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ACF people detector

detector = peopleDetectorACF;
%detector = peopleDetectorACF('caltech');
I = imread('testACF.png');
[bboxes, scores] = detect(detector, I);
I = insertObjectAnnotation(I, 'rectangle', bboxes, scores);

Launch from Command Line

  • nodesktop: still have full access to figure windows, and can launch the full desktop with the command desktop.
  • nojvm: not only does not load the desktop, but does not load java, i.e., cannot later bring up the desktop, launch figure windows, or use any commands that use java libraries
  • nosplash: skip the splash screen, the first window with the picture of the membrane and the version number. It still loads into the desktop.

refer to Launching MATLAB without the desktop

These are called Startup Options, and the official Matlab describe the options for different systems, such as matlab (Linux), matlab (Windows).

Debug with gdb

See the official documentation: Debug on Linux Platforms

Option -wait

I saw the option in the .bat file for Windows. By checking the documentation, matlab (Windows) said,

To capture the exit code, start MATLAB with the -wait option.

but no similar description in matlab (Linux) and matlba (macOS).

assign multiple variables

[t1, t2, t3] = deal(1, 2, 3)

refer to Assign Multiple Variables