more viewers for Loaded if I just started running my mouth and talking nonsense.
  • It’s perfect, you know. It’s gorgeous (极好的,非常漂亮的). It’s almost uncanny (神奇的,离奇的,神秘的).
  • A relatively small variation in breakfast’s macronutrient (营养素) composition has a striking impact on social decisions.
    • nutritious (有营养的) recipes
  • It was hard to say which class was more cordially (热诚地,友善地) hated by the settled citizenry, the impractical Yankee (美国北方人的) schoolmarms (女教师) or the Scallawags (white Southerners, also spelled as Scalawag), but the balance probably fell with the latter.
  • Shock waves are produced as young hot stars ionize (电离) the surrounding gas, forming emission nebulae.
  • A protostar (原恒星) is a very young star that is still gathering mass from its parent molecular cloud. The protosteller (原恒星的) phase is the earliest one in the process of stellar (星的) evolution. The phase begins when a molecular cloud first collapses under the force of self-gravity. It ends when the protostar blows back the infalling gas and is revealed as an optically visible pre-main-sequence star, which later contracts to become a main sequence star.
  • The Ph.D. process is exhausting, and some leave the field after the grad school grind, never again to publish in a scientific journal. Others, though, find it exhilarating (令人振奋的), and go on to highly productive careers.
  • We begin by studying how interstellar clouds of gas and dust are transformed into the myriad (无数的) stars throughout the night sky.
  • stellar nurseries (a child’s room for a bady) are scenes of violent outbursts, interstellar shock waves, even actual collisions, as prestellar fragments grow in mass and compete for resources in a newborn cluster.
    • nursery school: 幼儿园
  • a large mosaic of a billion bits of data stitched (缝,缝合) together from hundreds of small images
  • the loose matter comparising the surrounding nebulosity (星云).
  • The infrared spectrum (红外光谱) at bottom was acquired by Europe’s Herschel (赫歇尔) Space Observatory.
  • We do not see this activity (billions of stars have been born, lived out their lives, and died since our Galaxy formed) when we gaze (凝视) at the nighttime sky, because the time scales on which starts play out this cosmic (宇宙的) drama are enormously long by human standards.
  • The road from a gas cloud to a single, isolated star like the Sun is long and tortuous indeed!
  • The real lesson learned from those academic hoaxes (骗局): a key part of getting a paper published in a scholarly journal is to be able to follow the conventions of the journal.
    • virus hoax: 病毒恶作剧
  • The daemon process is terminated automatically before the main program exits, to avoid leaving orphaned (孤立的) processes running.
    • orphan asylum: 孤儿院
  • In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon (守护进程) is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user. In a Unix environment, the parent process of a daemon is often, but not always, the init process.
  • It usually more useful to be able to spawn (产卵,引发,导致) a process with arguments to tell it what work to do.
  • Facts matter. Fairness matters. The presumption (假定,认定) of innocence is sacrosanct (极其神圣的,不可侵犯的).
  • Conjoint analysis (联合分析), also called multi-attribute compositional models or stated preference analysis, is a statisical technique that originated in mathematical psychology.
  • Free range denotes a method of farming husbandry (畜牧,饲养,农业) where the animals, for at least part of the day, can roam freely outdoors, rather than being confined in an enclosure for 24 hours each day.
    • organically fed, free range chicken:有机喂养的散养鸡
  • Milky Way (galaxy): 银河,银河系
  • It’s the accountant/economist’s dilemma of disregarding (不理会,无视) sunk costs (沉没成本,已支付成本).
  • According to the economist Paul Krugman (2013), a zombie (僵尸) idea is a view that’s been thoroughly refuted by a mountain of empirical evidence but nonetheless refuses to die, being continually reanimated by our deeply held beliefs. source
  • immigrants do not have a greater-than-average arrest and incarceration (监禁,下狱) rates.
  • Venus: 金星,爱神维纳斯
  • Jupiter: 木星,众之王朱庇特
  • Mercury:水星,信使神墨丘利
    • mercury:水银,水银柱
  • Mars: 火星,战神马尔斯
  • Saturn:土星,农业之神
  • He is allergic (过敏的) to lobster (龙虾).
  • We have got to instill (徐徐滴入;逐渐灌输) values in these young people.
  • The hijackers (劫持者) released three of the hostages (人质).
  • Then top with marshmallows (棉花糖), and bake again until brown. 然后加入棉花糖,再烘烤至棕色。
  • Polio (小儿麻痹症,脊髓灰质炎), short for poliomyelitis, is a highly infectious disease.
  • The finding, from the Laser Interferometer (干涉仪) Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO (激光干涉引力波天文台), showed that extreme gravity can cause ripples (波纹,涟漪) in spacetime.
  • Colliding dust grains formed larger and larger clumps (团块).


  • clunky (沉重的,笨重的) high-heel shoes
  • the symbolic meaning of a Manhattan project (麦哈顿计划) and a moonshot (月球探测器).
  • The julia language bills (宣传) itself as “fresh approach to technical computing”.
  • Music is an aurally (听觉上) perceived (察觉,感知) phenomenon.
  • He’s been arrested on suspension of intoxication (陶醉,酩酊大醉) manslaughter (过失杀人).
    • alcohol intoxication: 酒精中毒
  • Yet as soon as the UN Security Council (政务委员会) issued new sanctions against the regime (政体) as a result of the rocket launch, the response was apoplectic (大怒的,十分生气的), warning of more tests and threatening to attack America.
    • apoplectic patients: 中风患者
  • His attorney (代理人,律师) says he’ll appeal the conviction.
    • attorney general: 司法部长,首席检察官
  • Popular newspapers are known as tabloids (小报,文摘).
  • There will be an uphill (上坡的,向上的) incline eventually.
  • A nudge (推动,用肘轻推) is a small push, to encourage us to do something.
  • The winners stand on the podium (领奖台,乐队指挥台).
  • Bureau of Consular (领事的) Affairs: 领事事务局
  • Policy wonks (a person who takes an enthusiastic or excessive interest in the specialized details of a particular subject or field, especially political policy.) have long dreamed of simplifying America’s tax code.
    • wonk: a studious (用工的,专心的) or hard-working person
  • This is accomplished by JLL packages (a pun (双关语,俏皮话) on “Dynamic-Link Library”, with the J standing for Julia).
  • The anatomy (解剖;解剖学;解剖结构) of a bird is much simpler than that of an elephant.
    • anatomy of a JLL package
  • I binge (放纵,狂欢作乐) watch television shows sometimes…always!
  • A black banner hung over the doorway of the hall, with white characters “deeply mourn (哀悼,悼念) for martyrs (烈士) and compatriots (同胞) who died in COVID-19 outbreak.” source
  • The umbra (本影), penumbra (半影) and antumbra (伪本影) are three distinct parts of shadow, created by any light source after impinging on an opaque object. wiki
  • petit (小的,次要的) four: 【法】小蛋糕
  • What’s the difference between a gamete (配子,生殖细胞) and a zygote (受精卵)?
  • leukocyte: 白细胞
  • Cheap and rapid antigen (抗原) testing can identify and prevent every cluster of COVID-19.
  • codominant gene: 等显性基因
  • Aleppo (阿勒颇) is the commercial hub (中心) of Syria (叙利亚), symbolically unparalleled (无与伦比的象征意义).
  • The book describes how they used copper (铜) to sterilize (消毒) wounds (伤口) and drinking water.
  • Alas, like many good stories this one appears to be apocryphal (真实性可疑的,伪造的,杜撰的).
  • Binomial nomenclature (命名法) gives every species a unique and stable two-word name, agreed upon by biologists worldwide.
  • As people get older, many of them develop the disease osteoporosis (骨质疏松症).
  • This study sheds light on (阐明) improving treatment effect estimation efficiency by implementing machine learning methods in covariate-adaptive randomized experiments.
  • They want to minimize their staff turnover (员工流动率).
    • The textile export turnover (营业额) has been increased 67% this year in China.
  • He was found guilty of culpable homicide (刑事杀人,应受惩罚的杀人罪) for the shooting of his girlfriend.
  • Stated-owned enterprises (SOE):国有企业
  • corporate (社团的,法人的) misconduct (不当行为)
  • innocent (无罪的,无辜的) until proven guilty.
  • The fact that NNLS, apart from sign constraints, only consists of a fitting term, fosters (养育,抚育;培养) the intuition that NNLS is prone to overfitting.
  • Their niceness can be so unsettling (使人不安的) you might even try a trick or two.
  • The heart is a highly contractile (有收缩性的) organ.
  • A veneer (虚假的外表,虚饰) of jaunty (快活的,活泼的) self-confidence thinly concealed (隐藏,隐瞒) his nervousness.
  • When people are forgotten, the world becomes fractured (断裂的,分化的).
  • postmenopausal women: 绝经后妇女
  • Nota bene (注意) is a Latin phrase. Often abbreviated as NB, n.b., the phrase is Latin for “note well”. In modern English, it is used, particularly in legal papers, to draw the attention of the reader to a certain (side) aspect or detail of the subject being addressed.
  • If your laser is mounted on a car on a bumpy (崎岖不平的,颠簸的) road, or tracking some object in the sky, or your data comes from acoustic waves (声波) traveling through earth, you are bound to (必然,必定) get noise.
  • turquoise (青绿色); magenta (品红,洋红)
  • She is the curator (馆长;监护人;管理者) of the museum.
    • a bundle of curated (仔细挑选的;精选的) packages from different categories
  • They were following the normal protocol (协议,协定) of the cancer genome consortium (联盟) (pluram form: consortia).
    • communication protocol: 通信协议
  • Land severely depleted (耗尽) by urbanization, population growth, intensive agriculture and climate change.
    • Understanding what depletes you and what replenishes you makes you more effective at life. 🎆🔗
  • Two putative (一般认定的,推定的) human sex pheromones turn out not to be.
  • chronic disease: 慢性病
  • Shame can be crippling (严重损害身体的) and debilitating (使衰弱,使虚弱).
  • postmortem examination: 尸检;尸体剖检
  • Every farm needs cats because otherwise, they can overrun (超过,泛滥) by rodents (啮齿类动物).
  • The buyers can then use a website to tinker (粗修,修补) with the designs further to create exactly the look they want.
  • The use of pretentious (狂妄的,自命不凡的,自负的) phrases and complex acronyms is generally designed to obfuscate rather than elucidate (阐明,解释).
  • Psychiatry is the branch of medicine concerned with the bio-psycho-social study of the etiology (病因学;病原学), diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cognitive, perceptual, emotional and behaviorical disorders.
  • The scientists were eager to unravel (解开;阐明) the cause of death.
  • If she had had a little more self-control she would have attenuated (使减弱;使稀薄) the emotion to nothing by sheer (充分的,完全的) reasoning, and so have killed it off.
  • I intend to amortize (分期偿还) the total cost of the car over three years.
  • Their feet are wide and splay (张开) outwards to stop them sinking in loose sand.
  • Success always seems as inevitable in retrospect as it is elusive (难以捉摸的,不易记住的) when sought.
  • As a PhD student, how do you make sure your research had not already been done before, rendering (cause to become) it obsolete (过时的,废弃的,老式的)?
  • If you do not know if you are starting off in a good region, assessing convergence is fraught with (充满…的) epistemological (认识论的) problems.
  • The assessment derived from those techniques is partly subjective and clearly not foolproof (万无一失的,肯定成功的).
  • There was a flurry (一阵忙乱(或激动、兴奋等);小阵雪(或雨等) of papers at the end of 1990s concerned with the development of convergence diagnoses.
  • An ergodic Markov chain that starts from one mode of f can be correctly deemed (认为,视作,相信) to be in its stationary regime, but it may still require many iterations to reach the other modes of this distribution, another occurrence of the “missing mass” problem.
  • It’s a replica (复制品) of a classical work originally made perhaps around 300 BC.
  • He asked his bean-counter (<俚>统计专家) to crunch (嚼,咬碎) the numbers.
    • crunch time: 关键时刻,关键时间
    • credit crunch: 信贷紧缩,信贷危机(等于 credit crisis)
    • credence: 信任,凭证
  • A Bayesian analysis concludes beyond a reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 is not a natural zoonosis (动物传染病) but instead is laboratory derived.


  • What’s new here is they duped (欺骗,愚弄) Americans into helping them seem more credible.
    • super-duper: 超级大骗子
  • drug trafficking: 毒品走私
    • drug trafficker: 毒品贩子
    • human trafficking: 人口贩卖
  • The bazaar (集市;市场;义卖市场) had taken place Monday night and today was only Thursday.
  • Cathedrals (总教堂,大教堂) were much more urban in their loation.
  • These feelings are normal, and you’ll never truly banish (驱逐,消除) them.
  • Rising global temperatures could shift the balance between males and females in crocodile (鳄鱼) and alligator (短吻鳄) populations, potentially leading to a sharp decline in the reptiles (爬行动物)’ reproduction rates……
  • Do people cheat by rigging (操纵) the prior?
  • The flashy (炫耀技艺的) crooks (骗子) get the headlines, but the bigger problem in everyday routine bad science done by non-crooks.
    • a crooked (弯曲的) mile
  • The truth of a theory is contingent on (视……而定,取决于……) both our state of knowledge and the purposes to which it will be put.
  • The intrepid (勇敢的,无畏的) explorers reached the South Pole.
  • That’s part one of the trilogy (三部曲).
  • The trio (三人一组,三件一套) has denied the charges.
  • abstemious (适中的,【尤指在吃饭、饮酒方面】有节制的) habit
  • the name-calling tone of this tribune, as illustrated by the above quotes, is appalling (令人震惊的,骇人听闻的) and populist (平民主义,民粹主义), more in the spirit of Trump than of a rational search for scientific evidence.
  • Out of the welter (混合) of rapture (狂喜) and anger and heartbreak and hurt pride (屈辱) that he had left, depression emerged to sit upon her shoulder like a carrion (腐肉的,吃腐肉的) crow (乌鸦).
  • Encryption jumbles (搞乱,使混乱) words into random numbers, letters, characters.
  • Traffic is hectic (繁忙的,忙乱的) every day.
  • atrocious (恶劣的,糟透的) weather
  • offer a bit of admonition (告诫,忠告).
  • A Journal of the Plague Year (瘟疫年纪事) is a book by Daniel Defoe (丹尼尔·笛福).
    • It has been plagued (困扰, annoy continually or chronically) by delays.
  • Just disclaimer (免责声明;否定申明), he’s not sponsored by Adidas.
  • The PhD is a very specific kind of experience that deserves a large disclaimer (放弃,拒绝).
  • cram (塞满,填入) them into a single talk.
  • We will arrange the payment of the lump-sum (总额,一次总付的钱款) award of $1000.
  • It illustrates a problem with political punditry (权威的意见): There’s a demand for predictions, and there’s no shortage of outlets promising a “crystal ball (【占卜用的】水晶球;预言未来的方法)” or some other short of certainty.
  • It is full of prominent (著名的,杰出的), successful, well-connected bluffers (骗子,虚张声势的人).
  • The results should be made public before the rule is enacted (制定【法律】,通过【法案】).
  • Scientific rigor and social conscience (良心) do not always go together.
  • Barring (不包括,除非) that, I have no other option.
  • A pantheon (万神殿;名流群) of super intelligent beings will watch over us.
  • That particular study was riddled (充满着) with flaws.
  • they are written in newspeak (一种指东说西、模棱两可的官腔) with enough acronyms (首字母缩略词) to incapacitate (使无能力、使不适合) a brand new typewriter.
  • The lecturer droned (talk in a monotonous (无变化的,单调乏味的) voice) on for hours.
    • drone: n. 无人机,雄峰
    • drone cinematography: 无人机摄影
  • sassy (<贬>粗鲁的,无礼的;<褒>时髦的,漂亮的) girl: 野蛮女友
  • trolley problem: 有轨电车难题,电车问题
  • Mary is very adept (熟练的,擅长的) at playing pianos.
  • 想想英语里某些词汇:“gristly (软骨状的;软韧), slithery (滑溜溜的), slimy (黏糊糊的;粘腻), squelchy (耐嚼), crunchy (爽脆), gloopy (胶着)”……而这些恰恰是中国美食中最受欢迎的口感【鱼翅与花椒】
  • We’ll have accountability and we will strive for bipartisanship (两党合作) with fairness on all sides.
  • fugitive (无常的,逃亡的,易变的) and cloistered (隐居的,躲开尘世纷争的) virtues
  • This monstrosity (庞然大物,怪物,巨兽) has truck tires (卡车轮胎) for buttons and 9 meter-long pine (松树) trees for arms!
  • This issue is monumentally (非常地,纪念地,作为纪念碑地) important RIGHT NOW.


  • Let’s also not forget the benefit of the occasional dumb (愚蠢的) but fun example.
  • There are still hurdles (障碍) to surmount (克服).
  • At a recent Harvard colloquium (研讨会,学术报告会), a bigwig (权威人士) from one of the large consultancies told his audience of star professors that the only person he valued at the school was the admissions officer.
  • The Lancet study has already been consequential (随之而来的).
  • someone who’s basically a good person but has some larceny (盗窃) and lust (欲望) in his heart and cannot be relied on to do the right thing.
  • a cadre (骨干) of new friends
    • leading cadre: 领导干部,首长
  • I need that trail of breadcrumbs (面包屑) connecting data.
    • word origin ( from the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, in which two children use a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way back home through a forest
  • The premise of the emerging field of computational psychiatry (精神病学,精神病治疗) is to use models from computational cognitive neuroscience to gain deeper insights into mental illness.
  • The US will likely go down as the country that was supposedly best prepared to fight a pandemic but ended up catastrophically (灾难性地) overmatched (打败) by the novel coronavirus, sustaining heavier casualties than any other nation.
  • I’m afraid it is too narrow-minded to judge people using astrology (占星术). It’s all stereotypes!
  • The land sale was merely a temporary expedient (暂时的权宜之计) for dealing with a immediate need.
  • It will be more expedient (得当,可取,合宜) to use railways with trains on magnetic cushions (垫子) for cargo-transportation.
  • Astronomical (天文学的,及其巨大的) sums of money will be needed for this river tunnel plan.
    • there are not few but hyperastronomically (超天文的) many genotypes with a given metabolic phenotype
  • art nouveau (新近到达的,新近产生的): 新艺术,新艺术派
    • nouveau: 自由及开放源代码显卡驱动程序。
  • We covered over 300 villages by distributing 30000 pamphlets (小册子).
  • The site upended (颠倒) communication as we know it.
  • risk aversion: 风险规避,厌恶风险
  • He did that out of mercenary (唯利是图的) motives.
    • mercenary marriage: 买卖婚姻;着眼实利的婚姻
  • To rectify (纠正,矫正) that failing on my part.
  • way to be a grammar guru (大师,专家).
  • The farmer is shearing (剪) his sheep.
  • No comma is used between the month and the year when they are the only two elements in the date. source
    • The store closed its doors for good in October 1958.
    • The store closed its doors for good in October, 1958.
  • it is constantly generating electrons that could neutralize free radicals (自由基), acting as antioxidants (抗氧化剂).
    • oxidant: 氧化剂
  • a peculiar (奇怪的,异常的,特有的) choice of null hypothesis on subsamples
  • The heir apparent (法定继承人) succeeded to the throne.
    • He is the legitimate (合法的,正当合理的) heir (继承人) to the property.
  • By various recondite (深奥的,晦涩的) processes, he converted the urine (尿) first into a noxious paste and then into translucent (半透明) waxy substance. None of it yielded gold, of course, but a strange and interesting thing did happen. After a time, the substance began to glow.
  • The slogan has been revived (复活,重新使用) recently in social media.
  • As a result, the up-front (预付的,先期的) cost for education is real, large and easy to measure.
  • deputy director: 副局长,副厅长,副院长
  • Given that the purpose of this lawsuit is to subvert (推翻,颠覆,破坏) the express will of the voters, I am glad they hired such an incompetent consultant, but I feel bad for the residents of Texas that they had to pay for it.
  • It’s turtles for quite a way down, but at some point it’s solid bedrock (根底,基岩).
    • turtles all the way down: 一位著名的科学家(据说是贝特兰·罗素)曾经作过一次天文学讲演。他描述了地球如何围绕着太阳公转,而太阳又是如何围绕着称之为我们星系的巨大的恒星集团的中心公转。演讲结束之际,坐在房间后排的一位小个老妇人起立说道:“你讲的是一派胡言。实际上,世界是驮在一只巨大乌龟背上的平板。”这位科学家露出高傲的微笑,然后答道:“那么这只乌龟是站在什么上面的呢?”“你很聪明,年轻人,的确很聪明,”老妇人说,“不过,这是一只驮着一只,一直驮下去的乌龟塔啊!”【时间简史】
  • By its very name, anthropology (人类学) encompasses the study of all humankind.
    • The anthropic principle (人择原理) in physics states that we can derive certain properties of the world, or even the universe, based on the knowledge of our existence. wiki
  • gross domestic (本国的,国内的) product
  • Columbia University in New York, the president’s alma mater (母校), is preparing a bid.
  • Data from infectious disease outbreaks in congregate (adj. 集合在一起的; v. 聚集) settings are often used to elicit (引出) clues about which types of interventions may be useful in other facilities.
  • some patients with hypertriglyceridemia (高甘油三酯血症) were placed on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate (碳水化合物;糖类) diet.
    • triglyceride: 甘油三酸酯
    • hyperglycemia: 多糖症,高血糖症
  • A study of patients with insulin (胰岛素)-dependent diabetes was conducted to investigate the effects of cigarette smoking on renal (肾脏的) and retinal (视网膜的) complications (并发症).
  • In a study investigating maternal (母亲的,母系的,母体遗传的) risk factors for congenital (先天的,天生的) syphilis (梅毒).
    • maternity leave: 产假
  • The estimated coefficients from a logistic regression model containing the explanatory variables cocaine or crack (可卡因) use, marital status, number of prenatal (产前的) visits to a doctor.
  • the AIDS patients suffering from concomitant (伴随的) esophageal (食道的,食管的) candidiasis (念珠菌病), an infection due to candida (念珠菌) yeast, and cytomegalovirus (巨细胞病毒), a herpes (疱疹) infection that can cause serious illness.
  • Maybe something like the elasticities (弹性) that economists use?
  • I am humbled by the response we have received during the Black Friday sale.
  • The staggering (难以置信的,令人震惊的) problems of poverty remain unsolved.
  • It was possible to identify specific customers in the competition data set (suggesting even political and religious affiliations could be determined), even though Netflix had performed a form of cursory (粗略的,草率的) anonymization.
  • We take our lumps (suffer punishment; be attacked or defeated.), and we try to do better next time.


  • The big top-line (头条新闻的,质量最好的,级别最高的) takeaway is what already know.
  • I felt great and confident. That is a stunning (极好的) blouse (宽松的上衣,女装衬衫).
  • The “gig economy (零工经济)” exemplified by Uber drivers is mushrooming.
  • The issues that Gandhi was known for (de-colonization (非殖民地化,殖民地自治化), passive resistance) remain immensely (非常,极大地) relevant but with very different parameters than the 1920’s-1940’s.
  • looking under the lamp-post
  • the mud was up to her chin: 泥巴已经没到了她的下巴。
  • There are a number of bells and whistles (附加的修饰物) that make autoencoders more effective.
  • They quarreled (争吵) last week but now they are completely reconciled (和解).
  • racial disparity (差异) in mortgage lending (抵押贷款)
  • the praise is a bit over the top
    • brimming with wit and pathos (悲伤,痛苦)
    • the enormous debut (初次登台,处女秀, premiere) is a wonder (奇迹,惊奇)
    • an astounding feat of craftsmanship and patience
    • never has an artist created a world so vivid without a single word spoken
  • The earliest scratchy recording of a pope (教皇,罗马教皇) was that of Leo XIII on a wax cylinder (蜡筒唱片).
    • cylinder: 汽缸;圆筒
    • cylindrical: 圆柱形的
  • Georgiou is not a mobster (匪徒,暴徒). He’s not a hit man (职业凶手) or a spy (间谍,密探). He’s a statistician. And the sin (过失,罪恶) at the heart of his supposed crimes was publishing correct budget numbers.
  • The government has brought a relentless (不停的,持续强烈的) series of criminal prosecutions (诉讼) against him. His countryman have sought their own vengeance (复仇,报复) by hacking his emails, dragging him into court, even threatening his life.
  • This means the person who restored the credibility of Greek statistics will have to apologize to a person who had been fudging (搪塞,篡改) the data.
  • We distinguish the corpora (语料,文集, plural form of corpus) containing reference annotations based on their origin.
  • Gold-standard corpus (语料) containing human-made reference annotations, obtained as a consensual or majority opinion of several human experts.
  • A frame definition domain was virtually eroded in the lateral (侧面的,横向的) axes (x and y) by a constant number of pixels (voxels (体素或立体像素,是体积像素 volume pixel 的简称)) E depending on a dataset.
  • In 3D image data, the marker does not have to be necessarily formed of a single connected component, allowing annotators to create quintessential (最完美的,精髓的) volumetric markers.
  • Things done by halves are never done right.
  • The process of extracting the object from the original image is often called matting (抠图), while the process of inserting it into another image is called compositing.
  • customers may be unable or unwilling to accept our model of commercial software procurement (采购,获得,取得).
  • it’s not a slam (抨击) on this graph to say that it makes me want to learn more.
  • Man has been predominant (占优势的) over other species for a long time.
  • A specific job hunt will be more efficient than a haphazard (偶然的,随意的) one.
  • The British Chamber (【身体或器官内的】室、膛;房间;会所) of Commerce (商会) in Hong Kong is inviting applications for its Events & Marketing Executive.
  • An assessment centre (求职评估) is a recruitment process with a series of tasks including presentation, group exercise, psychometric tests (心理计量测验), etc, to evaluate candidates’ ability and personality.
  • Amid COVID-19, we are going through a very difficult and uncertain situation.
  • Your changes will be vetted (审查,诊疗) by developers before becoming permanent.
  • Standard Chartered (渣打银行) Bank China is inviting registration for its Networking Session.
    • chartered: (根据持有皇家特许状的专业协会的规章)合格的;特许的
    • UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, 旧称联合国国际儿童紧急救援基金会,现称联合国儿童基金会,The United Nations Children’s Fund) chartered (包租) a flight to deliver vaccines to seven African countries.
  • Ado (无谓的忙乱,费力) usually refers to fuss (小题大做,忙乱), concern, or time wasted due to trivialities or troubles. It is most often found in the phrases “without much ado”, meaning “without much fuss”, or “without further ado”, meaning “without further delay”. Adieu (告别,辞行) on the other hand, is a French word that refers to a farewell. It often follows bid, as in “I bid you adieu”, as a rather dramatic way of saying “goodbye”. reference
  • Everyone seems fixated (adj. 念念不忘的;v. 注视,固定下来) on the 90% effectiveness lower bound reported for the Pfizer vaccine.
  • I’m basing it off of a press release, which is not ideal for scientific precision.
  • It won’t be the silver bullet we are looking for.
  • I’m ecstatic (狂喜的,入迷的) about this product.
  • Haven’t they ever read Mandelbrot (本华·曼德博,创立了分形几何)?
  • Those wacky anti-Bayesian used to be intimidating (吓人的,令人胆怯的), but now they’re just pathetic (可怜的,悲哀的).
  • I was trying to draw Bert and Ernie the other day (不久前某一天,几天以前).
  • I call this the Chris Rock (美国喜剧演员,以栋笃笑【单口喜剧,stand-up comedy】出道) effect. Chris Rock says things we all know are true. But he says it so well that we get a shock of recognition, the joy of relearning what we already know, but hearing it in a new way that makes us think more deeply about all sorts of related topics.
  • Would the prof have the chutzpah (无所顾忌,敢作敢为,肆无忌惮) to fail the student, or would he just give the student an A out of fear that the student would raise a ruckus (喧闹,骚动,争吵) if anything were done about it?
  • They might just get expelled anyway for the combined violations of plagiarism and embarrassing the university.
  • For his own sanity (理智) he had to get out of this trap.
  • It has all the usual culprits (犯人,罪犯): forking paths, statistical significance.
  • The market often is up for part of the day and down for others, so the intra-day variability may undermine (从根基处破坏;挖…的墙角;逐渐削弱【信心,权威等】) what the paper is finding.
  • the data is not provided, although the source is publicly available (and would probably take me a week to try to match up to what they purported (据称的,传言的) to use).
  • These claims are absolutely preposterous (荒唐的,极不合理的).
  • Imagine a person traversing a finite curved path while walking their dog on a leash (系狗的皮带), with the dog traversing a separate finite curved path.
  • trapezoidal: 梯形的
  • This is the seed of a snowflake, and it retains a hexagonal (六角形的) shape as it grows.
  • Medically speaking, diabetes is not curable. Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she will carry diabetes for the rest of life. Only under successful management, diabetes can go into “remission” state.
  • influenza (流行性感冒) is more of an acute condition that patient can recover from in a short period of time.
  • ICD-9-CM has refined coding granularity (间隔尺寸,粒度) to classify and group diseases and medical conditions.
  • These savvy (有见识的;懂实际知识的;通情达理的) speakers have some tips for novice speakers.
  • An interesting question in pediatrics (儿科) is whether the tendency for children to have many episodes of otitis media (中耳炎【耳内长期流水、流脓、胀痛】) is inherited in a family.
  • all would be OK if people just ditched (开沟;掘沟;【俚】丢弃) their p-values and replaced them with intervals.
  • it seemed kinda tacky (低劣的,蹩脚的,俗气的,乏味的) for a reporter whose shtick (特长,擅长的本领) was access to the powerful, to not want his own speech to be reported.
  • They have inscribed (题写,铭记,雕刻) their names upon the pages of history.
    • inscribed circle: 内切圆
  • fractal ((经典几何学中没有表示的)不规则碎片形) landscape
  • The “incised (切入的,雕刻的,有锯齿状边缘的) plane” scene consists of two planes with Gaussian noise and grooves (凹槽) in the shape of an “X”.
    • His incisive (透彻的,锐利的) criticism gave us a thorough understanding of Dicken’s writings.
  • Any idiot (傻子,笨蛋) can write a critique (批评,评论).
  • It can take a lot of work to untangle (清理,解开…纠结) exactly what went wrong.
  • Original researchers do all the hard work, and “open science” critics are lazy parasites (食客,寄生虫).
  • People often repress (抑制,约束) painful experience, which years later may later reappear as memories or disguised (假装,掩饰) emotions.
  • Both of these extensions confer (商讨,授予) improved convergence properties on the basic algorithm without a significant increase in computational cost.
    • confer sth. on/upon sb.: 授予,颁发(奖项、学位、荣誉或权利)
    • confer with sb. on/about sth.: 商讨,协商,交换意见
  • The extensions to multiple-view reconstructions necessitated the introduction of nonlinear optimization strategies.
  • Thus it is that firmness and strength are the concomitants (同时发生的事) of death; softness and weakness, the concomitants of life.
  • It should be possible for a class to inherit from as many others as necessary, with an adequate mechanism for disambiguating (消除歧义) name clashes (冲突).
  • No comparison frameworks are available, leading to an arduous selection of an appropriate variant for particular experimental conditions.
  • Laser-range sensors were a cornerstone (基石,基础) to the development of mapping and navigation in the past two decades.
  • planar open curves
  • aerial imagery: aerial photography, 航拍
  • Skim the text to grasp its main idea.
  • it has some deeply wacky (乖僻的,古怪的) scenarios
  • voter turnout
  • the betting markets have Trump as a slight favorite in Florida, which I’d attribute to bettors performing some sort of implicit averaging of current polls and the 2016 election results.
  • there is some room for maneuver (演习,花招) here.
  • the Republican party controls the federal government and many state legislatures.
  • Picking pennies in front of a steamroller (蒸汽压路机): A parable (比喻,寓言) comes to life.
  • I stopped by the Jamaican beef patties place but they were closed.
  • Has Stan jumped the shark?
  • A bracket or tournament (锦标赛) bracket is a tree diagram that represents the series of games played during a knockout (淘汰赛的) tournament.
  • Politics has taken on particular vitriol (尖刻的话) in recent years.
  • Commentators and political scientists have described the rising tide of polarization in terms of concepts such as tribalism (部落制) and negative partisanship (党派性,党派偏见).
  • An idealistic picture of science views science as an orderly process where disinterested (客观的,公正的,无私的), objective experts look at crystal clear (完全透明的,【喻】极其明白,十分清楚) evidence to find the truth.
    • crystal: 水晶,晶体;水晶的,透明的
  • Fake facts in Covid-19 Science: Kentucky (肯塔基州) vs. Tennessee (田纳西州)


  • A psychology professor whom I’ve never met once wrote me a mini-manifesto (宣言), disparaging my efforts as a critic.
  • Bumblers (做错事的人) are the people who get up every morning and make mistakes, trying to find truth but mainly tripping over their own feet, occasionally getting it right but typically getting it wrong.
  • I think this dualism is counterproductive (适得其反的).
  • but it would be more evocative (引起…记忆的,唤起…感情的) to show a series of images showing graying hair.
  • Nobel prize and other science prices are problematic and this is not endorsement (认可;支持;背书;签注) of such prices, but this might be useful for someone who needs to tell (hype (炒作,大肆宣传)) about the impact of Stan.
  • A spaghetti (意大利式细面条) plot is a line plot with many lines displayed together. see also
  • Maine (缅因州) and Nebraska (内布拉斯加州)
  • our model is a forecast of vote intentions (意向), not of votes as counted.
  • Now that it’s 95%, the rubber meets the road.
  • It came in as a sort of brief interlude and solo between more extensive performances.
  • It’s not a Jenga (叠叠乐), but neither is it a WW2 jeep.
  • this model really needs a lot more scaffolding for us to fully trust it.
  • The interim (临时的,中间的) Stan governing body stepped down and were replaced with a new board elected by the developer community.
  • a feud (不和,争执) that was made worse by a lack of sharing code.
  • condensed matter (凝聚态) theory
  • Here is a fitted model from the Bangladesh (孟加拉国) analysis predicting whether a person with high-arsenic (砷, 砒霜) drinking water will switch wells.
  • The rule is brutal (残暴的,直截了当的).
  • You conduct an experiment in which some people get a special get-out-of-vote (动员投票,出门投票) message.
  • Humility needed in decision-making.
  • I just don’t buy into the premise (前提) so it’s hard for me to go further.
    • I hate to buy into stereotypes (墨守成规).
  • Talmudic (塔木德,犹太教宗教文献) argument about whether God can dig a ditch (沟渠) so width he can’t jump across it.
  • the question sounds snarky (尖锐批评的,讽刺挖苦的), but it’s not meant in that vein (用同样的风格处理某事).
  • we must avoid the trap of overconfidence in our inferential summaries.
  • the 40% rule is a time-tried tactic (策略,战术) employed by pundits (某一学科的权威,专家) making forecasts.
  • There we mention that the birthday data come from the National Vital (极重要的,必不可少的) Statistics natality (出生率,生产率) data.
  • I came across this interview of John Conway and Siobhan Roberts, Conway’s biographer.
  • a strong sense of competitiveness and ego (自我价值感) in the maths world.
  • Did you get a sense of a lot of people trying to outdo (胜过,优于) each other in the field?
  • there are occasional examples of it coming to the fore more prominently (显著地).
  • there were characters I encountered, Stephen Wolfram for one, for whom I think there was a bit of an unacknowledged competitive tension with John.
  • The idea of competing with them is absurd (荒唐可笑的,不合理的).
  • That’s a very egotistical (自负的) statement.
    • egotism: 自负
  • Conway doesn’t mess around (浪费时间,混日子).
  • Wolfram may be egotistical, but he has a lot to be egotistical about.
  • if anyone can do that astounding (令人震惊的) feat (技艺表演,功绩,壮举), it’s this guy.
  • Every once in awhile (偶尔,有时,时不时), though, Wolfram will break down and, with very great reluctance, talk about himself.
  • that is somewhat reminiscent (使回忆起,回忆过去的,怀旧的) of time travel.
  • I don’t know that I could quite articulate (说,表达) what the rules are, but I can tell what’s going on.
  • The moral economy (道德经济,伦理经济) of science.
  • I heard a rumor that they have contacts at the Antarctic Polar Station who are going to sign the thing once they can get their damn fur gloves off.
  • I’ve obscured (v. 使模糊) the details of the letter here because I don’t want to single out (挑选出,精选出) the authors of this particular paper or the editor of this particular journal.
  • its results are used to inform federal funding decisions.
  • what are the effects of X on election, where X is ballot (投票,选举)-order effects, Fox News, home-state advantage, or other things?
  • I agree with my correspondent (记者,通讯员) that this graph does not look like a very good advertisement for this method!
  • Never underestimate the power of fomo (fear of missing out, 社交控).
  • This particular code is kinda hacky in that it does not account for fencepost errors, but it conveys the general idea.
  • The premise (前提) of this joke is that if the one economist had truly wanted the car then he would have walked into the showroom and bought it.
  • Donating was used to determine whether men or women are better tippers.
  • Donating was used to determine which prominent skeptic to prank (恶作剧).
  • I was looking at this map of coronavirus cases, pondering (深思,仔细考虑) the large swaths (条带) with seemingly no cases.
  • Or, even worse, designing a study, not finding the anticipated main effect, and then using the interactions to bail you out.
  • I’m pretty sure the idea has been reinvented a zillion other times before and after I did it.
  • Any sufficiently crappy (劣质的,蹩脚的) research is indistinguishable from fraud.
  • the notorious study in which participants were invited to stick 51 pins into a voodoo doll representing their spouses.
  • it was just done by some bigshot professor who calls himself a “myth buster”.
  • That voodoo (巫术) study is hilarious (十分有趣的,非常滑稽的), worth a good rant (怒吼;叫喊;大声责骂) or two.
  • Kennedy looms large in retrospect but it is not clear that he was considered as a savior when he was running for president.
  • There was the radicalism (激进主义) of the post-1974 reform movement, the 1994 Newt Gingrich revolution (纽特·金里奇领导的共和党革命), and then the locked-in partisanship of congressional Republicans since 2010, all of these which can be considered both as responses to executive overreach (过火,过度伸张,做事过头) by opposition presidents and which have motivated counterreactions (逆反应).
  • a return to problem solving and dialing down of tension.
  • characterize the modern presidents in this way, saviors: Trump, Obama, Clinton, Reagan (里根), Roosevelt (罗斯福)
  • Carter (卡特) in retrospect does not have a savior vibe, but he was elected as a transformative outlier.
  • I’d assumed that there are more pro Dem pollsters than pro Rep or unbiased pollsters.
  • our model judges that to be a fluke (侥幸,偶然,意外)
  • someone sent me this collage (拼贴画) of maps from Nate’s model
  • they’re not just some sort of computer glitch (小故障,小毛病)
  • problem of the between-state correlations in the Fivethirtyeight(中文解释) election forecast.
  • this might be a feather in the wind to prevent a predictable post-voting-day wrangle (争吵) that could tip the country over the edge.
  • accusations (控告,起诉,告发) of fraud seem almost inevitable.
  • they can analyze precinct (选区,警区)-level totals to look for “thumbprints” of voter fraud.
  • it’s not as sure as a photograph of “mislaid” ballots dumped behind a post office.
  • I was intrigued (激起…的好奇心) by the observations you made this summer.
  • In order for Trump to win a blue state (in order for sth. to happen)
  • I put them in a pile so that later I can read them in order.
  • this article informs us that Trump is invincible (不可战胜的,不能改变的).
  • this is just a rehash (旧东西的改作,新形式表达旧内容) of the major news media.
  • it’s your grandpa who’s been reading a bunch of newspapers and watching lots of TV news and then regurgitating it back to you.
  • I leave it to you to decide whether this is fodder (饲料,素材) for your blog.
  • a plaintiff (原告) should be able to bring a lawsuit (起诉) on the basis of discrimination per se (本身,自身,by itself, in itself)
  • the Biber Code dudes (伙计,花花公子)
  • I was surprised to find my neighbourhood city of Bourg-la-Reine (皇后堡, 法国法兰西岛大区上塞纳省的一个市镇,位于巴黎市区南部,属于安东尼区。) (twin city, Kenilworth (凯尼尔沃思, 英格兰沃里克郡的一个集镇和民政教区)) mentioned in a tribune (论坛报).
  • a boardgame (版图游戏) called Kapital which is presented there as a form of anti-Monopoly, authors who were both CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, 法国国家科学研究中心) researchers in sociology until they retired.
  • the opposition between the May 68 (五月风暴,也称五月运动、五月革命和五月事件,是1968年春夏之交法国发生的学生运动。) style class warfare (战争,冲突) denounced (谴责,告发) by the authors and their apparently well-off (富裕的,处境好的) conditions.
  • consensus-based transparency checklist
  • I also have a wary (小心的,谨慎的) feeling that is harder to put words to
  • will the satisfactory feeling of successfully completing the checklist lull (哄骗;使平静) researchers into complacency (自满,自得) and keep them from spending effort on the deeper layers?
  • I worry the checklist is going to inadvertently (漫不经心地;非故意地) be taken as a false check of quality, rather than simply transparency.
  • We should always consider the lurking (潜在的) dangers of offering easy solutions and simple checklists that make humans feel that they’ve done all that is needed.
  • transparency should reduce existing incentives (刺激,激励) for performing bad science and increase incentives for better measurement and design of studies.
  • both of contagious (患传染性疾病) individuals and viral load sufficient to related to death.
  • statistical cult (崇拜,异教团体)
  • noncommittal response
  • Vocal characteristics predict infidelity (不忠) intention and relationship commitment (承诺) in men but not in women.

    • high fidelity (保真度) playback
  • The story was featured in various classy (上等的,豪华的,时髦的) news outlets (报道新闻的机构).

  • some wiseass (自以为是的人) replies to all
  • we’re reliving the 1990’s here…
  • The X-ray emission comes from the hot gas surrounding and accreting (增大,合生) onto the merging black holes.
  • During the merger, some of the X-ray emission is expected to be modulated at a frequency commensurate (相当的) to that of the gravitational waves produced by the black holes.
  • after the merger, it is possible that a corona (日冕,日华) of hot, X-ray emitting gas will form and jets of particles may be launched at speeds close to the speed of light.
  • They are acutely (极其,强烈地) attuned (习惯,适应) to the grave (严重的) dangers associated with an economy grinding to a halt (慢慢停下来,无法继续前进). see also
    • acutely aware: 深切地意识到
    • daily grind: 日常(苦)工作
  • racial profiling: 种族形象定性(指警察等因肤色或种族而不是证据怀疑人犯罪)
  • Blacks are more likely to be stopped for pretextual (pretext, 借口,推辞) reasons (e.g. alleged (所谓的,声称的) vehicle defect (缺点,缺陷,不足之处), such as broken taillight; record check) and less for more concrete (具体的) reasons such as speeding.
  • defective: 有缺点的,有缺陷的
  • these have been valorized (稳定物价,规定价格) in constitutional caselaw (判例法)
  • I bought the book and, flipping through (匆匆查看,草草翻阅) it to find examples for use in class, came cross the two sketches
  • the frequency of driving accidents is plotted against the time of menstruation
  • one for parous women, and one for nonparous women
  • premenopausal female 绝经前女性
  • the left hump representing accidents that had occurred just before the menstrual period
  • he then could have hastily summarized the data in a sketch
  • it was just sloppiness (泥泞,潮湿,稀薄).
  • This article on bus ridership is right up your alley (well suited to one’s tastes, interests, or abilities).
  • I grant (【勉强】承认,同意) you that..
  • the ensuing (随后的,后来的) discussion in the article speculated about explanations for a decline in the individual propensity to ride.
  • suburbanite: 郊区居民
  • they screwed up on the above graph
  • it has to swerve (突然转向,急转弯) in and out of traffic after each bus stop.
  • does this fallacy have a name?
  • Collider (对撞机) bias
  • when considering ideological (意识形态的,思想体系上的) balance, it is useful to place social psychology within a larger context of the prevailing ideologies of other influential groups within society, such as military officers, journalists, and business executives.
  • the content of unreplicated or otherwise shaky (颤抖的,不牢靠的) empirical claims
  • sway (影响,摇摆) in the way
  • their attitude is something like 50% careerism and 50% that they feel already know the answers about primatology (灵长类动物学) or criminology (犯罪学)
  • these people see the entire a scientific process, pretty much the whole megillah (冗长描述) as a bunch of red tape (繁文缛节), just a bunch of hoops they need to jump through so they can move on with their day and get their 8 hours of sleep every night
  • they don’t get the connection between the fun parts and the hard work and inevitable setbacks (挫折)
  • they think that correcting or retracting an article or having your public errors pointed out to you is a form of punishment.
  • misinformation about the event abounds
  • the findings suggest that the five articles were likely fraudulent (欺骗的,欺诈的), several coauthors acted with negligence bordering on complicity (合谋,串通) after learning about the data irregularities.
  • beyond our interest in the sordid details here, our horror at what …, and our understanding and policymaking in the important field of criminology is being driven by fake data and fake analysis.
  • flat out (竭尽全力,用全速) fabrication
  • dodge (躲闪) criticism
  • let’s start with the leadoff to Pickett’s article
  • academic bureaucrats and game-players taking a technical dispute (纠纷,争端)
  • attacks and name-calling against dissenters (持不同意见者)
  • retreat (撤退) into procedure
    • retreat into oneself: 退隐,离群索居
  • if someone at one of these universities had been caught robbing at a bank, would his colleagues have all backed him up like that?
  • this kind of cavalier (随便的,傲慢的) attitude to what is pretty much the purest sort of scientific fraud makes it clear how little the scientific process is valued.
  • this kind of sounds like a conspiracy theory (阴谋论)
  • all participants in cargo-cult (货物崇拜) social science——from the fabricators to the powermongers to the enablers to the just plain incompetents (无能者,不胜任者)
  • swatting away people like other data thugs (暴徒)
  • old people with comorbidities (合并症)
  • Trump’s probabilities are way (adv. 很远;大量;非常;极其) better.
  • I’m kicking myself (后悔) because I was planning to tell the hookah (水烟袋) story
  • the dose you get of carcinogens (致癌物) from hookah smoking might be 20 times the dose of smoking a cigarette.
  • if you’re willing to accept anecdotal (轶事的,趣闻的) evidence, there’s always going to be an unlimited amount of evidence which won’t tell you anything.
  • according to the National Academy of Sciences, (google “himmicanes” for lots more), it saves lives to give hurricanes the names of boys rather than girls, because people are more scared of boys so they’ll act with appropriate caution.
  • Hurricane Butch? Run away. Hurricane Missy? Who cares.
  • according to Pythagoras (毕达哥拉斯) (really!), 17 is “the most despised and horrible (可怕的,极讨厌的) of all numbers.”
  • Time is of the essence. (时间就是生命)
  • Quino’s Mafalda: 季诺(阿根廷漫画家)的玛法达


  • the people of Italy experienced a strange kind of mass hysteria known as “53 fever”
  • Italy cities: Bari (巴里,东南部海港), Naples (那不勒斯,西南部港市), Venice (威尼斯,港市)
  • the number 53 simply stopped coming up on the Venice wheel – leading punters to place increasingly big bets on the number in the certainty that it must soon make a reappearance.
  • their financial ruin, the pain of which resulted in a spate of suicides
  • the victims had been led astray (adv 迷途地; adj 迷路的) (引入歧途) by a reasoning flaw called the “gambler’s fallacy” – a worryingly common error that can derail (脱轨) many of our professional decisions, from a goalkeeper’s responses to penalty shootouts in football to stock investments and even judicial (法庭的,公正的) rulings on new asylum cases
  • Jellyfish (水母,海蜇) is the common name for the free-swimming form of gelatinous animals
  • farmed in aquaculture (水产养殖业) systems
  • thousands of swimmers are stung with varying degrees of severity every year.
  • jellyfish can form swarms which are also known as jellyfish blooms, which can damage fishing apparatus or clog the cooling systems of power stations.
  • ocean eutrophication (富营养化)


  • Malthusian (马尔萨斯的,马尔萨斯人口论的) catastrophe
  • Fertility was procyclical (顺周期) but declined and delayed with long-run growth.
  • magic pixie (小精灵)
  • I tried to call deep on my courage.
  • data with a soul (灵魂,心灵)
  • expanding perception (认识,观念,看法)
  • he was just sweet-talking (奉承巴结) me.
  • put it into a bento (盒饭,各式便当) box
  • lean (倾斜,倚靠) into the discomfort of the work
  • that was my mantra (咒语,真言)
  • lay something out: to detail or explain something explicitly, see also 🔗
  • it is neurobiologically that’s how we’re wired.
  • most excruciating (极为疼痛的) experiences of being excluded.
  • The thing that underpinned this
  • I am not promoted enough.
  • outsmart (智胜,比……精明) it.
  • turn out well: 成功
  • it boils down to: 归根结底
  • office supply addiction, so I had a manila folder, and I had a Sharpie (美国三福记号笔)
  • separate courage and bravery (勇敢,华丽,盛装)
  • courage is from the Latin word “cor”, meaning “heart”
  • had the compassion (同情,怜悯) to be kind to themselves first
  • as a result of authenticity (真实性)
  • the willingness to breathe through waiting for the doctor to call after your mammogram.
  • it was betrayal (背叛)
  • I had pledged allegiance (效忠) to research.
  • my therapist calls it a spiritual awakening
  • this is going to suck
  • they surrender (投降,屈服) and walk into it.
  • It was a slugfest (争吵,对骂)
  • numb (v. 使失去知觉;adj. 麻木的) vulnerability (脆弱性,弱点)
  • initiating sex with my wife
  • getting laid off
  • banana nut muffin (杯状小松糕)
  • a way to discharge pain and discomfort
  • take fat from out butts and put it in our cheeks
  • They’re hardwired for struggle. You’re wired for struggle.
  • it’s a bailout (紧急救助)
    • 纾困:口语化的非正式经济学术语,指出面拯救一个企业或国家免于破产,或防止金融危机蔓延的手段或计划
  • oil spill: 石油泄露
    • spill into: 涌进
    • spill out: 溢出
  • this is not our first rodeo (【美国的】牛仔竞技比赛).
  • be authentic and real
  • be fierce (凶猛的,凶狠的,狂热的) about
  • stop screaming and start listening

  • fortune teller

  • whack-a-mole (打鼹鼠;无用而重复的工作)

  • millennial: 一千年的

  • lean in to work
  • hindsight is anything but 20/20.
  • sometimes memory is downright creative.
  • sophomore: (大学、高中)二年级学生
  • live in tenements
  • bricklayers: 砌砖工
  • schizophrenia (精神分裂症)
  • the experience of loneliness turns out to be toxic
  • midst of conflict
  • octogenarian (八旬老人)
  • securely attached relationship
  • bicker with
  • day in day out: 日日夜夜,一天又一天
  • this is wisdom that’s as old as the hills
  • take a toll (造成损失,产生负面影响) on their memories
  • glamorous: 富有魅力的,独特的
  • fare (v. 成功;n. 车费) the best: 表现最好的
  • livening up a stale relationship
  • those all-too-common family feuds take a terrible toll (毁坏;通行费;伤亡人数) on the people who hold the grudges (怨恨,积怨)

  • Identity capital begets (引发,导致) identity capital.

  • make it count: to make sth have as useful and positive an effect as possible, make something count
  • procrastination
  • twentysomethings who huddle together with like-minded peers limit who they know, what they know, how they think, how they speak, and where they work
  • last but not least
  • go/walk down the aisle: to get married
  • being as intentional with love as you are with work
  • consciously choosing, mindfully choose
  • airplanes just leaving LAX, bound for somewhere west. Right after takeoff, a slight change in course is the difference between landing in Alaska or Fiji.

  • psychotherapy (心理治疗;精神治疗) client

  • wearing jeans and a big slouchy (懒散的,垂肩弓背的) top
  • arsonist (纵火犯,放火犯)
  • Twentysomethings like Alex and I had nothing but time.
  • sleeping with knucklehead (笨蛋,傻瓜)
  • the brain caps off its second and last growth spurt (冲刺;冒出;(短暂地)加速前进) in your 20s
  • an inordinate impact
  • extended adolescence
  • twixter (a new generation of young adults) and kidult (大小孩,老顽童)
  • we have trivialized what is actually the defining decade of adulthood.
  • you have robbed that person of his urgency and ambition
  • the post-millennial (一千年的) midlife crisis isn’t buying a red sports car.
  • displayed his temper more than his ambition
  • she hangs her head in her lap, and she sobbed for most of the hours.
  • she was nearly hysterical
  • if I get in a car wreck (毁坏,毁灭)
  • Emma’s defining decade went parading by (炫耀).
  • all I did was codify (v. organize into a code or system, such as a body of law) it. reference: “did was + v.” structure
  • it has leather (皮革的) seats
  • everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.
  • They’re eminently (非常,特别) qualified to make flat-screen TVs.
    • eminence: 鼎鼎大名,受尊敬的人
  • It’s all grounded in the tenets (原则,教义,信条) of biology.
  • Our newest brain, our Homo sapien brain, our neocortex (新(大脑)皮质,新皮层), corresponds with the “what” level.
    • cortex: (脑或其他器官的)皮层
  • our limbic (边缘的) brains are responsible for all of our feelings.
    • limbic system: 包含 海马体 (Hippocampus)杏仁体 (Amygdala) 在内,支援多种功能例如情绪、行为及长期记忆的大脑结构。
  • rationalize it with the tangible (有形的,可触摸的,切实的) things
  • the pursuit of powered man flight was like the dot com of the day.
  • under-capitalized: 资本不足
  • And lo and behold, look what happened.
  • They only reason these people buy touch-tone phone is because you can’t buy rotary phones anymore.
  • gut feeling
  • Those steps can in turn increase economic dislocations (混乱,位移), including plummeting (暴跌) stock prices.
  • rewind (倒带) live TV
  • a great orator

  • there’s an uncomfortable tension in the room.

  • if some of the women were really horrified (震惊的,惊骇的)
  • I am quite privileged (有特权的) to be able to transform what you think of me in a very brief 10 seconds.
  • Image is powerful, but also, image is superficial.
  • fake tan (人工日晒肤色;假冒古铜色;美黑)
  • I was scouted (侦察,跟踪,监视,发现).
  • slender figures, and femininity
  • there are some fashionistas (疯狂追求时髦与流行的人) who are like
  • they don’t put me in charge of that.
  • a ninja (日本武士,忍者) cardiothoracic (心胸外科) surgeon (外科医生) poet (诗人)
  • saying that you want to be a model when you grow up is akin to saying you want to win the Powerball when you grow up.
  • because unlike cardiothoracic surgeons (心胸外科外科医生), it can just be distilled right now.
  • underwear model
  • do they retouch (修饰) all the photos?
  • it’s also the very first time that I had worn a bikini, and I didn’t ever have my period yet.
  • Here’s me at a slumber (睡眠) party a few days before I shot French Vogue.
  • They are constructions by a group of professionals, by hairstylists and makeup artists and photographers and stylists and all of their assistants and pre-production and post-production.
  • were stopped and frisked (拦截盘查;拦截搜身).
  • you are so happy and fabulous.
  • when we are backstage
  • I am insecure (缺乏信心的,无把握的).
  • It was difficult to unpack a legacy of gender and racial oppression when I am one of the biggest beneficiaries.
  • If there’s a takeaway to this talk,

  • unfriend (解除好友关系) someone on Facebook

  • Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady”
  • anti-vaxxing: shorted version of anti-vaccination
  • Pew Research Center (皮尤研究中心) is a nonpartisan American think tank (智库,智囊团).
  • we are more polarized than we ever have been in history
  • plumber: 水管工人
  • nod (点头) and smile to show that you’re paying attention.
  • it’s crap (废话,废物).
  • don’t pontificate (自以为是地谈论,目空一切地议论).
  • I don’t allow pundits on my show.
  • The famed therapist M. Scott Peck said that true listening requires a setting aside of oneself.
  • the speaker will become less and less vulnerable and more and more likely to open up the inner recesses of his or her mind to the listener.
  • were you terrified (害怕,恐惧)?
  • he was just bound and determined to say that.
  • Err on the side of caution.
  • People who brag about (夸耀,吹嘘) their IQs are losers.
  • Conversations are not a promotional opportunity.
  • condescending
  • stay out of the weeds
  • I can bolster my own identity.
  • A good conversation is like a miniskirt; short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject.
  • She was the runner-up (亚军,第二名) to Miss America.
  • He was the mayor of Sacramento.
  • She won a Pulitzer Prize.

  • so we were up on top of our bunk beds (双层床)

  • I had put out all of my G.I. Joe soldiers and weaponry (武器,兵器).
  • And on the other side were all my sister’s My Little Ponies ready for a cavalry (骑兵,装甲兵) charge (冲击,猛攻).
  • on the clumsy (笨拙的,笨重的) side.
  • I nervously peered over the side of the bed to see what had be fallen my fallen sister.
  • heroically (英勇地;勇敢地;冒险地) pushing her out of the way of an oncoming imaginary sniper (狙击兵) bullet.
  • this wail (恸哭,哀号) of pain and suffering and surprise threatening to erupt (爆发,突然发生) from her mouth and wake my parents from the long winter’s nap for which they had settled.
  • my frantic (狂乱的,疯狂的) seven year-old brain could think to do to avert (防止,避免) this tragedy.
  • I thinks this means you’re a unicorn (独角兽,麒麟).
  • contemplate (沉思;注视;深思熟虑) her new-found identity as a unicorn.
  • scramble (快速爬行,争夺,争抢) back up to onto the bunk bed
  • What we stumbled (绊脚;出错) across at this tender age of just five and seven was was going be at the vanguard (先锋,前驱) of a scientific revolution occurring two decades later in the way that we look at the human brain.
  • There is one weird dot above the curve, there’s one weirdo (古怪的人) in the room.
  • we can glean information
  • the medical school syndrome (综合征)
  • I have leprosy (麻病)
  • I have no idea how to console (安慰) poor Bobo because he had just gotten over an entire week of menopause
  • military scholarship
  • I was an officer to counsel (建议; n. 律师,法律顾问) students through the difficult four years.
  • on the competition, the workload, the hassles (激烈争论), stresses, complaints.
  • adolescent depression, violence and bullying (恐吓,伤害), illicit drugs, risky sex
  • dopamine
  • not only create ripples of positivity, but a real revolution (革命,旋转)
  • journaling about one positive experience you’ve had over the past 24 hours allows your brain to relive it.
  • we find that meditation allows your brain to get over the cultural ADHD that we’ve creating by trying to do multiple tasks at once and allows our brains to focus on the task at hand.
  • random acts of kindness are conscious (有意识的,神智清醒的) acts of kindness.
  • I was the quintessential (精髓的,最完美的) nerd (落伍的人,电脑迷,愚蠢的人)
  • I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who was the son of a pastor
  • That led me to building a laser and a computer and model rockets, and that led me to making rocket fuel in my bedroom.
  • Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A space Odyssey” came to the theaters.
  • Now, HAL was a sentient computer, designed to guide the Discovery spacecraft from the Earth to Jupiter.
  • our fear of being subjugated by some unfeeling, artificial intelligence.
  • I believe that such fears are unfounded (莫须有的)
  • we are building machines of exquisite, beautiful complexity and grace
  • but without the homicidal tendencies
  • another fascinating idea in the mission profile places humanoid (仿真机器人) robots on the surface of Mars
  • To paraphrase (释义,解释,意译) Alan Turing, I am not interested in building a sentient machine.
  • Can we build systems that converse with humans in natural language?
  • Can we build systems that have an ethical and moral foundation?
  • Now, every new technology brings with it some measure of trepidation (惊恐,恐惧).
  • people lamented (哀悼,惋惜) that we would see the destruction of the family.
  • how to discern (识别,辨别) a good game from a bad game.
  • what about rogue (流氓,无赖) agents?
  • it could represent an existential (有关人类存在的) threat to all of humanity.
  • an insatiable (不知足的,贪得无厌的) thirst for information
  • only insofar as (在…范围内) HAL commanded all aspects of the Discovery.
    • I’ll help you insofar as I can.
  • it ain’t gonna happen
  • command us capricious, chaotic (混乱的,杂乱的) humans.


  1. features that rot (腐烂,形势恶化) before they ripen (成熟).
  2. the dog sprints off (快速跑开)
  3. shy away from it: try to avoid because of nervousness, fear, dislike.
  4. swinging hard right on the pendulum.
  5. evade (逃避,回避) bad data


  1. op-ed: opposite the editorial page. 一种源于欧美报纸出版业的新闻出版用语,意指一种由外人所撰写、刊登在报纸或杂志上的评述性质文章。
  2. fear of contracting the virus is rampant (泛滥的,猖獗的,疯长的)
  3. get people to be more deliberative (慎重的,协商的)
  4. I remain fearful that someone will nuke (用核武器攻击) our city.
  5. cognitive illusion (错觉,幻想)
  6. the high-end
  7. a style that is so simple and open and guileless (厚道的,老实的) that it approaches parody (拙劣的模仿,荒谬的替代物).
    • The Remains of the Day (长日将尽) 🔗 is clearly parodic (parody, 戏仿,谐拟) 🔗, or at least a classic of the “unreliable narrator” genre.
  8. I found that some labeled the book as satire (讽刺,讥讽) and others took it straight.
  9. with any parodic elements merely representing Levitt’s recognition of life’s absurdities (荒谬,谬论).
  10. brash rather than decorous
  11. the men are viewed through the prism
  12. Leavitt is a bit more ruthless (残酷无情的), willing to let his characters hang in classic British style (e.g., Evelyn Waugh or George Orwell), in contrast to Wolitzer who likes her characters so much that she wants to give them a happy ending.
  13. disparage (轻视,贬低,批评,非难) a number of journals
  14. Is it the number of articles that they publish that end up being bogus?
  15. Linguist and public intellectual Steven Pinker got into trouble recently when it turned out that he’d been offering expert advice to the legal team of now-disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.
  16. taboo (避讳,忌讳) questions raise our blood pressure and threaten moral panic
  17. I thought A Fish Called Wanda was hilarious in 1988 and I happened to see it again last year, and I found it hilarious the second time as well. Not cringeworthy at all.

from Steven Pinker on torture 1. An example is some preliminary data gathered at Stanford on revival of cardiac arrest patients by paramedics. 2. defibrillation: 心脏除颤 3. For diploid and tetraploid tumors, the flow cytometry (细胞计数法,测量不同细胞参数的生物方法的统称) method was also able to estimate the percent of tumor cells in a growth stage of their cell cycle, the percent of growth is systematically missing for most aneuploid tumors. 1. The knockoff filter operates by manufacturing knockoff variables that are cheap. 2. The knockoff filter can be seen as a versatile (多用途的,多功能的) wrapper. 1. Traditionally, mpMRI examinations were used to manually delineate (勾画,描述) the cancerous regions within the prostate. 2. Such methods tend to depend highly on radiologists’ and urologists’ expertise 1. gastric: 胃的,胃部的


  1. High scorers are juvenile delinquents (少年罪犯) who then see the error of their ways and reform (改革,改正) permanently.
  2. Children who fail in the entrance examination are deprived (剥夺,使丧失) of the opportunities to receive a better and higher education. Accordingly (因此;相应地), with an impressive educational background, it is difficult for them to find a proper job. As a result, they become full of resentment at a society, doing harm to strangers and disrupting social order, both of which inevitably increase juvenile (少年的,未成年的) delinquency (「常指青年人的」犯罪).
    • both + nonus: both my children, both engines
    • pronoun + both: we both prefer classical music. let’s open them both now.
    • both of + object pronoun: both of us/them/you
    • both as pronoun: both are ok.
    • be + both + ... instead of both + be + …
    • more details refer to
  3. Ampoule (安瓿瓶,如利多卡因), vs 西林瓶 (如青霉素)
  4. Intellectual property (IP) is an umbrella term that covers a group of separate intangible property rights of owners/creators.
  5. Provide legal protection in various types of monopolies.
  6. Defining offences (犯罪,罪行,冒犯) (civil or criminal infringement (侵权、侵犯)) against intellectual property.
  7. Plant Varieties (Agricultural or horticultural (园艺的) plant varieties)
  8. The IP laws protect your interpretation of ideas in the form of a book, an invention, etc.
  9. Registered designs protect the appearance of your toys. Only the look of your toys is protected, not the ways in which the toys operate. Patent law may protect the way in which a product works.
  10. The new visible shape, configuration, pattern or ornament (装饰,装饰品) applied to an article by an industrial process are features capable of protection by design registration.
  11. nephew: 侄子,外甥
  12. Scientific discoveries as ideas are not protected.
  13. If a country is a member of international copyright convention, treaty or organization such as the World Trade Organization and others like the Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, the Geneva Convention for the protection of producers of phonograms, and the agreement on trade-ralated aspects of intellectual property rights, then Hong Kong’s copyright applies and is valid in these countries.
  14. Hong Kong is a common law jurisdiction (司法权,裁判权).
  15. Copyright Ordinance
  16. The goal was to combat (与…战斗,反对) copyright piracy (c.f. privacy) activities on computer software in the business sector.
  17. The criminal provisions (规定,条款) in Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2001 caused the public concerns that the amendments might hinder the dissemination of information in the education sector and the society.
    • provision (供应品) of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Kit
  18. The copyright law is applicable to where the act in question occurs.
  19. MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, 多用途互联网邮件拓展。
  20. The most important rights of a performer are the right to prevent any person from making a video or sound recording of his performance and the right to prohibit any person exploiting a video or sound recording of his performance.
  21. civil remedies (民事救济) vs. criminal sanction (刑事处分)
  22. intranet: 内联网
  23. Under the Copyright Ordinance (版权规定), the fair dealing for showing or playing a movie will apply only if the purpose is for giving or receiving instruction in a specified course of student provided by an educational establishment. It is not allowed to use these materials outside the scope of fair dealing such as for the purpose of entertainment.
  24. Vincent van Gogh: 梵高
  25. I recently was discussing/arguing about the value of charter schools lottery (彩票) studies.
  26. is admissions of a lack of external validity ameliorated (改善;改进) because of stronger internal validity?
  27. How do practitioners and patients discern the difference? - It had all been one of his repulsive (令人厌恶的,可憎的) drunken jests (玩笑,笑话).
  28. I think that the author shouldn’t have done the chapter gimmick (噱头,骗人的玩意), and focused more on the more impactful awards.
  29. Because of all the uncertain and unknown assumptions that underpin statistical inferences, we should treat inferential statistics as highly unstable local descriptions of relations between assumptions and data, rather than as generalizable inferences about hypotheses or models.
  30. Acknowledging this uncertainty could help reduce the allure of selective reporting
  31. That paper is part of a much large literature in economics on Persistence or “Deep Origins” that shows how medieval (中世纪的,约公元1000 到 1450 年) pogroms (大屠杀,集体迫害) prefigure (预示,预兆) Nazi support, adoption of the plough (犁,北斗星) determines women’s rights etc.
  32. The impact of history on the present appears indisputable but is, as the extreme Moran statistic for spatial autocorrelation indicates, spurious.
  33. a battery of questions: 一连串的质问
  34. a bunch of data
  35. My father was a scratch golfer in his heyday (全盛期) on local public courses, but he said he’d never be able to sink a single putt (击球入洞) if the greens were maintained the way they were for PGA tournaments (锦标赛,联赛).
  36. he was obsessive (着迷,痴迷) about his short game—his own career was ended by knee and rotator cuff surgery—hockey (冰球,曲棍球) wasn’t good to his body, either, despite playing in a “non-contact” league as an adult.
  37. Are there things like field goals in rugby (橄榄球) or Australian-rules football? I love that the actual name of the sport has “rules” in the title—it’s the kind of pedantry near and dear to this semanticist (语义学者)’s heart. - It is the kind of semantic nitpicking that has made progressive movements unappealing to many Americans. - I boycott (联合抵制,拒绝参加) contact sports like football and ice hockey due to their intentionally violent nature.
  38. I saw too many catchers and umpires (裁判员,仲裁人) rocked by foul tips (触击球) to the face mask this season.
  39. see a catcher don (穿上) the gear (装备,衣服) again after multiple concussions (冲击,震动).
  40. Education should be geared (使搭配,使适合) to society’s needs.
  41. With Thanksgiving around the corner, retailers are gearing up (准备好) for a battle.
  42. What really riled (激怒) me was when the speaker said
  43. This seems to me to be a bizarre (离奇的,古怪的) sort of techno-mysticism.
  44. The nascent (初期的,开始存在的,发生中的) field of fair machine learning aims to ensure that decisions guided by algorithms are equitable.
  45. Over the last several years, three formal definitions of fairness have gained prominence (出名,突出)
  46. classification parity (【尤指薪金或地位】平等;(两国货币的)平价), meaning that common measures of predictive performance
  47. One must carefully define and measure the targets of prediction to avoid retrenching (紧缩开支,节约,缩减人员) biases in the data.
  48. A team of researchers inside Pfizer (辉瑞,美国制药公司) made a startling find in 2015: The company’s blockbuster (重磅炸弹,了不起的人或事) rheumatoid (风湿病的,类风湿病的) arthritis (关节炎) therapy Enbrel (恩利,注射用依那西普,Etanercept), a powerful anti-inflammatory (抗炎的) drug, appeared to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 64 percent.
  49. A synopsis (提要) of its statistical findings prepared for outside publication, it says, did not meet its “rigorous scientific standards.”
  50. Pfizer said it opted against publication of its data because of its doubts about the results.
  51. One reason for caution: another class of anti-inflammatory therapies, called non-steroidal (非类固醇类化合物) anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), showed no effect against mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s in several clinical trials a decade ago. - steroid: 类固醇,【生化】甾类化合物
  52. I bet this revelation (启示,被揭露的真相) leads to a slew of off-label prescriptions, just as happened with estrogen (雌性激素) a couple of decades ago. My physician friends told me then that you could not recruit subjects for a clinical trial because doctors were just prescribing estrogen for all menopausal women, to prevent Alzheimer’s.
  53. Novartis
  54. political ideology: 政治意识形态
  55. if you push hard you can find the weak points and magnify them until you get ridiculous (荒谬的) inferences.
  56. but the way probability works is that you can always find some chink (缝隙,弱点) in the model and exploit it to result in a clearly bad prediction.
  57. I think the proclivity (「常对坏事的」倾向) of Bayesian inferences to tend toward the ridiculous is just fine
  58. I’m exhausted by the ideology of the Bayes-evangelists (福音传教士).
  59. Would Republicans pay a price if they vote to impeach (怀疑,控告,弹劾) the president?
  60. Nixon loyalists paid the price—not Republicans who voted to impeach.
  61. So I goggled (【尤指由于惊奇而】瞪大眼睛看) a bit and asked a colleague in ML about the above.
  62. It’s great if you’ve got hair to comb (梳子), but otherwise it leaves you looking a bit silly.
  63. Once my sister had the hiccups (打嗝) and my dad snuck up behind her and scared her. The hiccups went away but my sister made my dad promise never to scare her again like that.
  64. On the medical front, we now have things like nut allergy (坚果类食物过敏) and autism (自闭症) which nobody ever thought about and now are huge.
  65. Another tack is to develop alternative conduits (导管,渠道,沟渠) and supplies.
  66. malignant (【疾病】恶性的;致命的) tumor
    • benign (良性的) tumor:
  67. Glioblastomas: 胶质母细胞瘤
  68. chemotherapy: 化学疗法
  69. The number of asthma (哮喘) attacks across the United States has dropped dramatically during the pandemic, leading doctors to rethink some of their long-held assumptions about the chronic condition.
  70. allergen:过敏原
  71. roach: 蟑螂
  72. penicillin: 青霉素,盘尼西林
  73. Dermatology 皮肤病学
  74. ointments 软膏


  1. You will have to throw away 3 months of your work while somehow keeping your mental health intact (完整的,未受损伤的).
  2. the most conspicuous (显眼的,明显的) trait of the American professoriate (教授会) may be the prose (散文;平凡的,乏味的) style called academese (学术行话,学术体,学术文章的风格):
  3. echo chamber: 回音室效应,在媒体上是指在一个相对封闭的环境中,一些意见相近的声音不断重复,并以夸张或其他扭曲形式重复,令处于相对封闭环境中的大多数人认为这些扭曲的故事就是事实的全部。
  4. The researchers who published impact estimates are from a small and close-knit (紧密结合在一起的;志同道合的;意气相投的) community who may be subject to (受…支配,受…影响) group-thinking, peer pressure and self-censoring (自我审查,自我約束, 自律).
  5. People might suppose the gremlins (小魔怪;小精灵;捣蛋鬼) hubbub (喧哗,骚动) dinged (【informal】hit (someone), especially on the head.) his reputation, but no. 谷歌翻译
  6. In 2016, when the gremlins paper had been discredited (不足信的,不名誉的), he pivoted and conducted his own exercise, rooted in Tol’s idea but more sophisticated, and with very similar results.
  7. Random forests are a very popular off-the-shelf (现成的,不用定制的) machine learning model for this setting.
  8. Faithful friendship, unwavering aspiration (强烈的愿望,志向,抱负), nurture (教养,培育) of the younger, and passion for life……, these are virtues that…… 常用成语记忆卡片: 成语-VCE 1+2 年底考试


  1. ore (矿石,矿) grades: 矿山品味分级
  2. tiger prawn: 老虎虾
  3. saplings:幼树,树苗
  4. “apparent magnitude scaling” is an idea from cartography (制图学)
  5. regime
  6. geoscientists and engineers in the petroleum (石油) and geothermal (地热的,地温的) industries
  7. cardiovascular: 心血管的
  8. hyperinsulinemia: 血胰岛素增多
  9. ischemic: 局部贫血
  10. bilateral: 双方的,双边的
  11. subthalamic: 丘脑下的
  12. nucleus: 核,核心
  13. The most extreme, most sobering (令人警醒的,使人冷静的), and zaniest (zany. 古怪的,滑稽可笑的 strange or unusual in an amazing way) facts that The Atlantic’s science, technology, and health reporters learned this year.
  14. gerrymandering (为本党利益改划选区,不公正操纵,欺骗) only rearranges district lines and cannot manufacture more votes for a party.
  15. compare the number of contagions (传染,接触传染) and deaths by country and date.
  16. geodetic survey: 大地测量,测地学测量
  17. what are some funny, nice, intelligent and mind-boggling (难以理解的,难以置信的) tricky math questions to ask?
    • today we boggle at (吃惊) the month’s most spectacular (壮观的,惊人的) science images.
  18. instrument: verb. such as, “they instrument military aid”
  19. maddening
  20. ramp (匝道,斜坡) up: 上升,增加,提高
  21. Ray Kroc (雷·克罗克): 麦当劳主要创办人
  22. teaser (戏弄者) is a particularly baffling (令人困惑的) problem that is said to have a correct solution
    • brain teaser (脑筋急转弯【戏弄大脑】).
    • you can introduce XXX to your friends and family by sharing this 25 second teaser (an advertisement that offers something free in order to arouse customers’ interest) video.
  23. An unconvincing analysis claiming to debunk (揭穿真相,暴露) the health benefits of moderate drinking. - junk science is promoted by credulous (轻信的,易受骗的) organizations - The commentary also outlines some hallmarks (特点) of potentially dubious (可疑的,不可靠的) science.
  24. “Wow, today’s the school picnic!”, exclaimed (呼喊,惊叫,大声说) Tom.
  25. That strikes me as (cause someone [me] to think about in a particular way) rather bold: 这让我觉得相当大胆
  26. Public speaking is daunting (使人畏缩的,使人气馁的) for most people.
  27. Panda experts in China are trying to demystify his unusual fur color.
  28. Think of the mundane (世俗的,平凡的) tasks that you do everyday.
    • mundane world: 红尘
  29. sucker
  30. Theodore Roosevelt: 西奥多·罗斯福
  31. David Brooks: 专栏作家布鲁克斯
  32. Freakonomics: 魔鬼经济学
  33. lapped up
  34. Satoshi Kanazawa: 金泽哲
  35. essentialism: 本质主义
  36. pseudoscientific: 伪科学,科学观
  37. discourse
  38. cardiologist: 心脏病医生
  39. foie: 法文,肝之意
  40. spin a tale: 编造故事, spun a false tale
  41. Thomas Kuhn: 托马斯•库恩
  42. Lakatos: 拉卡多斯
  43. Karl Popper
  44. portray: 描绘,描写
  45. exegesis
  46. Errol Morris: 埃洛莫里斯
  47. stratosphere: 平流层
  48. celebrity: 名望
  49. mingle: 使混合,使连结
  50. garbled: 混乱不清的
  51. credulity: 轻信
  52. hiatus: 间断
  53. fallacy: 谬误 - disdain: 鄙视蔑视
  54. as far as I can tell: 据我所知
  55. You really are a fabulous (极好的,绝妙的) designer.


  1. If you have a slight edge it means you have a small advantage over someone.
  2. in silico: 电脑模拟
  3. in vivo: 生物活体内
  4. in vitro: 生物活体外


  • The court said that the right to free expression was paramount (首要的,主要的;最高的,至上的).
  • Such parables may seem too contrived (不自然的,勉强的) to be illuminating (富于启发的). 1. He ended up in hospital due to a block in his artery (动脉、干道、主流). 2. myocardial (心肌的) infarction (梗塞)
    • myocardium: 心肌 3. adventitia (外膜,动脉外膜), media (血管中层,中脉), intima (内膜) 4. Researchers used the CT images to learn if any of the subjects had atherosclerosis (【医】动脉粥样硬化) before the study begun. 1. The rumors of his dismissal (解雇,开除) have been circulating for months. 2. You’re pretty cavalier considering your carelessness almost killed my daughter.


  1. The next homophone is which and witch (巫婆、女巫).
    • witchcraft: 巫术,魔法
  2. Why are my eyes always brimming (vi. 满溢; n. 深容器的内边或河、湖等水域的最高线) with tears?
  3. She runs the business in tandem with (同…合作、串联) her husband.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, they serve no salutary economic purpose.
  5. they found that the motion of the midges (蚊子) is not random.
  6. concrete type
  7. Beside being eco-friendly, the fuel cell (燃料电池) cars get excellent mileage (英里数).
  8. Ecuador (厄瓜多尔) has over 4000 species of orchids (兰花), making it the orchid capital of the world.
  9. radix (基数,根) astragali (【植】黄芪属): 黄芪
  10. Combine with mixed vegetables, and diced (切成方块) turkey.
    • think of generating random numbers by rolling dice (骰子).
  11. Women, especially beautiful ones, have long understood that there’s nothing so tantalizing (诱人的,引起好奇心的) as something you can’t understand.
  12. Theses species hailed from (【车、船】来自;【人】出生于) three different evolutionary lineages (血统,家系,世系).
  13. vanilla: 普通的,寻常的,香草味的
  14. haystack: 干草垛,干草堆
  15. authentic act: 「法」公证书,公证证书
    • authentic self: 本真自我
    • authentic materials: 真实材料
  16. antithetical: 对立的,正相反的
  17. rule of thumb
  18. opt for: 选取,赞成
  19. progeny: 子孙,幼崽
  20. haploid: 单倍体 - pairs of chains coalesce (合并,联合) after a random number of iterations. - insidious - dismay: n. 惊愕,差异; v. 使诧异 - blunder: 愚蠢或粗心的错误
  21. indels
  22. at the expense of
  23. surfeit: 过量
  24. pertinent: 有关的,恰当的,相宜的
  25. mortal
  26. immortal: 长生的,永世的,不朽的
  27. outrage: 愤怒,愤慨
  28. deduce: 推断,推论,演绎
  29. If both a pair of homologous (同源的) chromosomes are missing, nullisomy (缺体性,缺对染色体) results.
  30. The stretch is also the only federally designated wildlife migration corridor (走廊).
  31. I never worked at anything pertaining (与…有关系的,附属…的) to sports.
  32. The company allegedly used fake invoices (发票) to obtain the loans.


  1. copse: 矮树丛
  2. regimen: 养生之道,生活规则
  3. flat terrain (地带,地形)
  4. aerobics: 有氧运动
  5. treadmill: 枯燥无味的工作(或生活方式)
  6. phylogeny
  7. bump up
  8. noob: 菜鸟
  9. tangerine: 橘,橘黄色,橘红色
  10. consanguineous: 血亲的,血缘的
  11. sibship: 血缘关系
  12. autosomal: 常染色体的
  13. facilitate
  14. passage: 通道,通路
  15. leucocyte: 白细胞
  16. delicate: 精致的,微妙的
  17. illusory: 虚幻的,错觉的
  18. He said that racism is endemic (风土的,地方性的) in this country.
  19. emanating
  20. aggravate: 使严重,使恶化
  21. exclusively
  22. rigorous and concise (简明的,简练的)
  23. Prologue
  24. promptitude: 敏捷,果断
  25. ergodic
  26. arduous
  27. aperiodic
  28. The KOMA-Script bundle provides replacements for the article, report and book classes with emphasis on typography and versatility (多功能性,通用性). 🔗
    • the document layout (scrartcl) layout of the class is less strident than that of article, and it offers much more flexibility than article via other elements of the koma-script collection.
  29. pedagogical (教育学的,教学的) skill
  30. concrete types
  31. Populate
  32. percolation: 渗滤,渗透
  33. ascribe: 把……归因于 - Loneliness causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol (胆固醇).
  34. mnemonic: 记忆的,增进记忆的
  35. acyclic: 非周期的;非循环的
  36. endow: 资助
  37. serum: 血清
  38. coronary: 冠状的
  39. retrospective: 回顾的,涉及以往的
  40. memo
  41. counter-example
  42. premiss: premise, 🔗
  43. enunciate: 清楚地发音;阐明
  44. remuneration: 报酬,薪金,薪水
  45. supposition: 推论,推测
  46. The representation of documents is a central issue in all of the approaches in document management, whether the management entails (需要,牵涉) exploration, search, or filtering.
  47. monograph
  48. awash: 常被水冲淹的
  49. pare down: 削减
  50. noose (绳套,套索)
  51. Homotopy
  52. miraculously: 神奇的,非凡的
  53. boilerplate code: 样板代码
  54. coerce: 强迫,迫使
  55. elicitation: 启发
  56. Bristol (布里斯托) is one of the most congested (拥堵的) cities in Britain.
  57. recurrent: 循环的,反复出现的
  58. lethal: 致命的,可致死的
  59. incidence
  60. extant: 尚存的,现存的
  61. substrate
  62. kinetic: 运动的,运动引起的
  63. prokaryote (原核生物,原核细胞), eukaryote (真核细胞,真核生物)
  64. unprecedented: 前所未有的,空前的,没有先例的
  65. Escherichia coli: 大肠杆菌
  66. yeast: 酵母,酵母菌
  67. 酿酒酵母(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  68. stoichiometric: 化学计算的,理想配比的
  69. phishing


  1. whence: 从哪里,从何处
  2. astutely
  3. omniscience: 无所不知
  4. make the all discussion moot (无讨论意义)
  5. plethysmography: 容积标记法
  6. inductance: 电感,感应系数
  7. prescient: 预知的,先觉的
  8. envisage: 设想,想象,展望


  • The U.S. has assimilated (吸收,消化;同化) people from European countries.


  • And defusing (平息,缓和,拆除【炸弹的】引信) the issue should pave the way for more nuanced (微妙的,具有细微差别的) and constructive politics.
  • with a grain of salt (持保留态度): an English language idiom (成语,习语) that means to view something with skepticism or not to interpret something literally.
  • Sediments (沉积物) between a glacier (冰河,冰川) and the ground may also facilitate (使便利) slippage.


  1. Victoire, who’s in the epilogue (结语,尾声), she is so named because she was born on the anniversary of the battle that finished it all.
  2. I am greatly indebted (负债的,感激的,受惠的) to you for your help.
  3. So etymology (词源学) is the history of a word and then its historical development over time of its meaning.


  • To skewer (刺穿,串住) a sacred (神圣的,庄严的,宗教的) cow, means to defy (公然反抗,藐视) what is generally held as indisputable (无可争辩的,不容置疑的).
  • Protestant (新教徒,新教徒的), Catholic (天主教的)
    • 天主教(拉丁语:Catholicismus)是基督教整体以下的宗派之一,是对罗马公教会(天主教会)发展而来的一系列基督教之神学、哲学理论、礼仪传统、伦理纲常等信仰体系之总括,为基督教最大宗派。天主教的中文名称源自明朝万历年间耶稣会将基督信仰传入中国,经当朝礼部尚书之徐光启与利玛窦等耶稣会士讨论,取儒家古话“至高莫若天,至尊莫若主”,称其信仰之独一神灵为“天主”,故称之。
    • 新教,又称基督新教,是西方基督教中不属于天主教体系的宗派之统称,中文“新教”一词是主要对应和区别于宗教改革之前的“旧教”。新教源于16世纪神学家马丁·路德、加尔文、慈运理等人所领导的宗教改革运动,与天主教、东正教并列为基督宗教三大分支。 1. If we had tens of thousands of skeletons distributed at regular intervals through the historical record, there would be appreciably (可察觉地,明显地) more degrees of shading. 2. So they reanalyzed their data in light of (根据,鉴于) the new maps. 3. We’ve seen the economy moving forward, albeit (尽管,虽然) a little too slowly, he said. 4. It did, however, have another weapon at its disposal (任其支配,任其处置). 1. These tensions are exacerbated (使恶化,使加重) between the wars. 2. They glossed over (掩饰) some key issues on that front. 3. The athlete’s success was attributed to systematic training. 4. lower/upper extremity (上/下肢)


  1. The model can be used to match any subsequent image, or part thereof (在其中).
    • It plumbs (探测,探索,examine thoroughly and in great depth) the depths of its protagonist (主人公)’s indecisiveness (优柔寡断), and the tragic (悲痛的,悲剧的) consequences thereof (由此).
  2. I don’t think I have finesse (n. subtly skillful handling of a situation) for the job. I’m like a round peg (桩) in a square hole.
  3. The university encourages applications from academically strong students irrespective (不考虑的,不顾的) of their nationality.
  4. Maybe some coffee will perk you up (活跃起来,振作精神).
  5. They found that papers with terse[r] (简洁的,扼要的) titles top the citation count.
  6. state of the art: the latest and most sophisticated (精密的,尖端的;老练的,见多识广的;复杂的) or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science.
    • complex: 侧重内在关系的复杂,需通过仔细研究与了解才能掌握和运用
    • complicated: 近似 complex,但语气更强,着重极其复杂,很难分析、分辨或解释
    • sophisticated: 侧重事物发展或达到高级的程度所体现出的复杂
    • intricate: 着重指错综复杂,令人迷糊理解。intricacy: 错综复杂


  1. motif: 动机,装饰图案
  2. the moss-draped (披,装饰) bald (秃顶的,秃头的) cypress (柏树) trees: 长满青苔的秃柏树
  3. monolithic: 庞大的,整体式的
  4. metropolis: 大城市,大都市
  5. metallurgy: 冶金学
  6. till: 耕作,犁地;收银台
  7. dweller: 居民;居住者
  8. wriggle: 蠕动;扭动身体
  9. manure: 肥料,粪肥
  10. molten: 熔化的,熔融的
  11. mantle (地幔)
  12. conceivably: 想象上
  13. A feeling of drowsiness (drowsy, 昏昏欲睡的) crept (creep 的过去式,匍匐爬行) over him.
  14. Atlantic (大西洋)Pacific (太平洋)Arctic (北极的,北极圈) Ocean (北冰洋), Indian Ocean (印度洋), Antarctica: 南极洲
  15. Kids blink (眨眼) about 5 million times a year.
  16. Pangaea (盘古大陆,泛大陆) Ultima: 终极盘古大陆
  17. Clothes will not make us more or less clever, better or worse, more or less honest.
  18. A lot of subduction zone (俯冲带) earthquakes are 200 miles deep, and there’s a lot of padding between the shaking part and the earth surface where we live.
  19. slab
  20. rampage: v. 横冲直撞;n. 狂暴行为
  21. rally: v. 召集,集合;n. 群众大会
  22. degradation: 退化,降解
  23. dozens of: 许多
  24. tap into: 利用,挖掘,打入 - LEDs use only a quarter the energy of incandescent bulbs (白炽灯). - fluorescent: 荧光灯;发荧光的,强烈反光的
  25. pebble (鹅卵石)
  26. Hydrogen (氢,氢气), Helium (氦,氦气)
  27. faint: 昏厥,昏眩;模糊的
  28. foundationalism (基础主义,基础论)
  29. John Locke, René Descartes.
  30. mirage: 海市蜃楼,妄想,幻想
  31. shimmer: 发出微弱的闪光;闪烁
  32. conceive: 构想,设想
  33. or so
  34. as to that: 就此而言
  35. red dwarf star
  36. bode: 预示;bide(等待,持续,经受) 的过去分词
  37. spectrum
  38. He rejected an objective understanding of color, in favor of a more subjective understanding.
  39. through and through: 完完全全,彻彻底底
  40. marvel: 奇迹
  41. optics, chromatics
  42. The insulting (出言不逊的,侮辱的,无礼的) remarks stung (sting, 促使,刺激) him to a rage (愤怒).
  43. backbone
  44. overthrow (推翻,打倒) the government
  45. canvas: 帆布,画布
  46. pull (someone or something) out of a hat: To select someone or something entirely at random.
  47. Zurich: 苏黎世
  48. chanting, bang
  49. Cabaret Voltaire
  50. marble (n/adj/v 大理石) statue (雕像)
  51. polychrome: 彩色画;彩像
  52. disintegrated
  53. heroism (英勇表现,英雄精神), divinity (神,女神)
  54. armor (盔甲,护甲), cloak (斗篷,遮盖物)
  55. It really gets them enamored (迷恋,爱上) with riding and get to make something part of their daily lives.
  56. The venue is the school.
  57. He had three forty-fathom (英寻,等于 6 英尺,约合1.8288米) coils of line in reserve now, as well as the coil he was using.
  58. The vibe in the office is amazing.
  59. choreography:(尤指芭蕾舞的)编舞艺术
  60. Renaissance, the 16th, 17th centuries.
  61. artisan, artist
  62. Raphael, frescos
  63. apprentices: 学徒,徒弟
  64. quarry: 采石场;苦心寻找
  65. to and fro: 前前后后
  66. carpenter (木匠), mason (石匠,泥瓦匠)
  67. portraiture, portrait artist
  68. make headway (进展,前进)
  69. contemplative: 深思熟虑的,沉思的,冥想者
  70. vague: 含糊的,不明确的
  71. close-up: 影视特写;详细检查;详图
  72. petal: 花瓣
  73. juxtapose (并列) these two perspectives, each of which connect statistical graphics to literature, but in a different way.
  74. archaeology: 考古学
  75. oversee: 监督,监视
  76. pharaoh Khufu, Great Pyramid
  77. sturdy: 结实的,坚固的
  78. Herodotus: 希腊历史学家希罗多德
  79. plateau: 高原,平台期
  80. spiral: 螺旋式,螺旋形
  81. Chimpanzees, primates (灵长类), chimps, gorillas, orangutans
  82. bottlenose
  83. What sarcastic (讽刺的,挖苦的) answer can I give her without aggressive (好斗的,挑衅的,有进取心的)?
  84. trunk: 树干,躯干,后备箱,大旅行箱
  85. stand alone, hierarchy
  86. corvid, corvidae, raven, jay, crow, magpie
  87. The eruption of a volcano is spontaneous (自发的).
  88. It is important because it sets animals with a sense of self apart from those without a sense of self.
  89. empathy (同情,共鸣)
  90. plans are afoot (计划中,进行中)
  91. plating
  92. seigniorage: 铸币税;君权
  93. nostalgia
  94. alloy: 合金;把…铸成合金
  95. brass, trumpet, trombone (长号)
  96. rust, patina: 锈,铁锈
  97. halt
  98. Another 30 people died in the hull (船体,船身) where they are believed to have suffocated (呼吸困难,窒息而死).
  99. barnacle(藤壶【小甲壳动物,附着于水下岩石或船底等】), shellfish(贝类动物,甲壳类动物)
  100. Long-term solutions include conservation, recycling waste water and building desalination (海水淡化、脱盐) centers.
  101. a pinch of [salt]:一撮,少许 - Nirvana (涅槃【超脱一切烦恼的境界】) in Fire: 琅琊榜 - the disguiser: 伪装者 - empresses in the palace:甄嬛传 - the glory of Tang dynasty: 大唐荣耀 - Beijing Municipality (北京市【自治市;自治区;自治市或区的政府当局】)


  1. Despite having steeled (使坚强,使坚定) herself for the worst, the new band (乐队) director was disheartened to hear the cacophonous (发音不和谐的,粗腔横调的)/discordant sounds emanating (放射,起源) from the freshman orchestra (管弦乐队).
    • He orchestrated (精心安排) that entire evening (晚会).
  2. Bede, the author of A History of the English Church and People, was so widely revered (尊敬,崇敬)/esteemed (尊敬) that he has been almost universally known as “The Venerable (值得尊重的,受敬佩的) Bede” since the ninth century.
    • vs in spelling: vulnerable
  3. In addition to the detailed written regulations regarding play, a novice golfer must also learn the implicit/tacit (adj. indicated by necessary connotation (内涵,含蓄,暗示) though not expressed directly), but nonetheless important, rules of etiquette (礼节,礼仪).
  4. Based on the desire to restrict further water pollution, the Clean Water Act of 1972 began under auspicious (有前途的,有希望的;吉祥的,吉兆的)/promising terms, but opponents soon assailed (攻击,质问) the bill in the fought for its ratification (正式批准,认可).
  5. Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, paints a comedy of errors that results when its heroine (女英雄,女主角) tries her hand at creating love matches, an effort which she attributes to her own benevolence/magnanimity instead of a selfish need to meddle.
  6. While interviewing for a job as a computer consultant, Robert consciously provided a paucity (缺乏,少量)/dearth (缺乏,稀少) of references, knowing full well that he had few former employers who would be laudatory (赞美的,赞赏的) about his past projects.
  7. While most of the tasks undertaken by the interns were undemanding, a fact that led to the flood of applicants for the positions each year, there was one arduous/onerous duty: cleaning out the garbage bins in the laboratory.
  8. In an attempt to inveigle/entice (诱使,引诱,怂恿) voters to support her, the incumbent (在职的) politician beguilingly (欺骗地) greeted a room full of constituents (选民) and pledged (保证) to lower taxes–even though she had only ever done the opposite while in office.
  9. After a series of storms, the once arid landscape became verdant/bountiful for the first time in many months.
  10. Although he received many visitors, the misanthropic (厌恶人类的)/curmudgeonly (小气的,脾气坏的) old man shooed (轰走,驱赶) them away after only a few minutes. - Eileen used to be a picky eater, but since a new complex of fine dining and ethnic restaurants opened in her neighborhood, she has been quite epicurean (好美食的,【通过美食】享乐主义的)/gourmandizing (gourmandize: n. 大吃大喝 v. 狼吞虎咽). - The rise of the nascent middle class catalyzed (催化,促进) a new economic boom (经济繁荣,经济腾飞). - The malodor (恶臭,臭气) of the rotten (腐烂的) meat made us nauseate (作呕,厌恶,产生恶感). - As the nexus (关系,连结,连系) for three great religions, Jerusalem (耶路撒冷) has had a troubled as well as illustrious (著名的,杰出的,卓越的) history.
  11. His involvement was nominal (名义上的,有名无实的).
  12. The two girls soon became fast (紧的,稳固的) and inseparable friends.
  13. Recent discoveries have generally vindicated the physicist’s theories.
  14. a novel that presents a fairly veracious (说真话的,真实的) and unvarnished (不加掩饰的,质朴的,坦率的) picture of the lives of affluent (富裕的) suburbanites (郊区居民).
  15. Inevitably (必然,必定), his remarkable success attracted the invidious attention of the other sales representatives.
  16. As loyalty unites lovers, so perfidy estranges friends.
  17. Every year I go to Kunming to enjoy its cool and salubrious (环境宜人的) climate.
  18. only a diaphanous (轻柔细密的,半透明的) hope of success.
  19. Every time this guy visits me, one of my books disappears. I don’t want to say he steals them, but I really smell a rat.
  20. As soon as the war ends, the government will start to repatriate (遣返,遣送回国) war refugees (难民).
  21. The moon waxes and the wanes.
  22. But the picture may not be as bleak as it seems.
  23. My ship was tossed (使摇摆,挥动,颠簸) about many days in storms off Cape Horn.
  24. To perpetuate (使持久化,使永久化) them it is our sacred duty to preserve it.
  25. The same lethargy (无精打采;冷漠;没有热情), I am afraid, characterizes the use of our faculties and senses.
  26. It can also help perpetuate stereotypes, the inscrutable Japanese, bowing all the time, taking costs of pictures. Makes you wonder how the Japanese stereotype us.
  27. The children are apparently intrigued by the tale.
  28. The intrigue (阴谋,诡计) was quickly discovered, and the would-be assassins were arrested.
  29. The twins have an intuitive awareness of each other’s feelings.
  30. The hardship (艰难,困苦) of army training inured (使习惯;使适应) her to the rigors (严酷,艰苦) of desert warfare.
  31. The government is too effete (虚弱无力的,衰落的) to take out the powerful special interests that really ruin (破坏,毁掉) this state.
  32. Safety lessons dinned into (三番五次地告诫) us over and over.
  33. He was deeply impressed by the sprightly (adj. 生气勃勃的,活泼的) Gypsy (吉普赛人) dance.
  34. In statistics, a spurious relationship is a mathematical relationship in which two events or variables have no direct causal connection, but it may be wrongly inferred that they do, due to either coincidence or the presence of a certain third, unseen factor.
  35. Fiercely independent, the elderly couple spurned all offers of financial help.
  36. The kitten (小猫) crept silently across the floor before suddenly pouncing on the mouse.
  37. Complaints about stifling (令人窒息的,沉闷的) smog conditions reach crescendo.
  38. Climate change has exerted (施加) a ponderable influence on world politics.
  39. The committee will probably pore over (细心研究) the results of the study for a long time before making their decision.
    • pore: 注视;n. 孔隙
  40. He habitually transforms brief anecdotes into prolix sagas that exhaust his listeners.
  41. The burglary, which he committed while still a teen, was but a prologue (序幕,序言,开场白) to a wasted life of crime.
  42. The law was promulagated in June 1988.
  43. The dams along the river are interfering with the salmon’s ability to propagate.
  44. The temple was built to honor the gods in times of plenty and to propitiate them in times of trouble.
  45. I would be remiss (疏忽,懈怠) if I didn’t tell you how much I appreciated the lovely gift.
  46. He gave up smoking only after a prolonged (持续很久的,长时间的) inducement (鼓励,劝诱,刺激) by all the other family members.
  47. He loved to show off his protean (多变的,易变的) talent.
  48. Beauty is as evanescent (迅速消失遗忘的,短暂的) as a rainbow.
  49. He was eulogized at his funeral as a caring husband and a good father.
  50. The Internet allows us to disseminate (传播,散播) information faster.
  51. We managed to entangle the string of lights into a hopeless mess of wires.
  52. The history of Alexander the Great is entangled by variant accounts of his exploits.
  53. A string of inconsistent statements finally entrapped the witness.
  54. He entreated his boss for another chance.
  55. Thwarting centuries of would-be conquerors, the Aztec fortress of Chapultepec seemed impregnable, until U.S. forces under General Winfield Scott were able to take the fortress with surprisingly little effort.
  56. Her genteel (显得彬彬有礼的) behaviors at the ball make others conjecture that she must come from a distinguished noble family.
  57. It would be gauche (笨拙的,不善社交的) to mention the subject.
  58. The presumptuous (放肆的,自以为是的) doctor didn’t even bother to explain to me the treatment that I would be receiving.
  59. Under such a circumstance his demand for attention was utterly presumptuous (自以为是的,专横的,冒失的).
  60. We could hear the cook in the kitchen railing against his assistant and wondered if we’d ever get our food.
  61. Vociferous (大声疾呼的,喧嚣的,大叫大嚷的) opponents of the bill protested angrily outside the Congress.
  62. King Richard I of England was given the very laudatory epithet “the Lion-Hearted”.
  63. His personal code of behavior on the playing field is epitomized (成为…的缩影) by his favorite saying, Nice guys finish last.
    • consider the sample as an epitome (缩影) of the underlying population.
  64. He procrastinated (拖延,耽搁) and missed the submission deadline.
  65. The strike may prod (刺激,促使) the government into action.
  66. A single blast (爆炸,冲击波) of the shotgun (霰弹猎枪) squandered (驱散;浪费,挥霍) the herd (兽群、畜群) of deer (鹿).
  67. He veered (转向) the car abruptly (突然地,意外地) to the right to avoid a collision (碰撞,冲突).
  68. She is venerated (尊敬,崇敬) by the public as a saint (圣人,道德崇高的人).
  69. He was vituperated (谩骂,辱骂) for betraying his friends.
  70. We do not have even the faintest (微弱的,微小的) inkling of what the project was all about.
  71. A suspension without pay is condign (适当的,应得的) punishment for breaking the company’s code of business ethics.
  72. All people concurred (同意,赞同) to pass the reform legislation.
  73. The administration had nothing but contempt for the ultimate Frisbee team and frequently spoke disdainfully (轻蔑地,不屑一顾地) of it.
  74. We accepted his offer to pay for our dinners without demur (提出异议,表示反对).
  75. an impartial and perspicacious (敏锐的,有洞察力的,精辟的) judge
  76. Her skill and talent ennoble (封为贵族,使更崇高) her profession.
  77. The kind of ennui (倦怠,无聊) comes from having too much time on one’s hands and too little will to find something productive to do.
  78. ensconce (安置,隐藏) the spare house key in a place where no thief would think to look.
  79. A brief but embarrassing silence ensued (接着发生,因而发生).
  80. their clandestine (暗中从事的,保密的,秘密的) love affair (风流韵事)
  81. covert alliance (联盟,结盟团体)
  82. European missionaries converted thousands to Christianity.
  83. evidence that led to the suspect’s conviction
  84. The meeting adjourned for a week.
  85. Massage therapy can be used as an adjunct (附件,附属物) along with the medication.
  86. The transaction was totally aboveboard (开诚布公的,光明磊落地), so there was no reason to question it.
  87. He took a surreptitious (秘密的,偷偷摸摸的) glance at her knees.
  88. a furtive (偷偷摸摸的) glance at her
  89. The SWAT team carried out a stealth (秘密行动,隐形的) raid (突然搜查,突击搜捕) on the house, which was believed to be harboring a terrorist cell.
  90. The drive to create is indigenous to humanity.
  91. agonize (苦苦思索,焦虑不已) over every decision
  92. Children were agog over new toys.
  93. impugn (责难,驳斥) a political opponent’s character
  94. Well-doer (善人) never does chicanery (欺诈,诈骗) and person who is good at chicanery does not belong well-doer.
  95. My wife chided (责备,呵斥) me for forgetting to offer our guests some refreshments.
  96. I absolutely get choleric (易怒的,暴躁的,胆汁质的) when a salesman calls during the dinner hour.
  97. Men of choleric type take to kicking and smashing.
  98. The revised system chords (n. 和弦; v. 调弦) perfectly with the original goals.
    • choral society: 合唱团
  99. A representation of Cupid as a naked, cherubic boy usually is used as a symbol of love.
  100. The spy obtained the documents by subterfuge (秘密手段,诡计).
  101. The actor must have had some esoteric (只有内行才懂的,难领略的) motive (动机,目的) for leaving stage.
  102. In just a few pages the writer etched (蚀刻,画出…的轮廓) an unforgettable portrait of one of the more remarkable First Ladies.
  103. The minister eschews (避免) involvement in local politics, since he doesn’t want to diminish his moral authority in the community.
  104. The exhibit was a hodgepodge (大杂烩,混杂物) of mediocre (平庸的,普通的) art, bad art, and really bad art.
  105. His failure was brought on by his hubris (傲慢,狂妄).
  106. an expurgated (删去,使纯洁) edition of the letters.
  107. exquisite (精美的,精致的) pen-and-ink drawings of city scenes
  108. One of the immutable laws of television is that low ratings inevitably lead to cancellation.
  109. She remained impassive as the officers informed her of her son’s death.
  110. economy, thriftiness, liberal
  111. meekness (温柔谦恭) (humbleness (谦逊); timidity (胆小,羞怯))
  112. avalanche (雪崩)
  113. static (inert (无活动能力的,惰性的); motionless)
  114. Autonomous (self-governing; independent)
  115. Intrinsic (innate; essential)
    • innate immunity: 先天免疫,自然免疫
  116. In both countries policy is being dictated by intransigents (不妥协,不让步的人), who risk stumbling into war.
  117. auction (拍卖,竞拍), auctioneer, bidding
  118. imperturbability: 沉着,冷静
  119. A baby is god’s most precious (宝贵的,珍贵的) gift.
  120. composure: 镇静,镇定,沉着
  121. frenzied (frantic; highly agitated)
  122. magnanimous: 宽宏的
  123. sporadic (intermittent or infrequent): 零星的,分散的,不定时发生的
  124. Denigrate (disparage; defame): 诋毁,诽谤,贬低
  125. demonstrate (show; prove) & warrant (justify, 使显得合理,成为…的根据)
  126. reticence (reserve; tendency to keep silent 沉默、寡言、含蓄、保留) & gregariousness or sociability.
  127. competence (capability; proficiency)
  128. homogeneous (all of the same kind; uniform)
  129. Reprobates are unprincipled, wicked people.
  130. Charlatans are quacks, persons who pretend to have more skill than they actually possess.
  131. Hypocrites (伪君子,虚伪的人) are people who pretend to possess some virtue or skill, but who are faking it.
  132. unruly (rowdy; disorderly)
  133. obsequious (fawning; servile)
  134. Elan means vivacity or liveliness of spirit
  135. Exorbitant (过高的,高得离谱的) (excessive; overly expensive)
  136. Destitute means needy or impoverished.
  137. A harangue is a sharp verbal attack, a bitter tirade or diatribe.
  138. Surreptitious means hidden or stealthy.
  139. Intransigence means stubbornness. a refusal of any compromise (妥协,危及,连累).
  140. Phlegmatic (冷静的,镇定的) means not easily disturbed or excited.
  141. Autocratic (专制的,独裁的) means tyrannical (暴君的,专横的) or domineering.
  142. Wistful means pensively sad or yearning
  143. indigenous (土著的,原产的,土生土长的) & ingenuous & disingenuous
  144. dignity (formal bearing; nobility of character)
  145. insincerity (intentional deceitfulness)
  146. reverence (deep respect; awe): 尊敬,尊重,尊崇
  147. abiding (持久的,永久的) attachment (devotion) or regard (esteem)
  148. relinquish (【不情愿地】放弃) (surrender; release)
  149. Instigate (provoke; incite)
  150. Waive (refrain from claiming; put aside)
  151. echoes or reiterates (repeats)
  152. invalidate (discredit or weaken)
  153. Impede (hinder; block)
  154. dampen (depress; deaden):
  155. malfunction (failure to work properly).
  156. Condemnation means censure.
  157. Taxonomy (分类学,分类法) is the science or technique of classification.
  158. Flagrant (骇人听闻的,公然的) means blatant (明目张胆的,公然的) or outrageous (骇人的,无法形容的,反常的)
  159. Dilatory (拖拉的,拖延的) means tardy or tending to delay.
  160. Aloof (冷淡,冷漠) means standoffish (冷淡的,傲慢的) and remote.
  161. Terse means abrupt and to the point.
  162. Apathetic (冷漠,淡漠,无动于衷) means indifferent and unconcerned.
  163. Bombastic (夸夸其谈的,过甚其词的) means pompous (虚华的,言辞浮夸的) and pretentious.
  164. A euphemism is a mild expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one.
  165. A reverie (白日梦,幻想,梦想) is a daydream or state of dreamy meditation.
  166. A postulate (假设,基本原理) is a basic principle or prerequisite.
  167. A dichotomy is a division or split into two branches.
  168. diffidence (modesty; insecurity): 羞怯,谦虚,缺乏自信,猜疑
  169. hesitancy (uncertainty; lack of confidence).
  170. misanthropy (愤世嫉俗) (hatred (仇恨,憎恶) or distrust of humankind).
  171. enthusiasm (eagerness; zest (热情,狂热)).
  172. irascible (irritable): 易怒的,暴躁的
  173. oblivious, incognizant, insensible, unaware, unconscious, unwitting, mindful, vigilant (警觉的,警惕的), acquainted, cognizant, conscious, conversant, grounded, informed, knowing, witting
  174. The March snowstorm obliterated our hopes for an early spring.
  175. con artist: 行骗高手
  176. He spent the remainder of his life in ignominy after being involved in a bribery (贿赂,受贿,行贿) scandal.
  177. stop short of
  178. as such: 本身,名副其实地 - magma chamber: 岩浆房,岩浆库
  179. mainstay (支柱,骨干) industry
  180. caravan: 车队,大篷车 - expedition: 探险、考察 - identifying patients with similar disease trajectory might expedite (加快进展) the diagnosis and treatment and reduce patient suffering.
  181. merchant: 商人,批发商
  182. guild: 同业公会;(同一行业、志趣或目的的)协会 - uphold: 支持,维持(原判),受理(申诉)
  183. The word is now an egalitarian (主张人人平等的;平等主义的) society, but the reality is the existence of such discrimination.
  184. Here it would seem to be a wall hanging, or even a free standing object of worship.
  185. It involves a lot of aspects, among which ideological and political education really counts and is one of the most effective ways as well.
  186. In the research of technology ethic, the relationship between technology and ethic has always been a disputed question.
  187. There is nothing intrinsically improbable about this incident, which is stamped indeed, with all marks of literary truth.
  188. billboard
  189. Before that beauty, the years of chaos at the heart of American politics would recede (逐渐远去,逐渐减弱) like some extraordinary (意想不到的,奇怪的) dream.
  190. Power is still out to many homes and business, and flood waters are just beginning to recede leaving behind massive damage and debris.
  191. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.
  192. The sterile (贫瘠的,无菌的) soil would at least have been proof against a low-land degeneracy.
    • sterile water: 无菌水
  193. orthocentre (orthocenter): 垂心
  194. Seen from a distance, the facade appears like a rigid volume, but dissolves into a network of structures and levels as you come closer.
  195. There is another absorbing aspect to this book: its recapitulation of the author’s rise as an architecture critic.
  196. Up to this point, the legends and histories of the three races mostly agree.
  197. protractor: 量角器,分度规
  198. trace metal: 痕量金属
  199. diatom: 硅藻 - a parabola with focus and directrix (准线) - eccentricity: 离心率;怪癖,古怪行为 - A condition number of about 10^15, which is very nearly the reciprocal (倒数) of double precision roundoff.
  200. cardioid: 心脏线
  201. Last but not least 最后但不是最不重要的一点
  202. calligrapher: 书法家
  203. decorator:(房屋的)油漆匠;适用于室内装饰的
  204. Islamic: 穆斯林的,伊斯兰教的
  205. parchment: 羊皮纸,羊皮纸文献
  206. angular: 瘦骨嶙峋的,骨瘦如柴的,有棱角的
  207. souk (露天市场,集市)
  208. mosque
  209. Forming voting blocs (集团) and coalitions (联盟) as a prisoner (囚徒)’s dilemma: a possible theoretical explanation for political instability.
  210. cellulose
  211. take the pulp (果肉,浆,髓) and mix it with jaggery (棕榈糖,粗糖) and eat
  212. But political gridlock should not be conflated with economic reality.
  213. In this sedate garrison town ringed by jagged peaks, the gentle thrum of the day is usually reduced to a whisper by night.
  214. The seed germination percentage had a small increase at the beginning of desiccation and then decreased rapidly.
  215. the account has been dormant (暂停活动的,休眠的) for a while
  216. hibernate (冬眠,蛰伏) for the winter
  217. locomotive, train
  218. meadow (草地,牧场), field
  219. Far from pretty, it oozes (洋溢着,散发出) fear and poverty, desperation and bigotry (偏执), but also some form of social link, strongly separated between sexes.
  220. A large amount of lava began oozing (【浓液体】渗出) out of the volcano.
  221. geological, geography
  222. seep, seepage
  223. fad
  224. precession
  225. The biggest impediment (障碍,阻碍) to research progress is not fraud (骗子), it is all scientists reading about fraud.
  226. The Red Cross dispensed (分发) food and clothing to the flood victims.
  227. Asthma attacks can be triggered by pollen (花粉), dust, harsh (刺激的,严厉的,残酷的) chemicals or scents (气味).
  228. thrive (茁壮成长,兴旺发达) after layoff (解雇)
  229. excrete
  230. tidbit: 少量的食物;趣闻
  231. rhizome: 根茎,根状茎
  232. most people are extremely resilient ((物体或材料)能复原的;有弹性的;【人的性格】能迅速恢复或重新振作的;适应性强的) able to withstand trauma (外伤,心理创伤).
  233. resiliency in the face of challenge
  234. interlocking: 互锁,联动
  235. snap: 匆忙的,仓促的;突然;厉声说,怒气冲冲地说
  236. blowhole: (鲸头顶的)呼吸孔
  237. sacs: 囊,上衣
  238. repercussion (反射,弹回)
  239. pepper (辣椒,胡椒), aromatic (香料,芳香植物), bark (咆哮,吠叫), cinnamon (肉桂), ginger (生姜), clove (丁香), maize (玉米)
    • garlic clove: 大蒜瓣
  240. diplomacy
  241. immerse yourself in exotic (外来的,异国的) languages,
  242. ConvNets went from obscure (费解的) models that were shrouded (覆盖,隐藏) in skepticism to rockstars of Computer Vision, present as a core building block in almost every new Computer Vision paper.
  243. ward off: 挡开,架开
  244. The source of indoor VOC (voltile organic compounds, 挥发性有机化合物) could be multiple and it may be also be contributed by the use of detergents (洗涤剂,洗衣粉) and fragrance (香气,香水) (room fragrance and perfume (香水,香料)) in indoor environment.
  245. A large factory is supposed to built near the community according to the announcement issued by a company.
  246. There is a growing awareness of both the positive and negative influences that the construction plan brings to our community.
  247. Participating in community activities is a practical and effective approach for teenagers to enhance their social skills. For example, if a teenager, who is not a sociable person, seizes an opportunity to work in a community as a volunteer for hosting an English conversations group, he is capable of practicing his communication skills by conversing with people of different ages who he might not be acquainted with it. Such an experience enables him to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a group of strangers and master the skills of how to communicate with different kinds of people in an approximate way, both of which contribute to the improvement of his social skills, particularly his communication skills.
  248. Several staff members have checked the manuscript for accuracy and ease of use.
  249. anatomic: 解剖的,组织的
  250. Together they create a picture that hints towards cubism (立体主义).
  251. be coordinated with, to harmonize with
  252. What is called resignation (顺从,听从) is confirmed desperation. 所谓听天由命,正是肯定的绝望。
  253. His obsession (困扰,沉迷) could make him by turns hustling (急躁), mean and dejected (沮丧的,灰心的).
    • hustle and bustle: 熙熙攘攘,忙碌
  254. dip: 蘸,浸
  255. The farmer bemoaned (惋惜,为…恸哭) his loss.
  256. moral code (道德准则) vs. all men are mortal (人皆有一死)
  257. blend of cultures:文化融合 - blaze (火焰;展现) your trail
  258. bland: 平淡的,乏味的
  259. diffident (缺乏自信的,胆怯的), different, indifferent
  260. pond: 池塘,水塘
  261. boom, flourish
  262. bull (公牛,废话,彪形大汉), bullet (子弹,弹丸)
  263. buoyant, prosperous
  264. by and large: 总体说来
  265. surge: 浪涌,激增
  266. The conflicts has escalated (逐步升级,逐步扩大) into violence.
  267. linguist: 语言学家
  268. catastrophe: 灾难,灾祸
  269. They will live only in the songs and chronicles (编年史) of their exterminators (扑灭的人,害虫驱除剂).
  270. deduction: 演绎,推理
  271. aviculture: 养鸟,鸟类饲养
  272. postscript: 【信末的】附言;补充;
  273. cavalry, soldier
  274. prairie: 北美草原
  275. perigee: 近地点(绕地运动的天体轨道上离地心最近点)
  276. oral cavity (洞,凹处;腔): 口腔
  277. cessation: 停止,终止,中断
  278. encompass: 包含,包围
  279. champion, support
  280. artisan (工匠,手艺人)
  281. symbiosis: 共生关系;互惠互利的关系
  282. lukewarm: 微温的;不冷不热的;温和的
  283. circuitous: 迂回的,绕道的,曲折的
  284. credulously: 轻信地,易受骗地
  285. envision: 想象,展望
  286. detoxify: 解毒,排毒
  287. stake: 股份,赌注
  288. sequestered: 僻静的,隐蔽的,与外界隔绝的
  289. recreation: 娱乐,消遣
  290. reclaim: 开垦,改造
  291. silt: 淤泥
  292. land reclamation (开垦,回收,再生) and sustainable development
  293. spade
  294. nilpotent matrix: 幂零矩阵
  295. caffeine (咖啡因)
  296. sip (小口喝) nectar (花蜜,甘露,任何美味的饮料)
  297. bumblebee: 大黄蜂,雄蜂
  298. Unnaturally high nicotine (尼古丁) concentrations deterred (制止,阻止,使打消念头) the bees.
    • deterrence effect: 威慑效果
  299. Bees are major pollinators (传粉媒介) of fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  300. Does your pharmacy (药房) carry lice (虱子,louse 的复数) shampoo (洗发,洗发精)
  301. Tanks cannot do anything in these craters (弹坑,火山口).
  302. plate tectonics (构造学): 【地质】板块构造论
  303. geochemist, geochemistry: 地球化学
  304. A bolide (【天文学】火流星,火球), or fireball, is an extremely bright meteor (流星), and those can be about the size of a grapefruit (葡萄柚,西柚).
  305. magma, mantle, lava (火山喷发的熔岩)
  306. volcanism: 火山作用
  307. makeover (翻新,改进)
  308. pummel: 连续猛击,反复拳打
  309. wipe away
  310. Valentine’s Day
  311. self-absorbed
  312. showcase
  313. wink
  314. vein: 静脉,纹理,风格
  315. agroecology: 农业生态学
  316. cultivar (栽培种,栽培品种)
  317. weed
  318. inoculation
  319. avirulent: 无毒性的
  320. that’s a philosophical pickle.
  321. coop: 养鸡兔的笼子;把家禽关进笼子
  322. conspecific: 同种的
  323. archaeological


  1. She’s tried every knack (诀窍,本领) in Cupid (【罗马神话中的爱神】丘比特)’s book to get her guy to marry her.
  2. The team’s limp performance has many people calling for the head coach’s resignation (辞职).
  3. the limpid (清澈的,透明的) outlook of a man who is at peace with himself as he awaits death.
  4. the lush (茂盛的,草木繁茂的) fields were the envy of neighboring farmers.
  5. vagabonds (流浪者,游手好闲者) meandering (漫步,蜿蜒缓慢流动) through life
  6. Reading will fertilize (使丰饶,使受精) vocabulary.
  7. A blind patriotic fervor is called chauvinism.
  8. a convoluted (复杂的) thriller (惊险小说(或戏剧、电影)), the plot of which I was never able to actually decipher.
  9. a complex literary text difficult for many people to decode. - anything but (=not at all, by no means, never)除…以外任何事;根本不,绝不决不,根本不
    • Dick seldom talks of anything but music.
    • Conceited (自负的,骄傲自满的) people never hear anything but praise. (凡是爱慕虚荣的人听得进赞美的话)
    • The bridge is anything but safe.(那座桥根本不安全)
    • His behavior is anything but satisfactory. (他的行为根本不能令人满意)
    • But those captured were anything but terrorists. (但那些被逮捕的人根本不是恐怖分子)
    • He didn’t speak anything but Greek. (他只会说希腊语)
    • He’s anything but an abject (卑鄙的,卑劣的) coward. (他决不是可鄙的懦夫)
      • cowardice: 懦弱,胆怯
    • Do you ever do anything but yack (废话)? (你除了叨叨还会干啥?)
    • I will eat anything but carrot. (我什么都吃,就是不吃胡萝卜)
    • She is anything but a beauty. (她一点也不漂亮。)
    • nothing but (=only)只不过,除了…以外什么也没有
    • all but (=almost, nearly)几乎,差一点
    • none but(=no one except)只有,除…外谁不
  10. Numerous historical examples illustrate both the overriding influence that scientists’ prejudices have on their interpretation of data and the consequent impairment of their intellectual objectivity.
  11. Jone was unable to recognize the contradictions in his attitudes that were obvious to everyone else; even the hint of an untruth was repugnant to him, but he courted serious trouble by always cheating on his taxes.
  12. She responded with such asperity (严厉) that we knew she was offended by the question.
  13. He has encountered more than his share of asperities on the road to success.
  14. Envy can make oneself backward; self-confidence can tell oneself to be aspirant.
  15. He says face veils like the niqab (尼卡布,一些穆斯林妇女在公共场合戴的面纱,通常露出眼睛) are not a religious requirement.
  16. To reduce fraud, an opaque (不透明的) network of government bank accounts has been replaced by a centralized system.
  17. as if he could pierce (穿透,刺破) those sheets (薄板;床单;纸张) of water so opaque to our eyes and scan the deepest seas.
  18. Mr Zingales has written an elegy (挽歌) to the America he found when he moved there 24 years ago from an Italy that was rife with nepotism (裙带关系).
  19. We keep records on every single hive, and that compendium of records goes back quite a long time.
  20. Jeremiad wreathes (环绕,覆盖) upon my feeling, while shadow of shiver covers my mind.
  21. He made speech of panegyric (颂词,赞辞).
  22. In an hour-long philippic, the legislator denounced the lobbyists opposing his bill.
  23. Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.
  24. Improvident behavior is likely to imprint (印记) indelible marks on a person’s life and personality.
  25. In times of economic woe (悲哀,痛苦), when normal patterns of consumption and investment are frozen, prodigal government speeding can sometimes be the only way to break the vicious circle (恶性循环) of declining demand and shrinking employment.
  26. Jaw line contoured by the bristling red hair of the fighter, watchful, pugnacious.
  27. Things have come full circle since penurious (贫穷的,穷困的,赤贫的) sailors from the Far East first arrived two centuries ago.
  28. In May, to no one’s surprise. he declared the city insolvent.
  29. I cannot feel it will make for a very restful (闲适宁静的,使人感到悠闲的) retirement, can you?
  30. True to form (一如既往,像往常一样), Walter started asking him about his own retirement.
  31. These were very remarkable, but as eccentric (古怪的,异乎寻常的) as all his other accomplishments (成就,成绩).
  32. If true, that suggests a syllogism (三段论法): that the love of time is a root of evil, too.
  33. Spencer’s idiosyncratic (特殊物质的,特殊的,异质的) drawing of a large fairy on a tiny water-lily (睡莲,荷花) leaf captures an imagination that strained against conventional rules of composition from the start.
  34. a fact that helps explain how it manages to be both profligate and stingy, and is forever in the red.
  35. The concert was rather an amateurish affair.
  36. Only when we deal with these problems successfully can we benefit the most from university amalgamation (合并,混合).
  37. It is not just about the president. It’s a whole amalgam (混合物) of stuff, the scandals surrounding the president or people close to the president certainly, but also there are investigations of corruption in some of conglomerates (联合大企业,企业集团) for example.
  38. the synergy (协同) between artist and record company.
  39. just as you may need a tonic (补药) when you have been ill.
  40. Throughout her book Ms Ahuja seems to be in a trance (恍惚,出神,着迷) herself, in thrall (受…控制,深受…影响) to the glamour (魅力,魔力) of her subjects.
  41. The Palestinians (巴基斯坦人) demanding a state are weak, divided and quiescent (沉寂的,静止的)); morose (孤僻的,郁闷的) as they are, few favour a return to suicide-bombing.
  42. And the campaign really got rancorous (充满仇恨的,有遗恨的) when Goldsmith tried to link Khan and extremists.
  43. Such counter-currents will prevent Kentish Town from gentrifying fully, suggests Gillian Tindall, a local historian.
  44. Interpreters are also skilled at keeping aplomb in the face of chaos.
  45. Right, and that suggests the qualities that are most germane (贴切,恰当) to the job.
  46. The fortress (城堡,堡垒,要塞) by King Philip Augustus was situated on the right bank of the Seine, overlooking– at that time– splendid (壮观的,华丽的) bucolic (乡村的,乡村生活的) scenery.
  47. But overall, Mr Agar has abstracted and made manageable a range of rich and informed analysis.
  48. He also emphasized what he called the main thing: “a human-typable keyboard instead of a stupid, cryptic (含义隐晦的,晦涩难懂的) front panel with a bunch of lights and switches.”
  49. In a few recalcitrant (难以控制的,不服从指挥的) places, captial punishment is holding steady or picking up.
  50. The visitor also sees other evolving friendships and aesthetic kinships taking place.
  51. Manifest (表明,显示) an obliging (乐于助人的) disposition (气质,天性,性格), and they can not but (不得不,🔗) regard you with affection (感情,喜爱).
    • much obliged: 承蒙美意
  52. It provides simpler and more perspicuous explanations than its rivals.
  53. This theory is too abstruse (难解的,深奥的) to be taught in class.