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  • R in Julia: RCall.jl
  • Python in Julia: PyCall.jl
  • Python in R: reticulate
LANG Julia R Python Others
padding zero on the left lpad(1, 3, '0') f"{1:03}" printf "%03d" 1 (Shell)
check if substring occursin() in
sum an array along row dims=1 margin=2 axis=0
read image Images::load() cv2.imread()/ imread() (Matlab)
write image save() cv2.imwrite()
sort and argsort sort, sortperm sort(), order() sorted(), np.argsort()
Jupyter kernels IJulia IRkernel ipykernel
too many open figures inline rcParams
merge multiple slices vcat np.r_
index of true elements findall which np.where()[0]
freq table StatsBase::countmap() table np.unique(return_counts=True)
contingency table FreqTable::freqtable() table
figure size size in pixel figsize in inch
straight line Plots.abline!() abline()
get unique elements unique(x) unique(x)
index for unique elements unique(i->x[i], 1:length(x)) which(!duplicated(x))