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Windows Subsytem Linux Ubuntu

Mount USB drive

By default, the usb drive is not mounted to WSL, although it can be easily accessed via Windows.

# step 1: create a folder for mount
$ sudo mkdir /mnt/f
# step 2: mount
$ sudo mount -t drvfs F: /mnt/f

refer to How to access my usb drive in Windows Subsytem Linux Ubuntu

But when using rsync for copying files, it throws warnings that cannot set times on the folder and cannot mkstemp, although scp works fine. The natural solution is to change the permission, but chown not work. Then following Rsync operation not permitted, remount the driver by specifying the user id and group id,

$ sudo unmount 
$ sudo mount -t drvfs -o rw,noatime,uid=1000,gid=1000 'P:\' /mnt/p

It is reported that scp is slower than rsync, but based on my tries, it seems scp would be faster. But a big warning is that


DO NOT interrupt a large file copy process, otherwise your PC would break down, and cannot ssh into. The only way is to restart manually.