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Integration with Git/GitHub


Since it does not support SSH key, it requires to enter username and password everytime. Config credential as follows,

git config --global credential. YourOverleafAccount
git config --global credential. store

The second line aims to store the password after the first input.

Finally, no need to enter username and password.

Refer to

Sync with GitHub

Directly operate on Overleaf via clicking the Menu button.

GitHub as Backup


If there are frequent updates from local laptop, such as bib files and figures, it might be better to add GitHub as a backup repo.

Suppose you have a project on overleaf.

  1. clone it to local laptop.
  2. create an empty repo on github, say NewRepo
  3. add github as another remote repo: git remote add backup
  4. update from laptop to overleaf, such as uploading figures, updating bib: git push origin master
  5. pull updates from overleaf: git pull
  6. backup to github: git push backup master